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Found 3 results

  1. I have a 15" Apple studio display hooked up to my cube. Some months ago I noticed the bottom half of the screen being dim and a the led error blink sequence "short - short - short". According to Apple it means "video output wrong" but the display shows the same error code when hooked up the a powermac G4 MDD, unlikey error it seems. I decided to open the display and check it's internal organs. Nothing seems wrong, but I noticed the following. I took both light bulbs out and connected them to the inverter. The top bulb is working, and when I switched the bulbs, the bottom bulb (connected at the top connector) was working as well. Apparently the bottom connection doesn't get any power. What do you think? Bad inverter board? Or could the problem lie with the logic board? According to someone on Macrumors it could be a heat issue (he had a similar problem where the problem dissapeared when the screen was hot enough - I haven't noticed this yet, the problem is continous)
  2. I just bought a Studio Display (M4551), with no power adapter and unfortunately this kind of adapters could not be found in my area. I've seen few items on eBay, but they were too expansive and including shipping to my destination it would have been more than 3 times more than the cost of the display itself. So I was thinking of finding some alternative or using iBook power adapter which has the same output, but I can't find information on the polarity (positive/negative) of the display's power cord. Polarity isn't mentioned on the original power adapter. Does anybody have this kind of adapter to check the polarity? Thanks in advance!
  3. mac-cellar

    Two in One Week! Merry Christmas!

    So, I walked into my local thrift store last Saturday, and I spotted it from 50 feet away - a 17" Apple Studio Display... one of the clear plastic LCD models with the ADC connector. The tag said $25 and I said, "You're coming with me." I always liked the design of these... all that swoopy clear plastic and that neat kickstand in the back. Not everyone's cup of tea, I know (especially the ADC part), but a real find for me. A few days later on eBay, I bid on a Titanium Powerbook G4 that looked like it was in good condition, working, was advertised to be lightly used and in the original box. $45 won the auction - the Powerbook arrived last night. It turns out that it is in fabulous condition - a scuff here and there is all there is to suggest that anyone used this at all. It included the original box and packaging and the AC adapter... it is a 550 Mhz model with upgraded RAM, and 10.4.11 Tiger with all necessary updates installed. Again, this may just be me, but I love the design of these TiBooks. I remember watching Steve Jobs do his "One more thing..." intro of the TiBook back in the day.