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  1. awulf

    Dynamac Smokin!

    Few weeks ago I got it running, (tried posting on this forum then, but was down). The power supply I used is an XP Power ECP60UT01 bought from RS Components, and a couple of adjustable step ups from Banggood (5v -> 15v & 12v->25v). And I etched a little board to make things neat.
  2. awulf

    Dynamac Smokin!

    Some success. Now to build it a power supply.
  3. awulf

    Dynamac Smokin!

    I deduced the voltages by following where they go: 1 Orange: +25v - To display pin 3 & 11 2 Yellow: +12v 3 Red: +5v 4 Orange/White: +5v 5 Black: GND 6 Grey: +15v - To display pin 1 & 9 7 Blue: GND 8 Blue/White: -12v By following the molex, the Mac Plus logic board and the Sharp LJ640U26 display. Now I Just need to make/find something
  4. awulf

    Dynamac Smokin!

    I have a Dynamc with a blown up power supply (a friend found it in the rubbish), Am interested in restoring it. I don't think the power supply itself is salvageable (unless I have the schematics). The hard drive definitely still works as I've tried it on a another Mac. Question is does anyone know the voltages coming out of the power supply, so that I can find/build something else?