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  1. Bolles finds

    Wow, great thread! I have on e of those formac ProGraph 30, too. How did you hook it up to a current screen? Did you just use a cable or is an active adapter needed? Found another interesting card, anbybody knows where to get Drivers for it? Did not find anything on a first try...
  2. Macintosh Portable M5120 Repairs

    It weren't the cables, It's Fuse 1, shit... I don't have one of those, seems to be 100mA FF, have to get one.
  3. Macintosh Portable M5120 Repairs

    Ok, great info, will check that! Now I have a strange problem. The machine boots only with ac attached. The battery is well charged, but as soon as I disconnect the wall plug it shuts down!? WTH... Crazy lil beast, that one....
  4. Macintosh Portable M5120 Repairs

    So, I'd trade those Ram cards, I have no Portable with backlit!-(( Need Ram upgrades for my M5120 than, anybody out there? I have a problem with mine. It runs flwalessly after recapping, but not of the battery. It charges the battery, but does not use the power of it to run. Only runs with ac connected. Any ideas? I will have to take it apart and look after that. Man that machine is really uncommon in many aspects. Love it. This's to(or from) the crazy ones!) Really no way to reactivate the tunneled screen? There doesn't seem to be spare screens available. Thanks for all the help here!
  5. Macintosh Portable M5120 Repairs

    Yeah, I recaped my portable successfully. It runs great now!! I only have to remaining issues. The first one is, that I got a rom card and a RAM expansion card with the machine. Now I can't get neither of them to work!-( I attach pictures so someone might be able to tell it they are the right ones and how to set the dip switches. I only found docu for the jumpers on some system, but they don't seem to match, if I select external rom, it won't boot at all!-( And the memory is always 1M, no matter if the card is inserted or not. Second is a dark small corner on the display. It tends to get bigger, when I use it. Maybe even the display should require some recapping service? Great machine, it was really hard to recap it, but it runs great now, with 1m of ram, though....
  6. Macintosh Portable M5120 Repairs

    Great to hear. So I can go on with the recap and fix this one, when it got to me(needs two weeks, if it hast to be that one). I tend to do it right !-) And I found the pinout for such an adapter, somebody bult one?? It should not be to complicated, and my old grayscale monitor should work with the signal, as far as I understand. But thanks for the answer, I'll go ahead and order the caps right away!-)
  7. Macintosh Portable M5120 Repairs

    I see, so for sure somebody tried it anyway and fried the Mosfet this way. You know of an alternative replacement for it?
  8. Macintosh Portable M5120 Repairs

    Sorry for hijacking this thread. But it seems a lot of competent people keep reading here. So I try to add my question and hopefully some of you guru guys will help me out. I have my MacPortable ready for recaping, when I saw that little bugger mosfet near the videoport(btw is it standard vga?). And it looks not really healthy. So I decided, that I will have to change that one also. The writing on it looks like: IRFR I(diodesign?) R9020 B$ 5H See the image. I can find some info about it, but I can't find it here in germany from any reseller, so my question is can I replace it with a more common one? And if so, which ones would match? It looks like it's a 50v 9.9A mosfet, so would any of these work? Another question is about the expansion cards I have. There is one expansion ram and one rom card. If I pull them out the machne runs with 1meg and if put them in it also shows 1meg, where to look here??? I am reading here since a couple of years and it was so much help to me, I just have to say thanks to you all!!!