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Found 3 results

  1. I am borrowing an iMac G3 with Mac OS 9.1 and Quicktime Player Version 5.0.2 for a film. I need the computer to play a video file that I created in the film. When I burn a CD with the video file on it, the G3 will show the JPEG image files on the CD, but the video files don't show up at all! I've tried several different formats/codecs like MOV, MP4, h264, and AVI, but none of them show up at all. I've also tried several other unsuccessful methods of transferring the video file to the G3. I can't get a flash drive to mount even when formatting it to several different formats, I can't figure out how to connect the G3 to the internet to email/download the file, and I can't figure out how to transfer the file directly via a ethernet cable connected to my modern iMac. Help? Thanks, Adam
  2. I had a bit of an impulse buy today. It's been a very, very, very long time since I bought anything 68k Mac related. Browsing eBay I ran into a fairly cheap SuperMac VideoSpigot for $17 with shipping included. I have two different SuperMac Nubus video cards so I thought this would pair well with either of them. The price was certainly right! Old video capture stuff has always interested me even if I don't have any practical use for it. It's just cool. Lately to escape the troubles and trials of life I have been working on my old computers, selling what I do not need and keeping what matters to me. I stuck with x86 PC's initially as it was just easier to move files between my modern Win7/Win10 machines and the old stuff. Networking between Win95 or WinNT4 to Win10 is still doable with minimal hacks on the Win10 end. Now that most of my old PC's are fully restored I am moving on to making sure my core Mac collection is completely operational. One of the tasks on my plate will be to establish a functional bridge machine between the 68k/PPC Mac world and the modern internet. The card hasn't come in yet but I will do a detailed review and write up of it in this thread once it does. Hopefully the board is in good working order.
  3. Hey, I need a point in the right direction - appreciate any help. I'm in software loop-hell. Just updated my iBook G4s from 10.4.11 to 10.5.8. Now I can't get iTunes to open on any of them. The application data says I have QuickTime Player 7.2.1 When I go to open iTunes, it won't lanuch and says I need QT 7.5.5 or greater. I can't find a 7.5.5 QT to download, just 7.6. But when I try to load 7.6, the load program says it is OLDER than what I have. I need a version of iTunes that runs the radio stations at least - iTunes 10.6.3 is what it says I have in application data. Should I just delete iTunes and then reinstall iTunes 8.6 or 9? Frustrating...never had this problem running 10.4.11...