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  1. I have a Plus analog board (International version) with a C1 cap that needed replacment. I ordered a replacement, which is polarised - the original was not. So... the ultimate daft question, which way should it go? I've tried to source images of other analog boards but can never tell... Here's what I think is right...
  2. @LaPorta Thanks for your help with this!
  3. Sorry, I'm not great with electronics - would this also be suitable? https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/polypropylene-film-capacitors/7270048/ (shipping cost too high for me from Mouser)
  4. That explains why I couldn't find a photo with a polarised cap there and this now makes total sense, I did already start to wonder... Oh well, maybe one day I will find a use for those caps (I have 10 of them). Thanks for the tip!
  5. joshc

    Mac 128K with Mac Plus upgrade

    I have a 128K upgraded to Plus as well, yours looks to be an excellent example! I am replacing the C1 capacitor and filter capacitors, as it currently doesn't work. I've just nabbed some original bits as well (carry bag, Test Drive bag tag, original keyboard/numpad, manuals, so I'm just waiting for those bits to arrive).
  6. I have a 128K which was upgraded back in the day to a Plus. It has the 128K front and the Plus 1MB back case. Logic board and Analog board are Plus parts. It powers on but has no video. I suspect some worn out components on the analog board. Straight away upon inspection - the C1 capacitor is bulging badly at the top, and leaking at the bottom. So I've removed that, and now I'm finding it hard to find a replacement! The capacitor says 35 V 3.9 uF (M) on it. The analog board is part number 630-0108 - it's stamped with 'International'. (I'm in the UK...) I checked this well-circulated list of components for the analog board, but it says C1 is 3.9µF 100V. However this list seems to be for U.S. analog boards only... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/132RwzC8HM5ask-BdY_31txErOCwJDSkz099GY2XLpE0/edit?hl=en&hl=en#gid=0 So does the International version of the board use a lower voltage capacitor, or are they interchangeable ? I also removed the two RIFA film capacitors, as they looked ready to explode and are badly cracked. These are marked RIFA 4700pF PME 271 Y 250V~SH . What can these be replaced with? Photos attached if it helps. Thanks in advance.
  7. Potential replacement for C1? https://www.mouser.co.uk/ProductDetail/United-Chemi-Con/EKXE401ELL3R9MH15D?qs=sGAEpiMZZMvwFf0viD3Y3fHxNcSaiftwx%2B5cRnxFQPSqFS4oBxuzkQ%3D%3D Seems like its OK to change to a higher voltage as I believe that's an upper limit? This is also 105 C vs the original 85 C rated one so should last a bit longer perhaps. I'm still keen to hear from others here regarding what you've used for the C1 capacitor on your Plus analog board.
  8. Woops, I might have answered my own question with the paper capacitors...I am fairly certain these are the correct replacements. Unless anyone knows of a more robust component to replace them with? https://uk.farnell.com/kemet/pme271y447mr30/cap-4700pf-20-paper-radial/dp/9717552?scope=partnumberlookahead&ost=PME271Y447MR30&searchref=searchlookahead&exaMfpn=true&ddkey=https%3Aen-GB%2FElement14_United_Kingdom%2Fw%2Fsearch
  9. joshc

    Centris 610 and other things

    After recently acquiring 8 Macs, and 1 old PC, I have more than enough projects to keep my time occupied, but that didn't stop me buying this... What is odd is that it doesn't look like a Centris 610 to me -- it looks like an LC of some kind. Hopefully someone with lots of knowledge of these machines can help clarify it :) I don't mind if the seller got the model wrong, the whole lot only cost £10 so I cannot complain. I haven't collected it yet, just waiting for the seller to answer my message about collection.
  10. joshc

    Centris 610 and other things

    Finally got a VGA adapter for the LC II. It cost me a sweet penny from eBay to get an adapter shipped from Australia, there were no others available!! Slightly annoying because I'm sure I have one already somewhere that I couldn't find, and I remember when these were cheap/easy to get... Anyway...it's now hooked up, so I could check out what was left on the hard drive. To my pleasant surprise, this was obviously used as a gaming machine at one point, as there's a lot of games on this thing! A copy of Quark is on the drive, and it's registered to Hackney council. Someone left some business files on here, including an inventory of Apple equipment with value at the time. I installed SimCity 2000, which runs like crap on this, and Pathways into Darkness. I also installed Bonkheads from the original floppies which works well, although it did need Sound Manager 3.0 extension, which thankfully comes with SimCity 2000... It's almost like I planned it this way (I didn't). I cleaned up the system files, there were a lot of unnecessary system control panels, fonts and extensions which I've now disabled. It is now running a lot smoother. I also installed RAM Doubler which I tend to find helps with running some stuff, afterall this is an LC II so it doesn't have much RAM anyway. Images here as I had trouble uploading images using Firefox (macOS): https://imgur.com/a/vyiCZQ0
  11. joshc

    Corgski's liberaciones para la revolución

    This monitor brings back a lot of nostalgia for me -- I used one paired with a Performa 6200 for many years in my childhood, before upgrading to an iMac G3 dalmatian in summer of 2001. Nice haul/collection you have.
  12. joshc

    Green stuff out of an SE/30 CRT?

