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Found 3 results

  1. defor


    From the album: Documentation

    Burndy MICROBUS™ 50 mil. Low Profile Card Edge Connectors Datasheet Detail Reduced to 150dpi. Highlight on part number of connector used in Pippin for both ROM and PCI/Storage expansion.
  2. Here's an easy one (for you guys) Does any1 have a digram of the PCI slots and their speeds for the Power Mac G5 (11,2)? I'm trying to make sure I install a new GPU in the fastest PCI slot on the machine. Looking around the internet I find no diagrams with specific enough labels for the slots. Thanks.
  3. l008com

    PCI-IDE Optical Drive Problems

    So I picked up this card on eBay for $20. PCI IDE seems to be very hard to find, so I wanted to snatch it up even though it's ATA66. I hope it doesn't have the 120 GB drive limit, but if it does I'll live with it. So I plugged the card in (to my PowerMac 7300). I hooked up a 40 GB IDE drive, as master, to one bus. And an Apple/Sony branded IDE super drive, as master, to the other bus. This drive is out of a Mac Pro I believe. The hard drive works no problem. The optical drive does not. It won't boot off the optical, and it won't show a disc in the optical, if I boot off the hard drive. (I installed OS 8.1 on the hard drive using the SCSI optical drive). I tried the same thing with a non-apple branded Sony CD-ROM drive, and a lite-on CD-ROM drive. All optical drives are set as master and are solo on their bus. None of them will boot, none of them will show a disc on the desktop when booted off the hard drive, and all of them show up in System Profiler with the exact right info. For example: I switched the drives, so the optical is on the HDD's previous cable and bus, and the HDD is on the optical's previous cable and bus. Still the HDD works great, and the optical drives not at all. Are there any quirks with master/slave/solo and optical drives? I'm out of ideas, as I've long since forgotten all of the details of doing stuff like this. But using newer modern (ish) IDE optical drives was the main reason I'm doing this. The IDE hard drive option is nice too, but I already have a very large SCSI drive so that's not a necessity.