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  1. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Rusty Macintosh SE/30

    That's a very neat bit of kit. Being able to easily swap the HDD out via that bracket/sled can come in very handy. I did something similar using scavenged plastics & drive sleds in my SE/30 experimental testbed. Good luck with the logic board.
  2. Depending on how it's set up, 8MB opens up resolutions higher than the 1600x1200 at 24bit that 4MB will do.
  3. If available, I need pics of the solder side of this card from the magicians at SECOND WAVE: Has anyone squirreled away a pic of the other side from an auction listing or anywhere else? Best of all would be someone having found one of these cards as a bonus prize inside an SE/30 that might be available for examination.
  4. Trash80toHP_Mini

    $25 PowerBook 190CS with 32MB RAM expansion

    If you have any other PCMCIA PowerBook, get and adapter and SD card to set up a general purpose Boot/Utility/App drive for one of the slots. I have a one set up for testing/troubleshooting my PowerBooks.
  5. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Duo 210 keyboard misses keystrokes randomly

    IIRC it's a rubber ring replacement kinda deal?
  6. Digital EFfects? Can't wait to see the pics, hoping a breakout box isn't missing to hang off that strange connector. What the heck do you call that thingamajig?
  7. ROM 1.0 from 1990 would for be a year prior to not only System 7, but 6.0.8 as well. You're talking 6.0.6 of 6.0.7 compatibility for the Rev.1.0 ROM. I'm surprised the card worked at all running under 7.anything.
  8. I guess I'm not understanding. Any incompatibility fixed by a specific ROM upgrade should still be supported by any later ROM revision. Whenever documentation states that Version x.x.x is required that's describing the state of developments at that particular point in time. Versions y.y.y and z.z.z will have remained compatible unless there really is an edge case where overlapping OS and driver compatibility may have come up. Can't say as I remember that ever happening, but it's something I would definitely have remembered if I'd read it. That would be very sad if his buckets full of the things are indeed emptied at long last.
  9. I'm mixed up in two different threads, do bear with me: Radius DeclROM revision should be backward compatible for any given card. I tested backward compatibility and even a clock change for TylerEss across two different NuBus card models with no problem. The incompatibility was determined to be RAMDAC capability limitations of the (older?) less capable card we were trying to goose up. I can't imagine having trouble with updating the ROM to any version along the line for any given card, but also I don't see any reason to do so. They're incremental improvements for compatibility with other hardware /software. As far as the amount of VRAM goes, that has to do with grayscale/color depth, not grayscale OR color. JDW, snag one of macmetex's cheap RCPII/IIsi cards and install that ROM in your problematic SE/30 card. If anyone has a dead card, soldered ZIP VRAM can be harvested and installed in empty sockets. TL/DR:
  10. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Performa 630 - RAM question

    It goes something like this: Apple got a major black eye when they introduced the Macintosh II as a 32-bit machine, its "Dirty ROMs" were soldered to the logic board. A class action suit ensued and the IIx and IIcx were released with ROM slot provisions for an easy hardware level firmware fix as was the IIci, which finally had 32-bit cleanliness on board. Mode32, Connectix' patented software product fix was purchased by Apple and released as freeware to alleviate those legal problems and preclude the necessity for hardware based fixes. Apple kept up the practice of installing ROM sockets to ensure such problems could be fixed, usually implemented, sometimes not. By the time DIMM form factors arrived, Apple started making use of the slots with ROM cards as standard equipment, probably to save board real estate along with ensuring flexibility. EEPROM developments and higher densities ended the era of the ROM slot. That's the way I remember it anyway, anybody got more detail to add or corrections?
  11. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Performa 630 - RAM question

    Nope and you're welcome. Be aware, single-sided and single-banked aren't necessarily the same thing. The former refers to the implementation of memory chips on only the "component side" of a module. The latter refers to the logical arrangement of the memory chips in terms of addressing wherever they may be located. If I ever find my Q630 board, I'm dying to play games with its two banks of memory. Soldered memory is an affliction no to be endured!
  12. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Performa 630 - RAM question

    Hi again and welcome aboard! I was almost late to work after posting that curt reply. In your first pic of the component side, you can see how the pin count discrepancy isn't obvious, hence the mistaken assumptions posted about the the virtual world. Your second pic of the solder side shows it clearly. Only the DOS compatible boards have two RAM slots. IIRC those boards lack the vestigial ROM slot provision, which may have added to the confusion. Differing maximum memory configs stem from Apple's supported configurations at time of release, which doesn't take into account higher maximum configs as higher density memory modules become available later on. There are also single/double banked memory bugaboos to throw into the mix. Not sure how it played out in the 630 series. My Q630 was in a backup role, having never been maxed out as a graphics workstation.
  13. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Performa 630 - RAM question

    Folks who say you can solder a 72 pin SIMM socket on there can't count. You CAN solder a 68(?) pin ROM socket where it's unimplemented.
  14. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Lost in getting IIfx external SCSI devices to work - any advice?

    Whoever it is on that Dutch user group telling you those cards are worth so little is absolutely full of it. You're being low-balled outrageously.
  15. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Lost in getting IIfx external SCSI devices to work - any advice?

    TattleTech or SlotInfo would be the software to use. You've got me curious about whether my IIfx has a filter in it or not?