    I think that board can be salvaged, I've seen much worse.
  13. joshc

    Recap PowerBook 100

    If the technician hasn't worked on before, this will come in handy: https://archive.org/details/manual-apple-powerbook-100
  14. joshc

    What’s this C1?

    Someone could've done their own repair on it in 1992, or as @MOS8_030 says it could've been Apple repaired. Apple tended to support machines for a lot longer back then, so they would've still been repairing Pluses in the early 90s I think.
  15. I'd be interested in this as a buyer of it. I don't have many skills that would help with the creation of it I'm afraid. Ideally a single card that provides internal greyscale, external colour + Ethernet on a single card would be neat, but I'm sure that would add a lot of complexity to this project.
  16. Is this the one that popped up on eBay recently? It is definitely cool, looking forward to the video.
  17. Does anyone know what kind of sales figures Apple acheived with the compact Macs in the end, from the original Mac up to the Color Classic? I don't know if Apple ever made these sales figures public, but it'd be nice to know if they did, or if someone has some insider info on it. Wikipedia has a small mention of early Mac sales, but I can't find anything relating to the 512K, Plus, SE, and so on: I imagine the Plus sold a lot of units, because it was in production for so long: And why do I ask? Mainly curiosity for these types of things. It would be nice to know how rare the stuff we are collecting is, sometimes it's just hard to gauge really. Most models of Mac, even the original, seem to pop up on eBay quite often, so none of the compacts seem all that "rare" just yet (except perhaps the Color Classic II, and very specific versions of some of the models that were only sold in certain markets etc?).
  18. joshc

    Sales figures for compact Macs

    Thanks @MOS8_030 However, I'm not sure how active it is anymore. It took me a while to find the actual page where the index/registry is, which is: http://www.mac128.com/m0001 I have submitted both my 128K (upgraded to Plus 1MB) and Plus 1MB, but I did notice a lot of spam listings on the site which leads me to think it's not in regular maintenance anymore...which would not be surprising, given the fact anything I was doing in 2007 either no longer exists or never saw completion I believe the registry was created by @Mac128, not sure if he's still around here. If he is, I'd be open to helping out with it however I can. I have an array of experience in building web-based things and wouldn't mind a side project to keep me distracted. Somewhat related, although not that useful for me personally, as I'm not lucky or rich enough to own an Apple 1, but still very interesting, is this Apple 1 registry: https://www.apple1registry.com/en/list.html I hope this doesn't sound too negative, but I'm not sure I see the benefit of a 128K/512K/Plus specific registry, I can understand from a purely technical point of view that those models have the most similarities in their design and components, but I do feel there is an importance to having a catalogue of as wide a range of Apple's products as possible, hence why I wanted to start one that would allow anyone to register any Apple product that has a serial number and/or Apple model number, of which I think all Apple products do as far as I know. I would want to allow registration of any age of Apple product, all that matters is that it is identifiable by its serial number or model number. I notice that even the original documentation that came with Apple's computers tends to have an identifier on the back, and although these aren't unique like the serial number on a machine, it would still be nice to start cataloguing all this stuff. So very true, I just feel we are past this point with most models of vintage Mac. I think, almost regardless of model, the prices will continue to go up for any pre-Intel machines. Sure, you can pick up the G4s and G5s cheap still, but I wouldn't give it too long before those become a less frequent sight, and with it the prices will rise.
  19. joshc

    Sales figures for compact Macs

    @Mighty Jabba Thanks, all very good points. Reliability of the machine, with later models being more 'complex' having SMD components, hard drives, etc, contributes to earlier failure, making them more prone to being dumped rather than repaired potentially. Once a machine reaches that 'collectors item' status, it encourages others to list theirs as they believe they might achieve a high price for their Mac. The 128K seems to be the highest 'collectors' status of all the models, possibly followed by the SE/30 and Color Classic? I tried to find eBay Japan listings but couldn't manage to find any, is there such a thing? Is Yahoo much more popular in Japan? Yes, agree that many of these compacts have been subject to modificiation/hacks and being made into Macquariums which probably reduced numbers quite a bit. I think that craze is mostly over these days as people appreciate these computers in their original/slightly upgraded forms rather than being repurposed into something like a fish tank.
  20. joshc

