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  1. Can't make this Macintosh related, but... I really wanted to show it off, I found an R550 on Yahoo Auctions Japan for 1300 yen. A while back, I had found a MC/R450, which is the same thing but with extra software installed, but someone had attacked it's motherboard with a screwdriver for some reason and it was totally dead. And when I got this R550 it had screen damage. Luckily for me, no harm had been done to the R450 screen nor ROM, so I swapped them over and it ran fine!

    Of all NEC Mobile Gear II devices, which are MobilePro devices but in Japanese, the R450/R550 are the highest specced and the last made, with a 168mhz MIPS CPU and 16MB flash memory in addition to 32MB RAM and 65k color. Unfortunately the 65k color screen is even more terrible performing than the 256 color one, but it's still nice for wallpapers.



    Here's a picture of it running Puyo Puyo, a popular old game but I've found the CE version to be very elusive:


  2. I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree, and I can't speak to this specific PSU, but on the SE/30 PSU I had one with dead fast switching transistors - I don't remember what exactly they were anymore with my memory these days, they might have been called simply "transistors", but it certainly seems like a point that could fail.

  3. That's likely to be how it is my dude. It'd be cool if someone could create a web service that loads pages in a server and translates them to something that older browsers could at least render part of the information.

  4. On 10/15/2019 at 2:18 PM, Trash80toHP_Mini said:

    That's not really impossible, but move the WiFi to a 10bT dongle and forget about Video Out, that one is definitely feature creep IMO. [}:)]

    Doesn't the original card have external video? I'd absolutely pay for a device that simply gave grayscale ability to the SE/30, but if the original had color video out then I'm not sure it's feature creep. I think grayscale is the most important though, if we could just do that it'd be nice.

  5. I also have issues getting it to start up, but I don't have a good battery, so it has issues booting with AC as well. There is a DC DC board inside with two electrolytic through hole capacitors that just might be at fault - when I have time I'll replace them and report back. @Johnnya101 has a recapped DC-DC board, perhaps he can report as to whether or not that affected booting.


    I replaced his board caps, but not mine :) what can I say, it's hard to justify doing it for myself.