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Found 3 results

  1. Dear 68k aficionados, Could someone please help me with a C app skeleton in THINK C format? I am trying to compile the skeleton.π from Garry Little/Tim Swihart "Programming for System 7" w/o success. My THINK C 6.0.1. throws the unknown error -5000. I do remember back in those CompuServe days Apple System 7 skeleton apps were almost all over the place. Would be great if someone has a skeleton app and could share the bytes. J Best, -Pit
  2. CodeMonkeyZA

    Serial Network Programming

    Hi, So, I would like to do some "network" programming on my Macintosh SE/30, if it is possible. I am fairly versed in C, and I was hoping that I would be able to listen to as well as write to the ports. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate any reference to how it might be possible to do this. Does anyone know how to listen to a port using C, or any other programming language for that matter? During my search, I saw someone was able to communicate to an Arduino using a vintage Mac, so I assume it must be possible to read and write to the ports... Any suggestions? Thanks a ton! CM
  3. Poor 68k Mac. It's two decades since you could buy one new, and I'd be prepared to bet (albeit not too much money) that it's several years since any new software was released for it. I was seeking a bit of a break from a project that I'm working on for OS X, so I decided to rectify this deficiency. I have written a fractal generator for the Mac 512k (with System 6) or newer. It will draw Julias, Mandelbrots and trees, and it was written on a Mac SE/30. I don't have a genuine 68000 powered Mac any more - so it was tested in vMac for the lower powered machines. It's not the snazziest, or most feature complete, Fractal software for the 68k Mac - but, for the time being, it is the newest. I'll provide a link to it - and the Think C source code (for anyone who wants to make some improvements) tomorrow, after I've made a few last minute finishing touches this evening.