    Sales figures for compact Macs

    Some interesting perspectives/insights here, thanks for the posts everyone. I can understand how so many might have survived, the small footprint and charming factor must contribute to this. However, I'm not convinced that so many have actually survived, or at least as many as we think, as we are indeed the type of people who do not throw these things away, but I would argue the majority of people probably did throw them away once they'd served their purpose/stopped working. My dad bought his SE new in 88/89, with a LaserWriter II, and various software, and a ScanMan hand-held scanner, all-in this stuff cost more than a brand new car back then... but he still ended up throwing the SE and its related stuff away (literally thrown away, not given away) when it stopped working in the early 2000s! I wish I'd asked him for it, as it was my first computer. I think all that was wrong with it was the internal SCSI hard drive had died. I can believe the SE/30 acheiving much lower sales, after all it was a costly machine, and if you intended to buy any sort of upgrade card that would bump the price even further. My dad used his Macs for professional graphic design work but he never had the money to spend on Apple's higher-end models, after the SE he settled on an LC, and then a Performa 6200, before upgrading to a PowerMac G4. There's no way my dad would've spent on any of the 68K/early PPC towers, as I think you would be into many multiples of the cost of an LC/Performa by that point. I know it's probably a far fetched idea, but it would be nice to start an online database to keep as a record of known/living Macs of this vintage, somewhere where contributors can submit their serial number, perhaps their first name and location (country), with a 'notes' section to describe the current condition/state of the machine. If anyone knows of something that already exists, I'd be happy to contribute my models to it. If nobody knows of one, I can start one. This is a charming but also sad story. I'm sure it has a name of some sort, but the process through which computers go, from being sold at retail price at new, to reaching rock bottom prices when nobody wants them (ala $10 128ks) to being collector's items...I just find it really interesting and you see the same thing with cars and all manner of other things. If we can't get sales figures, which does seem unlikely as Apple did not make the information public, something else we could research is trying to ascertain 'how many are left', again I know we won't get anywhere near a real figure, but we can at least start to think about it... Somewhere to start, which is not scientific at all, but will provide us some data to work with... A search for "Macintosh 128K" on eBay, including worldwide listings, returns 45 results...but if we exclude accessories, etc as we are only concerned with actual machines for sale, this results in 11 machines currently for sale. If we apply for the same for "Macintosh 512K", we get 183 items, and then pair it down to 12 actual computers for sale. "Macintosh Plus", we get 42 actual computers for sale. "Macintosh SE", 46. "Macintosh SE/30", 8 "Macintosh Classic", 33 "Macintosh Classic II", 13 - I based this search on the above search, as there are variations of spelling II, like 2, ii, etc. "Macintosh Color Classic", 7 "Macintosh Color Classic II", 0 (non US markets only so not surprising) "Performa 200", 1 "Performa 275", 0 (Asia only so not surprising) Now, as I said, this is unlikely to be a good representation of judging how many of these have survived, and there are so many variables involved that will skew results. I'm not convinved that eBay's search algorithm really shows me absolutely every listing from every country when I search from eBay UK. I might be wrong but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not looking at absolutely everything. eBay is only one site, there are many other sites where these computers will be listed, and some sites are country specific. The UK has Craigslist but its seldom used - Gumtree is more popular here but I don't see many vintage macs appear on there, maybe 1 every couple of months. Another thing which has skewed this is mis-representation of the model, some listings for "Classic" are actually SEs or other models. And I'm sure it also goes without saying, but my above search is simply showing how many are on sale at this given time, with no clues to how many might be in storage / various collections around the world. I would bet that most collectors won't be looking to sell their Macs any time soon, which means a lot of the survivors might never see eBay, or at least not for a long time. So where am I going with this? I'm not sure really...it's just a nice distraction. The search above shows a big variance between the models, with the Plus and SE having the most listings, and I do get a feeling that seeing 8 SE/30s vs 46 SEs shows us that Apple sold a lot less SE/30s than SEs...But we knew that already. So yeah, not sure what I'm really contributing here, other than just something that might 'interest' people here.
  21. joshc

    Sales figures for compact Macs

    Found a little more info on this... From Cult of Mac: https://www.cultofmac.com/479113/today-apple-history-first-100-days-mac-roaring-success/ Not sure how reliable this is, but it says: Still no closer to finding any sales figures for later compact models...
  22. Thought as much, I'm still glad I got a Floppy emu, it's a very handy tool, but I will be looking for a more permanent solution, probably a SCSI2SD...unfortunately when you have 7 Macs (OK, nobody forced me to get that many Macs, but you know...) that all need a permanent drive replacement, it gets costly very quickly. Looking forward to seeing the 'possibly accelerated' SE soon!
  23. Thanks for this, a very interesting read! Nice one, glad you got it working. How do you find the performance with the Floppy emu? I tried mine with my SE/30 with Daystar accelerator and I thought opening apps and switching between apps was a bit slow with the Floppy emu, but maybe I’m doing something wrong...
  24. joshc

    LCII crapped the bed

    I didn’t know the LC needed a PRAM battery to boot. Does anyone know of a list somewhere of Macs which need the PRAM battery to boot?
  25. joshc

    Centris 610 and other things

    Yup, all my macs need recapping, aiming to do them as soon as time allows it.