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  1. Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    Any chance you might make a CD System disk image available for the SE/30 setup after you've worked out the kinks?
  2. Quadra 700 speaker.. same as IIci / IIcx?

    Interesting, IIRC the Toby was a simple frame buffer for CPU driven video, not a "real" Video Card. I wonder if it works at all in the Q700?
  3. 1400 owners input - Keyboard - How is it?

    Night and day! Best of the PowerBook KBDs according to many. I like it a little better than my PDQ's and Pismo's, but not by a whole lot. Definitely better than my 12" G4. Early Duo KBDs were not good to say the least, later revs were a bit more stiff in frame, and even a bit less mooshy of key, but from a size/portability tradeoff standpoint, it was the only the shadowy part of a sterling silver lined cirrus cloud. A brand new PB100 was my first portable. Loved its sub-notebook form factor, found the smaller KBD perfectly usable. So Notebook/Laptop size KBD size wasn't an issue. The 230 KBD wasn't either because it came used with a Dock and was a delight in the field. 2300c's KBD was much better, which isn't really saying much to anyone collecting PBs without having actually used them when they were current. They've no referent for actually using a nineties era PowerBook KBD on the road. Point of the story: setting up a used/maxed out 1400c as a wardriver was my first introduction to a full size PowerBook and its KBD was heavenly for that. However it never replaced the 2300c as my daily driver when I needed one. Ultralight, ultra-small, ultra-expandable dockable goodness of the Duo System while in real world service remains unsurpassed unless Thunderbolt has become workable. After I closed up shop, portability was no longer an overriding factor. The 1400c/466MHz G3/WiFi/heavenly keyboarded wardriver ruled, until the entry of HP-Mini. You'll love the 1400.
  4. Just guessing here, but they appear to be different animals entirely I would think. SCSI is an I/O interface dedicated to a particular processor in the Mac world AFAIK. There are no direct parallels and no drivers at the system level for mobo access. The PhotoBooster is a DSP Coprocessor card not at all unlike the PhotoEngine for which there are drivers which should be compatible. Seems an easier exercise to share that type of resource. Shared access to a SCSI bus would seem to be particularly contentious. Now you've got me wanting to play with my six slot toy!
  5. Doubtful. I play around with building stonkingly fast system setups one at a time. I'm moving the Rocket/SCSI 2 DaughterCard and the NuBus SCSI 2 cards around along with the drives as I go, so a small external solution doesn't matter to me. Might set v6 up in the spare StudioArray some day though. The Radius 81/110/G3/ThunderIV GX1600/4MB HPV/JackHammer/StudioArray for VideoVision Studio is likely to be the only static system. But RotaryRAID on those boxen would be the project.
  6. The drive in there now will saturate the IIfx'SCSI bus. Gotta get your Rocket's local bus Fast SCSI 2 Card hooked up to that v6. Just got a 4" loopback cable for my setup. It'll be ugly as sin on the ass end of the SuperIIsi if that winds up how I do it. But mounting an external<->internal adapter to a modified blank backplane plate attached to the connector unencumbered PhotoBooster should look really nice on the pet IIfx.
  7. weird problem with powerbook 5300 pc card slots

    Tested: PC Card/CardBus won't insert fully into 5300 or 190. It makes sense that they'd make 32bit card slots backward compatible with 16 bit PCMCIA cards and ensure that 32bit cards were physically incompatible with the 16bit PCMCIA slot form factor. Physical testing was faster/easier/more fun than searching/reading.
  8. Radius Rocket Guide/Troubleshooting Thread

    Not necro at all, the whole point of this thread was to develop exactly the kind of info you're posting/investigating. Bunsen stickied it to make sure it was a readily available catchall for such. Baseline establishment seems to be in order. I'd test it on a "Stage I" Rocket under RocketWare versions and then RocketShare flavors to pin down where its borked, might get a bit better and where it gets whacked again in your progression. Can you set sound output parameters for mobo/soundcard with the Rocket pulled and then have it work under those settings after reinstalling it?
  9. weird problem with powerbook 5300 pc card slots

    Make sure the edges of the connector side are both silver. Gold = CardBus Dunno if they behave that way, but that'd be my first troubleshooting step.
  10. Apple Ethernet NB - does it deliver?

    Yep, gotta check the docs. My ludicrous WAG for yesterday involved using A/ROSE as the driver for 030 PDS I/O cards. Wedging a "networked" RAM disk a/o SCSI 2 controller on that I/O channel in all its 16MHz-40MHz flavors would be wicked fast. No NuBus MUX or 10MHz throughput complications/limitations. The pet IIfx has SCSI 2 on board already, but lacks a card for its PDS. Mine's a skunkworks SR-71 Blackbird.
  11. Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    IIRC the one you want says "low voltage" on the brick. Adapters for the full size 100 series PowerBooks will damage the PB100 and Portable.
  12. 512K Case Cracked

    Interesting link. Acetone works . . . kinda . . . it comes up constantly on the web as a solution to these problems, but the correct solution making up ABS cement differs. Active ingredients in ABS cements sold for plumbing would be MEK with only a small percentage of Acetone in the mix. I linked to the MSDS of one brand somewhere that lists the proportions. I'd definitely go with that data rather than random info on the net about using Acetone alone. Dunno how that got started, but I'll wager it didn't originate with a chemist or adhesives/solvent welding expert. Sanding the case removes the texture, not a good approach unless you're going for the "ProtoCase" look.
  13. ProtoCache1.1 - IIsi/SE/30 PowerCache Adapter Prototype

    The way we're looking at it, that'd be something like 900-950 units over max possible demand. How many 030/ci architecture accelerators are still out there? Are there even 1,000 SE/30s (or IIsi) still in active service?
  14. Apple Ethernet NB - does it deliver?

    Heh! It's a mystery so I can't help myself. I thought I had a couple of these cards, but they're not in the NIC box. Wonder if one might be in the pet IIfx? Dunno, the card's a computer. My first guess was that it'll likely "just work" when the quintupled(?) memory is tested at boot time if it's going to work at all but now I'm really curious. < snip > LOL, forgot the CPU was SMT Quad-somethingorother and was thinking it was that socketed ROM. =8-/ Only on my second mug of coffee, but here's what I got: - are there other(later?) versions of what I'm assuming is that DeclROM/CPU ROM combo? - - there may or may not be support for the ZIP DRAM on board? - revisions of A/Rose could well override the stock ROM and add needed support for upgraded memory? What's the designation on those fuzzy lookin' memory chips? I've got fleeting visions of using A/Rose as the driver for PDS shenanigans bouncing around in my noggin . . . but I'm beginning to wake up . . .
  15. Apple Ethernet NB - does it deliver?

    I can't quite read it, looks like 4x 256K x 4 on board that you're using, but there are open ZIP sockets for an additional 4 TC514400 1M x 4 DRAM ICs.