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  1. Strange video issue w/ SE/30

    Bolle, that’s definitely not that kind of artifact. I was wondering; I am a violin maker and my SE/30 sits on my workbench close to gouges, metallic tools and other ferric stuff. Could it induce some kind of magnetic disturbance that can manifest itself in those artifacts I am experiencing?
  2. Strange video issue w/ SE/30

    Hi again. My SE/30 (as everybody knows) equipped with 128 Mb of RAM, ROMinator2, SCSI2SD, RJ45 ethernet card, Daystar PowerCache 33mhz, recapped and analog board checked is developing a strange video behavior. Some “snow”, “noise”, “white interferences” appears quasi each time I use it (see video). Usually I hit the machine on its side and the result is: a return to a normal video behavior or a totally plain white screen. I first thought the problem came from the analog board but this one has been checked recently. My conclusion: I am despaired (lol). FCFFB43E-6FD4-468A-9691-0057AF022FAE.MOV
  3. My SE/30 is giving my trouble during boot sequence: There is a 1'30" delay between the moment the toolbar appears and the moment the content of the desktop (HDD, Trash...) mounts. Appart of this, the machine (Recapped, new battery, 128Mb RAM, SCSI2SD, Ethernet RJ45 card, Daystar Powercache 33Mhz card, ROMinator 2, OS 7.5.5) works (quasi) like a charm. The only way to get rid of those annoying 1'30" is to disable "AppleShare" extension and "Shared Library Manager" extension. I have trashed the ASLM pref, disabled AppleTalk, checked the HDD with DiskDoctor 2 and 3, zapped the PRAM, rebuilt the desktop... Does somebody have ever experienced a similar issue?
  4. Powerbook 180c startup problem

    I have ordered a brand new (chinese) battery... We will see if this solves the problem.
  5. Powerbook 180c startup problem

    That’s correct and I do believe my PRAM battery is indeed, charged.
  6. Powerbook 180c startup problem

    Unfortunately I don’t think so. The main battery is not actually dead, it holds little charge (1 minute, maybe less). In fact I kept it in the machine in order to charge the PRAM battery.
  7. Powerbook 180c startup problem

    Hi. I am rebuilding a PB180C. Screen capacitors have been changed. The machine boats a SCSI2SD, a custom 10Mo Ram expansion card and a new PRam battery. The main battery has a 1 minute autonomy. However, each time I disconnet and reconnect the main power supply the machine does not want to boot anymore. I usually have to reset the power manager and/or perform some voodoo tricks with the battery and power supply and reset button. Can somebody help me with that?
  8. Hi. I am rebuilding a nice PB180C. Regarding the PRAM battery, it has been replaced but, date n time, memory, mouse, sound... reset each time I disconnect the power adaptor. This machine, since its rebuilding has never been run with its main battery connected. My question is: is the main battery that recharges the PRAM battery and not the power supply?
  9. SMDs missing from of Daystar PowerCache P33

    The accelerator works perfectly, thanx.
  10. SMDs missing from of Daystar PowerCache P33

    Thanx for your help. As confirmed by Bolle, they are 0.1 uf capacitors for “circuit decoupling”. I have replace the 3 missing capas and will check the card as soon as I will receive the twin spark style adaptor.
  11. TwinSpark Powercache incompatible?

    Yes, I had the capa tested and it is as you say. I just noticed the wired traces near K10, they could be broken but there is some “goo” on the black spot. Could be from the factory...
  12. TwinSpark Powercache incompatible?

    Hi guys. I have a P33 myself and C40, C43 and C53 are missing!!!! Can someone test these 3 capacitors and send me value and tension in order to fix my card? This would be highly appreciated.
  13. Hi. I have bought a Daystar PowerCache P33 along with a Daystar Macintosh II Adapter and have desoldered 3 SMDs (from the P33) when taking off the P33 from the adapter. I have found only one of the three desoldered SMDs. C40, C43 and C53 are missing. Someone I know can check the one I have found on the floor but does not know if all those little brown SMDs are all the same. Can someone help me about it?
  14. Hi. I have a very nice fully recapped SE/30 upgraded with OWC 128MB of Ram, 2GB SCSI2SD, Farallon RJ45 card, Rom-Inator2... Before upgrading to 128MB of Ram I had "only" 32MB and ran APD 1.1.3 with absolutely no issue at all, passing all the tests. Now, with a full 128MB, APD does not want to test the logic board anymore and says something like "fail to test logic board, create report and consult the manual..." Do you guys think that the 128MB of Ram, which were not supported at the time are the cause to the fail or is there an issue with the logic board?