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  1. When I shipped a Performa 200 and it was cracked in shipping, I gave a full refund. Didn't really find it fair though - I wish I could have given more like half. I think my packing was very ample, but I'm even more careful now than I was then.
  2. Jinnai

    Mac IIci capacitor damage

    I had an SE30 that didn't work after a recap and did work after another washing. It also had a bad stick of RAM.
  3. Jinnai

    Mac IIci capacitor damage

    Isopropyl alcohol
  4. Jinnai

    PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    I also have issues getting it to start up, but I don't have a good battery, so it has issues booting with AC as well. There is a DC DC board inside with two electrolytic through hole capacitors that just might be at fault - when I have time I'll replace them and report back. @Johnnya101 has a recapped DC-DC board, perhaps he can report as to whether or not that affected booting. I replaced his board caps, but not mine what can I say, it's hard to justify doing it for myself.
  5. Jinnai

    SE/30 Recurring Freeze at Cold Boot

    Wow, you're a very curious fellow. Thanks for such a thorough investigation of this issue.
  6. Jinnai

    (Failed) Conquest

    Faith in humanity not restored but less damaged
  7. Yeah, you know what lengths we'd go to to salvage a Mac IIx. If it's as bad as you say then it's possible it's not worth it.
  8. I can probably help you with this board if you need it. I just got a spare IIci from the junk shop, but I haven't had time to look at the logic board yet. I can replace caps and clean boards though, anyways.
  9. Jinnai

    (Failed) Conquest

    Thats awful. Stealing mail from porches is just horrific.
  10. I tried installing something called "Card Installer 2.3" and it had no effect. Running the program it installed resulted in a message saying that it could not find any Farallon Ethernet cards installed. If you happen to have a spare, known working card, I'd be happy to send you mine to test and see what it does.
  11. Try as I might I'm not finding anything so far. All I've found so far is that 8.5 has built in support for it.
  12. This is the card I have, in the machine:
  13. Alright, thanks. I should go back and see if that place has another one, as well. I think this machine uses a Comm 1 and not Comm 2 kind of card.
  14. Well, perhaps the card does not work. It certainly was present, and I've installed 8.5 like 3 times and 8.1 once. I don't like considering that it might not work because the card can be slightly expensive on eBay and I got this one for cheap at the junk shop which has a huge pile of assorted cards.
  15. How do I set up networking in Mac OS 8.5? I have a rather complex set up, but it works with my Windows computer. I have a modem, connected via ethernet to a router, connected via wifi to an extender, which provides an ethernet port: The only tool I have that I know how to use to test the network is Internet Exploder: Here are the control panel items I have available in this fresh install of Mac OS 8.5: Here are the settings I attempted to use. There was no "ethernet" setting, so I used the one called "PPP": The computer is a Performa 6230CD with a Comm Slot ethernet card, with the LAN cable plugged into the wifi extender. What do I do? How do I even start to poke around the network if all I have on the other end is an Asus router running Padavan Linux, a NAS, and a lot of Windows computers? My end goal is to connect to FTP servers from the Mac.