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Found 1 result

  1. Today my everyday use machine, a 12in screen Powerbook G4 1.5GHz, died horribly. Apps slowed to a crawl, noisey fan, palm rest on the case by HD side heats up, crunching noises (it was from the fan), and system freezes for the past 2 weeks. Today after a reboot from a system freeze it gave Chimes of Death. Though this is a Powerbook I literally found in the trash 5 years ago with several others, it had its time. But I'm not finished with it yet! Opened it up. The fan at the rear was caked with dust and dirt. Though I have opened this machine up in the past, I have not in about 2 years. The heat tape on the processor heat sink literally fell off and what was left was not worth saving. Remove fan, clean out the dirt with WD40, then acetone, alcohol and then respray with WD 40. Took some acetone to remove what was left of the heat transfer tape. Then used some thermo compound and used a small dab of it. Since the heatsink will press against the CPU and other chips, the thermo compound will spread. Best to have it spread enough out to cover the CPU and not overflow as I seen on some PCs. Tighten up a few screws and reassemble it. At first it would not turn on. This has happened before, so remove the battery and then turn it on. Chimes of Death. Check the memory SIMM (always had a problem with that), turn on again. It booted. Tests - 6 hours (still on it now, typing this). Unit does not heat up, the fan turns on so quiet I can not hear it, but there is air flowing in the back of the case. The area of the palm rest (left side) where the hard drive is at is no longer hot. It's warmer than the rest of the machine but not by much. So far, no OS freezes or app slow downs. Took me 4 hours to do. It was a close call. Anything to improve on this? Thermo compound is the regular white stuff and not the silver stuff on PCs so that needs to be upgraded in the near future. Anything else?