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  1. Oh, its the 25-pin to 50-pin SCSI adapter board, I used to have one of those, but gave it away not knowing what it was! I really want one now, and idea where I can find one or how I could make one? I have a 128k upgrade card that adds a 25-pin IDC connector internally (so in this case probably 26-pin) and I don't have any drives that can use it.
  2. Jinnai

    Best Hard Drive option for IIgs

    Thanks skate and cruff, useful info. Since I have the ReActive I'll give the ram disk a shot.
  3. Jinnai

    Best Hard Drive option for IIgs

    Wow, that's something of a necropost, I didn't realize this was originally my thread til now. I'm surprised at my self for never following up. I bought that ReActive Micro card, and am very happy with it. So from what I hear the CFFA is available and a good solution, but if you can find a ReActive Micro, it's definitely a pleasant card to use. By the way, I run the latest fan-made GS/OS and have no issues, it's quite nice. And its incredibly easy to install in combination with the CF card adapter - direct copy from my PC, with a stop through CiderPress. The only issue I have is playing some games, but that may be because I'm running ROM03. The other problem I have is I cannot run FDD games from HDD so if anyone knows of an archive of HDD games I can copy over let me know - I found a very large file of some sort of cracks for some games, but not the games themselves, and I don't need cracked games, ones intended to be installed on HDD is fine.
  4. Jinnai

    Issue with Sirus IIGS RAM card

    I found out the issue. I thought I had 1mb modules and didn't consider the case might be otherwise. I had 256kb SIMMs, and when I changed the jumpers to reflect that then it worked fine. And I listed it on ebay because in the meantime I bought another one thinking this one wouldn't work: https://www.ebay.com/itm/112995639343
  5. Hey, so I built the 3D printed pack their for my PB 150, thanks so much for making that, it looks great! I have to ask though @Westinghouse, whats up with the little tab thingys for holding on the battery cover? They aren't even close to the correct shape for the PB150 cover, is there a model that that's the right shape to hold the cover on?
  6. Jinnai

    Macintosh 128k Video Problem

    Wish I could upvote this post But yeah lets get a good picture of the motherboard, I'd say.
  7. Jinnai

    Classic ii monitor flicker

    yeah it is caps. I had good results after just washing it under running water (tried spraying it which didn't work) and drying totally. replacing caps you get them from mouser or digikey, but when I did it I lifted pads and had to remake traces with thin wire, they're a bit difficult to get off.
  8. I also had a board I thought was clean but it refused to boot, I washed it again and it started working fine. It was tough to clean without feeling like I'd break something off...
  9. Jinnai

    Issue with Sirus IIGS RAM card

    Sorry I hadn't made time to respond to you before now! I'll clean the contacts. Unfortunately I have no other machine to test these in. I'd guess it's the board and not the RAM though because when I attempt to let it continue the test by pressing a key, it gives an error on every single bit it reads as far as I saw, in addition to always reporting the wrong amount of RAM.
  10. Now I do know I have a spare battery cover for you, and I have to let you know I will sell it to you before you spend $20 on one
  11. Jinnai

    Issue with Sirus IIGS RAM card

    xbox, this is a thread for assistance in repairing a malfunctioning device. As a general rule please refrain posting wild admiration in this kind of thread.
  12. Jinnai

    Issue with Sirus IIGS RAM card

    I tried that, got about the same results. My original complaint was it failed to load desk accessories into the ram so paint and gsos failed to load and that stayed the same however many Simms were in.
  13. So I really want to use this 8MB RAM card I have for my IIGS (ROM 3), but it's got weird issues I can't figure out. Talking to people on IRC it may be something on the board besides the SIMMs. I tested them individually on the board but got perplexing results, such as it reporting the wrong amount of RAM no matter which one I used, varying depending on the jumper config. For example if I tried to make the jumpers set to 1MB it may say 2.5mb, or something like that, in MMT. Any ideas as to how to proceed with diagnosis? Some pictures here and here. Like so in MMT:
  14. Not good! There's another here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/112600579043
  15. I sold most of my parts but I have some spare 800k FDDs I need to get around to testing.