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  1. joshc

    My ongoing LC 475 restoration

    That might be the plan for my 8200/120 which has a dead PSU and I *hate* the 8200/8500 series case, it's just Spindler era plastic crap that breaks as soon as you look at it. Good luck with this LC 475 - it's nice to see another one saved! The logicboard + PSU will need recapping.
  2. joshc

    Lucky IIx acquisition

    This is awesome, you are building my dream classic Mac!
  3. OK, so according to Larry Pina's Classic Mac Repair book, this is the 'Linearity Coil'. They don't seem easy to come by, I assume because they are only needed for CRTs: https://newly.en.ec21.com/Horizontal_Linear_Inductor_Coils--1949388_1949720.html I will probably solder the one I removed back on...
  4. Which component should I order to replace LL1 on 630-0525 Classic II analog board? I hastenly removed LL1 along with all electrolytic caps, in hindsight LL1 could've stayed I think and I can't find any reference anywhere of what to replace it with! No obvious markings on the component itself.
  5. joshc

    Mac lc 475 no sound

    Bad caps often look normal. I would start by recapping the logicboard to try and solve this.
  6. Has anyone had success using a 50 -> 80 pin SCSI adapter in a Mac so that the more common 80 pin SCSI drives can be used?
  7. I am pretty sure it's correct, but thought it worth checking with someone more knowledgeable than I... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4MB-30-Pin-Simm-Fpm-Parity-9-Chip-RAM-Memory-4Mx9-5V-70ns-Samsung-KMM594000B-7/274302508296
  8. Unfortunately I know very little about these models, so I'm not going to be any of help in terms of your questions but I just wanted to post to say, a little historical tidbit on this model, this is a cool Mac to own because I believe this is the first Power Macintosh model launched under Steve Jobs / Jon Rubenstein's helm - (I can't remember where the G3 AIO falls in the timeline but I am pretty sure that was being worked on before Jobs/Rubenstein were in control of product development...) the desktop G3 was a really successful model as far as I know and Apple desperately needed it after being crushed by the more competitively priced clones at the time. I'm not sure how many they sold exactly, they seem hard to come by now, there's a couple on eBay but priced a little high. With this model Apple also returned to better packaging again, I think these came in a white box with a color photo of the desktop G3 on the front, and a blue accessories box inside. Good luck with your upgrades :)
  9. joshc

    A weekend conquest...

    I finally got around to fixing one of the Classic IIs. This one needed a recap of the logicboard, and the floppy drive needed lubricating. Unfortunately both of my Classic IIs only have 2MB RAM and both are missing hard drives (even the hard drive chassis is missing from both), so I'm not sure exactly what my plans are for these machines, I have two SE/30s that are far superior but it also seems a shame to not upgrade the Classic IIs ! First job was to clean the board, just the usual fluff and goo from leaky capacitors: I used the twist method to remove the caps, pushing DOWN on the caps while twisting gently. This worked really well, everything came off cleanly and no damage was done to the pads. With the caps removed, the solder pads were cleaned and the logicboard was bathed in isopropyl alcohol: I decided to go with leaded tantalum capacitors this time, I've tried SMD ones before and had some trouble working with them. I clearly need more experience doing this, and as you can tell, my solder job is not tidy - BUT it works. Sound and video is back: There is a weird distortion of the picture in the upper right hand corner of the display, I am no expert in adjusting CRTs so I don't know where to start, can anyone help? Unfortunately my recap of the other Classic II failed - I had two lifted solder pads, so I'm still evaluating if I should spend more time trying to fix that board, or try to find another Classic II logicboard from somewhere.
  10. Thanks for confirming!
  11. Here's a daft question for today. Does the Classic II have the bootable OS in the ROM like the Classic does? The CMD + Option + X + O one... The easy thing would be to 'just try it' but both of my Classic IIs are undergoing restoration at the moment so I can't just try it yet :-) Thanks in advance
  12. joshc

    Performa 476 Restoration

    Great work so far, keep it up!! You can't beat a pizza box Mac :) I have an LC II and a LC 475 that both need the same treatment. I have a gap coming up between jobs soon so I hope to start tackling some of these projects soon.
  13. joshc

    Finally found a Performa LC575 for my CC

    Sad to see it arrived in that shape, but not surprising from all the stories I've heard. These Macs just can't be shipped really, even with good packaging I've heard stories of them still arriving damaged. Same goes for iMac G3s. Someone needs to start a business 3D printing replacement plastic parts for these Macs, soon there will be hardly any left with intact plastics! If a real go was made of it, I'm sure it would be successful.
  14. joshc

    Mac 128K factory photos

    I agree too, but the Plus 'sticker' would not be there with a Plus upgrade. I have a 128K upgraded to Plus and the front bezel was kept as the original with no modifications.
  15. joshc

    Mac 128K factory photos

    The early Plus models did not have the label on the front casing, so looked the same as the 128K/512K to my knowledge. However as you have rightly pointed out, the accessories match the 128K/512K not the Plus, so it could well be a 128K/512K upgraded to a Plus, as seem to be quite common.