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Found 1 result

  1. Looking for my Apple II Tech Manuals, I found an old box from Apple labeled "Apple IIgs Memory Expansion Card." It gives the IIgs 1MB of RAM. Nice right? But that was not in the box. Instead, besides bits and pieces, there were 3 complete Apple II/II+/IIe RAM Expansion cards. Two are RAMFACTOR by Applied Technologies and have a ROM on it and the third says "Super Expander +" and has no ROM on it. Each board is populated with 32 41256 RAM Chips, giving 1MB of RAM for each card. ProDOS will recognize the Applied Technology cards and set them up as RAM Disks and other things as needed. The Super Expander + Card I can't be sure off as I believe it needed its own software to run it. These cards are for the II/II+/IIe as the card connector is away from the slant cut on the card, on the IIgs this would be under the slant cut on the card and not away from it. Now, where to get the software for these cards? One RAMFACTOR is v1.1 and the other is v1.0. The Super Expander + is who knows - it does not say. ProDOS will give run the RAMFACTOR Cards as RAM Drives but the software makes them do other things as well. The Super Expander +, who knows where to begin. I was looking about the stash for my Apple II Tech manual when I found the box. Anybody out there with software in question or do i have to Google the planet again?