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    PowerBook 180c Capacitor Map

    The screen will definitely need replacement capacitors, but the logic board is all solid-state, so that should be fine.
  2. PB145B

    Upgraded my on 11'' lcd screen

    DAMN! That looks incredible! Would this work on an iBook G4 12? Might be a nice upgrade for mine.
  3. PB145B

    Broken solder joints

    This is absolutely crucial! The lead free stuff, while less toxic, sucks. I would also recommend a temp-controlled soldering iron. I’ve got a 75-watt one I got for around $70 or so, IIRC. Well worth it. It’s not the best one in the world, but it’s been working great for me for almost 5-years now. A lot of people think they can’t solder because they’ve probably been using a cheap iron with lead-free solder, which you can’t do sh!t with! Once you get a decent iron and some good leaded solder, it’s super easy. Flux also helps a lot.
  4. PB145B

    Lamp built from an AirPort

    Cool! That’s a pretty interesting idea for an Xserve. I can tell you that the three vintage Motorolas on the left are: a Motorola 2900 bag phone with the color LCD, a DynaTAC 8000F, and a MicroTAC Piper. I like the other phones and pagers, and the Palm IIIxe and Sony Clié on the right as well!
  5. PB145B

    Rodime 45 Plus

    Very cool! Love old hard drives. Isn’t that Rodime logo just awesome? Are you sure it’s a stepper drive? I thought they were all voice-coil once they got to the 40MB range.
  6. PB145B

    LCII crapped the bed

    I’ve actually found that the LC and LC II can be hit-or-miss on cold-boot without a PRAM battery. I used to think mine had issues because they wouldn’t always start up, but I threw in a good battery, did some testing, and they booted every time after that. Then I removed the battery, and they immediately started having trouble again.
  7. PB145B

    Macintosh SE screen flickering/changing shape

    Same here. Doesn’t work for me either.
  8. PB145B

    Macintosh Performa 5200CD

    Man, I’d kill for one of those! Always loved the look of that particular AIO style.
  9. I agree! I’ve seen so many people say to use acetone to fix broken ABS, but I tried it on some junk PowerBook plastics once with disastrous results.
  10. PB145B

    You can never have too many storage options...

    Very cool! I will +1 for the Syquest; that’s my favorite (most reliable) removable storage I have found for Macs so far. I do like Zip too, but as we all know, they can be iffy. I remember a couple of years ago, I had two Zip drives fail in two different PCs in the same week. I’ve had better luck with the external units so far. I’d like to have a Bernoulli drive for my IBM PCs and XTs. They are pretty hard to find unfortunately.
  11. If it feels fine, I would agree that leaving it alone is probably the best bet. But, if the hinges are actually stiffer than they should be, that can be a real issue. I’ve had several laptops with stiff hinges that I decided to leave alone, and inevitably, it started to crack the plastic. Now when I get a laptop in good shape with stiff hinges, it gets pulled apart and fixed immediately. Not worth the risk of destroying the hinge mounts. I’ve found that on the “sealed” hinges, spraying liquid-wrench on the and then following that with some regular oil loosens them up pretty well.
  12. PB145B

    G3 Pismo Dead in the water; Ideas?

    Did that fix it?
  13. 8MB really isn’t anything too special for an SE/30. Most seem to prefer at least 16MB. The ehternet card on the other hand is a very good selling point.
  14. PB145B

    G3 Pismo Dead in the water; Ideas?

    The Pismo will not start with a completely flat PRAM battery. Unplug it and I bet it’ll come right to life. I had the exact same issue with my Pismo when I first got it.
  15. Nice find! Keep in mind that the Xceed is for the SE/30, and won’t work in an SE. Unless there’s some older model I don’t know about that you’re after?
  16. PB145B

    PB190, is it the worst? (Probably).

    I absolutely love my 190cs. It’s one of my favorite PowerBooks. I still need to install the NOS display housing I bought for it. As Trash said above, having an IDE hard drive and PCMCIA is quite nice. I actually still run the stock 500MB IBM drive in mine because it’s big enough, and I like the sound it makes. I’d actually like to have one of the black and white models too.
  17. PB145B

    Found some Lisa diskettes

    Exactly. People weren’t thinking about “collectibility” with these in 1984. They were thinking about reliability and functionality.
  18. PB145B

    Powerbook 145b

    I see you all are takin’ about me! Back to seriousness: have you tried unplugging the hard drive? I’ve seen times where a corrupted hard drive could cause a sad Mac (happened on my 145B).
  19. PB145B

    Apple Set Top Box

    Wow, this is cool stuff! I’ve always been intrigued by these things.
  20. PB145B

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    Also to add, I haven’t had this thing since new. I’m far too young to have had a machine like this when new
  21. PB145B

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    The one I posted a pic of is the stock SE keyboard. It’s the “Apple Keyboard” model M0116. According to MacTracker, it was introduced in March of 1987. Mine came with my SE FDHD which I believe is from ‘88 or ‘89.
  22. PB145B

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    I actually think that this one look the best with the SE/30: Obviously, it’s from the same era, but to me it most certainly matches it the best. It is what I usually use with mine. All boils down to personal preference though.
  23. PB145B

    PB145B’s finds

    I acquired these two Osborne 1s recently: The one in the first pic is an early, tan-case model, and the second one is a later model “1A”. While the Osborne 1 wasn’t the “first ever portable computer” like so many people think, it was the first fully-featured and commercially successful portable computer, which is pretty damn cool. The Osborne 1 was actually released several months before the IBM PC was. Isn’t that 5-inch monitor just adorable? It’s an incredibly sharp little display. You can also see that the older one has a black & white monitor, while the newer one is green.
  24. PB145B

    PB145B’s finds

    I’ve decided to start a single thread for all of my conquests, so stay tuned! You never know what I might dig up Today I scored a sad looking iMac 17” late 2006 CD (AKA the 5,2 or the “educational model”) for $4. This is the one with a CD/RW/DVD-ROM drive, no Bluetooth (the logic board has no previsions for it either), a 1.83GHz core 2 duo and intel GMA 950 integrated graphics! I was very excited when I found out that this machine used integrated graphics! Why are integrated graphics better than the dedicated ones? Because they are reliable! The ATi X1600 GPU in the other 2006 models are very failure prone. As I said above though, this machine is in pretty bad shape. It has many scuffs, scratches and dings on the case and a cracked screen (see pics below). I think it’ll look a lot better after a good cleaning, though. The machine seems fully functional. It has 10.7.3 on it, which I’ll be updating to 10.7.5 soon. 10.7 is one of my personal favorites BTW. I’ve just always loved that version. I’m going to be replacing the screen eventually (which isn’t terribly fun on these IMO, but it’s doable). Might upgrade the optical drive too.
  25. PB145B

    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    Outstanding! So nice to see a prototype machine alive and well! I gotta say, I am indeed a little jealous