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  1. joshc

    Macintosh Performa 5200CD

    The plastics are 'relatively' OK... I took the logicboard out and broke one of the plastic clips...the other one was already broken off. I have read about the notorious fragile plastic used on Macs of this era...I used to have a Performa 6200 and that was similar. At some time in the past, someone put something heavy on top of the monitor vents and some of those have cracked a little, otherwise it seems OK and I'm sure it will look better once I clean it up / possibly retrobrite it. That's a good call on the possibility of dust being an issue, I am not very familiar with common analog/video board problems on CRT Macs other than the common capacitor and weak solder joints on the B&W compact Macs, so I will take a look and see what I can do.
  2. joshc

    iMac G3 Snow White

    Picked this one up locally for £10, unfortunately it doesn't power on. It makes a little sound from something, but the machine doesn't power on. I used to have a Dalmatian one years ago, and used it as my main machine from around 2001 to 2003/2004 or so, that one eventually died because of the flyback transformer I think. I will actually attempt to repair this one, I am ashamed to say I let the Dalmatian one go all those years ago, whereas today I would've tried to fix it...I really wish I had kept it as those are rare now. Pics/videos will follow when I have time to try and see what's going on with this. I really must now stop buying more Macs and finish the 8 I now have to fix/restore...
  3. joshc

    Macintosh Performa 5200CD

    Picked up a 5200CD locally, got it for £12 from eBay. That's right, I willingly bought "the worst Mac ever made"! Seller said it didn't power on... Well, we'll see about that! Plugged it in, switched it on...pressed power key on the keyboard, yup, it boots! Made a few popping noises from the CRT, so I thought it was going to blow up in my face at any given moment, thankfully I'm still alive so that didn't happen. It wouldn't boot from the drive, I could hear it spinning up and then giving up after a while, I thought this was odd as it sounded 'healthy' enough for a Quantum drive from ~1995, so I decided to power cycle this thing (quick repeated restarts) until the drive decided it would remain spinning...and hey presto, it booted into Mac OS 8 (only with extensions off, it has various Norton stuff installed, so...go figure). This thing just didn't want to wake up, and I forced it to keep going...a very very satisfying feeling indeed. The monitor flickers, sometimes makes noises and the colour sometimes shifts, but...apart from that, it all seems OK! Anyway, I am pretty happy with this Mac, despite it being "the worst Mac ever made", to me it is convenient with an Ethernet card, and the combo of colour monitor, CD-ROM and floppy in a Mac that can run System 7 up to OS 9 is pretty cool... Apologies for varying photo quality, taken in haste & the booted photo is a still from the iPhone video footage I was doing. Some edited video and plenty of restoration info/pics will follow...
  4. Glad you got it working, I can’t wait to do the same with my 68k Macs. I would love to see your setup as it sounds like you are using your IIsi for real work?
  5. Can a classic II boot without a PRAM battery? I’ve tried to research this but can’t find a definitive answer. I had to remove the battery holder as the battery had leaked and I cleaned the board carefully with isopropyl alcohol to get rid of all the crap. A couple of the caps are starting to leak but I thought I’d try to see what the board can do in its current state. It starts to a blank grey screen, the icon and cursor never show.
  6. joshc

    Macintosh classic brightness issue

    @TimTheEnchanter There's more than just the flickering issue. I see a grid behind the picture as well. Also, that display really needs adjustment, it is not as wide or tall as it should be. I would start with inspecting the capacitors on the analog board, they most likely need replacement, or at the very least you should resolder all the joints.
  7. joshc

    A few SE/30's I found on eBay

    @JT737 I think you gave me some good luck, because that's exactly what happened to me with my last haul...one of the SE/30s I picked up has a Daystar accelerator in it!!
  8. joshc

    Picked up a Mac IIci with some accessories!

