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  1. Jinnai

    Horizontal lines on PowerBook 180c

    If it's like the 180 not-c, then it might be caused by leaky caps causing shorts on the LCD board surrounding the LCD.
  2. Jinnai

    SE/30 Recurring Freeze at Cold Boot

    If it were me, I'd try swapping parts. I don't know much about complex CPU/ROM issues. If the horizontal movement is so rare, I wouldn't let it bother me, but perhaps rather consider it a possible clue about the computer's issue. The confusing thing is, one seems like an analog issue, while the other seems like a digital issue.
  3. Oh man, I had a lot of those a few years ago and the whole thing was a mess. I think most of the problem was PSUs as well, but couldn't be sure it wasn't quirks with the PMU or IDE or whatnot.
  4. I've taken stuff from the dump before. I say if it's possible to do it without getting fined, go for it. If not, I agree that's really lame.
  5. Jinnai

    SE/30 logic board foreign object?

    I'd be more concerned about where it came from, lol. Maybe the FDD or HDD.
  6. Johnnya had the same issue. I have his PSU, but haven't had time to really dig into it yet. I'm suspecting the main switching transistors. I also found a faulty diode near the PWM chip.
  7. I very seriously considered doing the same thing! Very cool! (I have a hackintosh in a G4 MDD case so I opted to put an ADC adapter inside the tower case instead, if I can figure out how to run the wires without borking the data signals with EMI). How did you get the soft switch to work? Did the Samsung monitor require any modification at all to fit?
  8. Jinnai

    Board repair recommendations

    That's quite a few traces for one chip, you might want to rethink your method but don't worry, it's not the end of the world. If it were me, I'd run a bodge wire to the nearest pad or via in the trace. Johnnya actually has a IIfx that I fixed that way
  9. Jinnai

    Craigslist Mac SE, Mac SE, and Mac Plus

    I'm jealous of that fan, it looks awesome to me. I've never been bothered by the sound level of computers and I've never seen that kind of fan before.
  10. Jinnai

    Macintosh SE/30 Sony PSU not working

    So I have been slow and all that but I have gotten around to checking the input voltages for the PWM chip and they were pretty good. So I swapped the two main fast switching transistors and saw a voltage much closer to normal. I swapped in ones from a unit that already was suspect for having bad transistors, so before I proceed I want to replace them with a modern equivalent if possible. They are marked C3042, and I'm guessing that is equal to a Sanyo 2SC3042. I found one I think might work as a replacement - a Fairchild KSC5338D, what do you think? The current problem I don't know if there's still something wrong with the transistors, but the voltage varies a bit when it's turned on, depending on how long its been off. Perhaps the issue will go away when it's under load. Also, -12v is not working, so I guess I'll be hitting the schematics again for that. I don't think I really understand what negative voltage is yet.
  11. Jinnai

    Free Macintosh Plus!

    d-did you get a capacitor backwards... the weird thing here is that it used to kind of work....
  12. Jinnai

    Free Macintosh Plus!

    Well, don't be so afraid of it it won't leap out of it's case to get you, at least. If I were you I would attempt to power it on with the rear case off and figure out if the noise was the speaker, the FDD, or the CRT. I had one that somehow had a short in the CRT, and it made a noise (though not necessarily like this one) and the end glowed purple. I know you said everything is connected but to mention again the ground wire going to a top CRT screw...
  13. Jinnai

    Free Macintosh Plus!

    At the risk of sounding stupid, but with the possibility of learning something new, I'll say that I didn't know it was supposed to suction anything, I thought it was just a big insulator so you couldn't accidentally touch the anode with anything, even a small wire.
  14. If you think it's worth $1000, why ask for one free?
  15. Jinnai

    Advice on repairing Mac IIx

    I've had no issues when leaving socketed chips in and then letting it dry sitting at an angle with a fan blowing on it.