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  1. jack

    Macintosh 128K screen trebling

    Try re-soldering the yoke plug on the A/B... that is, completely remove the old solder and add new. You could also try re-soldering the flyback while you are in there. Those are the first two things I would check before capacitors, etc.
  2. I'm pretty sure there's no iBook G4 that will run OS 9, at least in a supported manner. I've got the original 12" 800 MHz, and I've managed to use the various "unsupported G4" install discs. You can get a booting system. But graphics drivers and wifi drivers are lacking, making the thing pretty unusable.
  3. So I did a bit of fiddling: For me, it's definitely not software related. I tested on Mac OS X (on another QS), and it worked fine. Then, I went back to test it on the 9.2.2 machine, and it worked. Briefly. The brightness would occasionally disappear out of the control panel, and USB devices would occasionally disconnect. I honestly think it's just a flaky connector. Next thing to try is to swap the two graphics cards, see if the connector from the card in the OS X machine is any better.
  4. Yeah, ADC connector plugged right into the card. Nothing in-between. I have another QS with Mac OS X on it. I'll have to give the display a shot there to make sure there's nothing wrong with the display itself.
  5. I'm running 9.2.2 on a QS G4 with a Studio Display. The display functions fine, but I'm not able to control brightness or use the USB on the rear. Is there some sort of special software I need to make this work?
  6. jack

    Browsy - A browser for System 6

    Cool beans! Belongs in software section?
  7. Gorgonops: you could merge the two threads? Put this one with the one in the Trading Post?
  8. jack

    Internet software

    For the EtherLink III: http://www.floodgap.com/retrotech/mac/enet3c589/ Edit: This may or may not work for you depending on your PowerBook. Make sure to read the gotchas...
  9. jack

    Headphone and Mic jacks

    There's that MacPhone that showed up in the eBay finds thread. I think it uses the headphone port to send phone numbers to the phone.
  10. jack

    Retr0Bright Questions

    IIRC, you told me you did not use cling wrap? If you were not the person who told me this, I would still reccomend staying away and keep reapplying like you did. Submersion is also a safe method, but hard to do a whole compat bucket using it... Also, don't forget that retr0bright is a tradeoff. Don't attempt if it's not too bad, the risk is too high. And it's easy to get the plastic too bright. If you have another platinum (or maybe beige for the plus) colored compat that is not too yellowed, use it for reference color. Or you can look under a sticker, etc.
  11. jack

    Recapped LC II

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M4PWU0C https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00W3FAFP0 Highly recommend. I waited way too long to get a hot air rework station for recap jobs... I can't believe I used to do them without it.
  12. Anyone know if it will be released under some sort of OSI license? Or is the source code just for viewing?
  13. jack

    My brand new SE/30 front case

    Lucky . I've been wanting a [new] front for my SE/30 for a while... Mine's got a big ugly chip missing from it. Currently waiting on another member here who was going to ship me their housing.
  14. jack

    Here's a new one...

    Grace Hopper even coined the term...
  15. jack

    Laylow's Acquisitions

    Before you know it, you'll have so many that you can't even make it to your bed to sleep. (Tilts head and looks at own floor )