    Lovely, I really like the IIci. I used to have one but had trouble doing the re-soldering myself and gave up, I eventally sold it to another 68kmla member, not sure if he ever got it working or not. Good luck with it, I hope the PRAM battery hasn't exploded...I think its under the HDD assembly on these machines which should be easily removable, I think removing the HDD assembly is toolless on the IIci?
  9. After cleaning the logicboard and floppy drive/hard drive, I decided to put it all back together to see if I could get the floppy drive reading disks and to see if the hard drive would mount. Long story short, some initial success but then quite a big failure. It can boot from a floppy, albeit very slowly (I think I've just forgotten how slow floppy booting is), anyway the hard drive just won't mount at the moment, HD SC cant see it and after a while it spins down on its own... But when I tried a restart, and the floppy drive ejected the disk, it immediately started making an awful screeching sound. I powered it off, then back on, and the sound remained. Looking through the Dead Mac scrolls book, there isn't a mention of this as a symptom in the floppy drive section of the book, does anyone know what it might be? Also, before I forget, has anyone got some good tips on how to revive these old SCSI drives? I know its a long shot expecting a 30 year old drive to just carry on working, but it would be REALLY handy to see what's on there!! Back to square one...
  10. Or perhaps with it being POS, it was part of a till system...maybe it has some bespoke/custom/rare software on it !! Anyway I'll stop getting excited and will instead spend my time trying to get it working again...
  11. Thanks for the extra info guys, I wasn't sure if it was sold in 33Mhz, 40Mhz and 50MHz versions, but if you say it just overclocks up to 50MHz then that also makes sense. I have read before that these cards mean the processor gets really hot, and there isn't really room for a heatsink, but I'll have to see how it goes. In terms of the history of the SE/30, on the front it has a sticker that says "POS" "Point of Sale Macintosh" so I think it was some sort of demo machine at one point. The guy I bought it from was selling his dad's old stuff (or possibly his partner's dad's old stuff) who he said used to be a programmer for Commodore, so I guess he perhaps also did programming on Macs as well. Once I get it booting from the hard drive, I'm hoping the contents of the drive give a clue as to what it was used for. For this machine to have been upgraded back then, when these upgrades would've cost in the thousands, it would've been someone where the cost was not an issue and they needed the power. Judging by the amount of dust, I think the unit was on perhaps 24/7 or at least for many hours each day, which ties in with it being a demo unit as well.
  12. joshc

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    I hope this project gets picked up by someone else, while I love the CRTs in these compacts, its also so cool to see one running a colour display and this is so much better than just sticking an iPad into a compact enclosure. Good luck to whoever continues this, I'm eager to see it progress!
  13. A quick update... I struck GOLD with the 'Point of Sale' SE/30!! Opened it up...and here's what I took out on my first night of 'restoration'. Yep, a socketed Daystar 40MHz 68030 PowerCache accelerator card and what appears to be 32MB RAM on the logicboard, plus an Asante Ethernet card. It was all pretty dusty, and I forgot to take a photo of the initial state (woops) though I was doing lots of iPhone video footage as well, I cleaned the logicboard and Daystar card with an anti-static brush to get rid of the worst of the dust. I haven't done any 'washing' of the boards yet and will need to be very careful as there is an OEM quality assurance or some sort of other sticker on the logicboard that I want to retain. I really wasn't expecting this to have a Daystar card or more than 8MB RAM, the guy who sold it definitely had no idea he was selling me a goldmine for a very cheap price! While I was at it, I also cleaned the floppy drive, it might need more work after a good 30 mins of cotton swabbing with isopropyl alcohol its looking a lot better, the auto inject & the eject seem to work smoothly now. I have ordered a bunch of other stuff to help me with the Plus & upgraded 128K/Plus, I found a Plus mouse on eBay and an external 800KB floppy drive (both quite pricey but oh well...), just waiting for those to arrive in the post. More to come soon!
  14. Thanks for the extra info @Dog Cow I've not had time to examine the board inside the 128K to see if its a Plus board or not, unfortunately thats the one which powers on but has no video. I opened up the SE/30 and Plus and jiggled things around a bit and now the video works on both of those, but neither boot and the floppies seem to have trouble reading disks and wont eject them properly either. Progress, kind of, slow progress... I have ordered a mass of things from Amazon so that I can do proper repairs on all my Macs... SMD soldering/desoldering station, lots of tools, etc etc....stay tuned for more photos/videos!
  15. Thanks @Juror22 it's a good shout because on the eBay item, there is a photo of the Plus with its video working fine, so maybe something was dislodged in transit in my car... Thanks for finding out the pricing info @Gorgonops I'm sure with enough Google searching we would probably find the original documentation for Apple's OEM upgrade options. I sure hope it has a 800K drive, otherwise I have the 'fun' of finding or creating 400K disks......