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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, Long ago when I was seeking a 32-bit clean ROM for one of my SE/30's I grabbed an entire IIfx board with ROM attached. This board has sat in storage and now that I have some skills with the SeaSonic PS, I was thinking of trying to get the board running on the bench sans its case that I do not have. I am assuming that this is doable? Now to the board... Here is its ROM slot with appendage: All of the chips have passive heat sinks on them. The 030 on the left does not as I borrowed the 030 when I sent one of my SE/30 boards to AllMacs for a recap. The SE/30 had its on=board 030 replaced by Daystar so that a socked accelerator could be added. Its original no longer worked so it is sitting on the IIfx.. Here is the silk screen on the appendage: DT-1088 Made in USA SPectrum Eng (C) 1992 And on the reverse side where the ROM attaches at 90 degrees: I thought this might be a kit to up the clock speed but both the on-board chip that has the RD/BK wire exiting it and the similar chip on the appendage are 80.000MHZ. My Google and site quest for more info came up with nada... Anybody know what this is? THx!
  2. pcamen

    Apple TechStep Overview Video

    Well this just takes the cake. I have 7 IIci systems and 2 IIcx's, and not one of them will boot now. I think these might quality as the least reliable system. I've got at least 5 recapped motherboards and none of them work (but 3 of them were done by Allmacs and arrived dead so there's that). I tried three different systems and the TechStep can't get into Test Manger Mode on any of them. Unless I am doing something completely wrong. It just seems odd that so many systems are totally dead, even my IIci that had been recapped and working for some time; I've been using it to evaluate other components like power supplies with great success.
  3. Bolle

    New member buys a macintosh se/30

  4. Robinater4223

    New member buys a macintosh se/30

    Has anyone heard anything about the ebay seller allmacs? He advertises a recapping service on ebay and he has a pretty good feedback rating.
  5. Hi All, I had Ebay seller AllMacs recap both my IIsi board and one of my SE/30 boards. I have bee using the board in the WtM configuration for a few days without issue. Prior to the recap I got this scary image on screen and decided it was time to get on with the recap... Here is a shot of the board before the work: And here is after: And some shots of this work, "As you can see the trace on this pad was making no connection, due to corrosion . I fixed the damage with a new pad and reconnected it" I'll report in on the SE/30 after I get a chance to use it this weekend.
  6. Von

    A Tale of IIfx Boards

    Here is my update... Board 1 got a working IIfx ROM installed and when powered on, no chime or video. I checked the PS and got: 5 Reds: 5.13 1 Yellow: 12.14 1 Blue: -12.11 1 White: 4.23 For fun I moved the outermost NuBus slot to the innermost slot and no joy. Any other suggestions on this board? I will likely be sending this one to AllMacs for caps. THx
  7. As much as I'd like to re-cap my own board, I'm leaning toward having someone else do it - in case it needs more than just a re-cap. Has anyone had experience with AllMacs on eBay? "guaranteed to work" And which one of you is this?
  8. EvilCapitalist

    Very quiet sound on SE/30

    There used to be someone on here who offered recapping that was highly rated before unrelated issues impacted the quality of their work. Several folks, myself included, have used "allmacs" on eBay and I haven't heard any complaints about them yet. The IIci board I had them recap only had a 3 week turn time which I felt was very reasonable. https://www.ebay.com/itm/332173377243
  9. No, it hasn't been recapped yet. I'm going to send it to Allmacs this week for a recap. Perhaps that will fix the problem.
  10. Von

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    JDW, I don't have any suggestions however I do feel that I too am an active member of the E.B. club when I roasted my newly-recapped IIsi board. I was in such a state of shock that I posted my blunder in the wrong forum...While I do feel your pain, the sun did rise the day after my mistake. The IIsi board is now with AllMacs to see if he can repair the board...I have not heard back on its diagnosis. Someone on this forum makes a TS-like adapter (I can't find the post) that could replace the TS if that is what died.
  11. Von

    New (to me) IIci

    Great progress. I need to replace the PS and I have a SeaSonic on its way from NewEgg. This is the IIci board on its side so that it can mate with my IIsi PS that already has a SeaSonic PS: Not shown in the photo is the my external SCSI disk enclosure that IIci board is booting too. The boot to the present OS on the board failed so I will next try the drive that came with the machine. I'd boot to floppy and choose another OS on the external drive but there is no way I am going to get the floppy cable attached while the board is like this. FYI, the reason it is on it side as that was the only way I could get make the connection to the IIsi PS keeping connection and not leaning on the board. Here is another shot of...apology for the poor image quality. I had the speaker attached and there was no chime...I believe I'll get in line at AllMacs for a recap.
  12. I had used Charles for a number of boards of mine that needed recaps going back a few years, some of which looked to be beyond saving and he managed to bring them back to life, but after the last go round I decided I'd look elsewhere in the future. The last time I sent him some boards it took 6 months (October 2017 - March 2018) for me to get them back. In the emails I got from him he said he didn't start working on the boards until December and didn't actually finish looking them all over until February. He had mentioned some personal issues early on in the email chain even back at that point (and this is coming up on a year ago) and that he had also gotten a lot more "bad jobs" in recently. I didn't push because everything I'd gotten from him in the past had been excellent work. 6 months to do 5 boards somewhat soured me I must say, and I'm a reasonably patient fellow. I sent one board to AllMacs on eBay (my IIci) and was very pleased with the work they did, not to mention I had a new looking, fully recapped board back to me in under 3 weeks. I certainly hope all you guys get your boards back soon. I know how frustrating it is to have unfinished projects on which you can't move forward.
  13. Von

    AllMacs IIsi recap

    It looks like my photo of my shipping box did not make it through the interwebs into this post...Allmacs is in SC.
  14. The photo on the AllMacs ebay listing shows that they used through-hole capacitors. Not a good sign, IMO.