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  1. On 10/15/2019 at 2:18 PM, Trash80toHP_Mini said:

    That's not really impossible, but move the WiFi to a 10bT dongle and forget about Video Out, that one is definitely feature creep IMO. [}:)]

    Doesn't the original card have external video? I'd absolutely pay for a device that simply gave grayscale ability to the SE/30, but if the original had color video out then I'm not sure it's feature creep. I think grayscale is the most important though, if we could just do that it'd be nice.

  2. I also have issues getting it to start up, but I don't have a good battery, so it has issues booting with AC as well. There is a DC DC board inside with two electrolytic through hole capacitors that just might be at fault - when I have time I'll replace them and report back. @Johnnya101 has a recapped DC-DC board, perhaps he can report as to whether or not that affected booting.


    I replaced his board caps, but not mine :) what can I say, it's hard to justify doing it for myself.

  3. How do I set up networking in Mac OS 8.5? I have a rather complex set up, but it works with my Windows computer. I have a modem, connected via ethernet to a router, connected via wifi to an extender, which provides an ethernet port:


    The only tool I have that I know how to use to test the network is Internet Exploder:


    Here are the control panel items I have available in this fresh install of Mac OS 8.5:


    Here are the settings I attempted to use. There was no "ethernet" setting, so I used the one called "PPP":


    The computer is a Performa 6230CD with a Comm Slot ethernet card, with the LAN cable plugged into the wifi extender. What do I do? How do I even start to poke around the network if all I have on the other end is an Asus router running Padavan Linux, a NAS, and a lot of Windows computers? My end goal is to connect to FTP servers from the Mac.

  4. He also said it has the sad Mac chime.


    Do you hear the hard drive spinning? There are two caps on the internal DC DC board that need replacing, but yes there are about 10 caps on the LCD board that likely need replaced.


    Do you have a multimeter? Can you verify your AC adapter is outputting the right voltage or close to it? If you need someone to replace the caps, I can do it for you for a price if you want.