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  1. Radius Rocket!

    'grats, that box is it in and are you running under RocketWare of RocketShare? Very generous of you, nglevin.
  2. ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256M - STRANGE Mac Edition

    Radeon 9800 Pro 256M - STRANGE Mac Edition will be tested sometime fairly soon. Again, the unimplemented resistors for pins 3 and 11 would be the strangeness of this card, hoping it really is intended for the ADC lamed Mac series. I'll pop it into my trusty DA/466 graphics workstation from back in the day. If it blows out the board, I've got a 667 backup unit in stock for cannibalization. The PSU has been transferred already, that's why I snagged it off craigslist for a song! Since my precious DA is doing nothing but support the swing-out mouse pad shelf on the AppleDisplayUnit ATM, I'm finally going to take Tiger for a test drive. That's fitting because installing the very first release of OSX on this machine would be what turned me off to X completely and entirely and almost forever! Still not interested in downgrading any of my apps to run under X even where that's a possibility, but Faux9 will be fine and Tiger will handle Final Cut Pro Studio from its own vintage well enough at 466 or 667. Is the CPU the only thing I'd need to swap out to bump the clock on the sentiment enhanced DA? _________________________________________________________________ On the Dell Dimension 4100/Win98ME PADs/ROM burner workstation front: I had what should be a suitable VidCard in stock, we'll see if this one works. nVIDIA appears to have archived drivers for everything they've ever produced? I've already downloaded the manuals. Suddenly I'm really appreciating this company and its products. Is ATI anywhere near this supportive of their ancient cards? NVIDIA GEFORCE FX5200 128MB AGP GRAPHIC CARD, LANCER-210-M03 - from HP, AKA NVIDIA GEFORCE FX5200 128MB AGP Mines an M01 Lancer from HP. We'll see if the version number makes any difference? http://www.right-products.com/E-Sales/Computer_Card_AV_HP 5187-4907/HP 5187-4907.htm edot: wow, that's the first time text size and weight from copy/paste has ever crossed the line into a post. Curious? I wonder if that's because I changed the color?
  3. Sounds like maybe it's incompatible with the OS? Have you had success with that NIC without the Turbo 040 in the picture? I've been using 7.5.whatever for testing and am planning to do a clean install of 7.1 "for any Macintosh" on another HDD for my next round of testing to see if that's a factor.
  4. ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256M - STRANGE Mac Edition

    Not really shopping, just sharing. The things that pile up are pretty amazing, some picked up for no other than that the card had colored connector, looked cool and I loved that alien artwork at first sight. I guess I thought the ATI card might be of use at some point, but it wouldn't be even if it's not burnt to a crisp. One day I may venture into Tiger, we'll see. The only app I have for X is Final Cut Pro Studio and I haven't even played with it under OS9 yet. GeForce4MX/64MB in the QS is happily driving its 1920x1600 main display and the 1600x1200 Display KVM'd to the Firefox Workstation and Win98 box. I do need to get a card for the Dell/98 to drive the 1600x1200 display. I should look up the specs and poke around eBay. New rule for me, snag the drivers for the OS I need before paying for a video card!
  5. New Quadra 700 Feet

  6. Radius RocketNozzle - Backplane Exhaust Cooler

    Angle of fan TBD, but gives rough, simplified view of exhaust airway config. Roughed in view, angled PSU fan. Long, neatly folded FDD cable to replace medium length twisted cable in final version. Good enough to show the concept. View of gusset area to be removed, OEM @$$bits retention and inverted config. of Mini-ATX PSU installation. Holes in PSU can to be drilled out. Much larger diameter holes will orient airflow intake to heatsinks of PSU. edit: apparently I've hijacked my own thread!
  7. Radius RocketNozzle - Backplane Exhaust Cooler

    60 grit + 5min + grease pencil = 3K words
  8. Radius RocketNozzle - Backplane Exhaust Cooler

    jpeg - 1K words:
  9. Radius RocketNozzle - Backplane Exhaust Cooler

    Wow! If they're that expensive I think the CPUs I have on hand will suffice. Ace in hole suggestion much appreciated though. I've got a couple more tricks up my sleeve on the power/cooling budget that should be enough! - Install innards of Mini-ATX PSU "backwards" inside sheet metal from dead PSU - - pulls air from inside the case, pushing it toward "front end" of can - mod the plastics underneath the FDD - - lower profile of rear gusset to height of 80mm fan - - trim away all but a hair (or all) of front and back "sides" of 80mm fan housing - - - now fits snugly between front gusset and remainder of rear gusset - - using hole saw, create circular opening in floor of case mating with opening at bottom of 80mm fan housing - - use smaller hole saw on front of original PSU mating with 35mm Mini-ATX exhaust fan - - install 80mm fan (it now just barely fits!) between gussets on case floor - - - now blows air from the PSU exhaust fan out underneath the case - fab ductwork from 35mm "front" fan's opening in original PSU can to top of 80mm fan - - evenly increase cross section of duct transition from 35mm to 80mm diameter openings across right angle downward turn - - - smooths airflow across twin transitions reducing turbulence, increasing efficiency of ductwork (dust collector cyclone design 101) - reverse direction of stock exhaust fan installation, turning it into a case blower - - creates overpressure in case, ensuring that cool air reaches new PSU - - provides cool air to electronics/peripherals/Rocket inside case - - - RocketNozzle "leakage'' and balance of air heated by electronics and RAID is pushed out PDS backplane opening Might need to install adjustablelouver vanes to direct air from new case blower to areas most in need of its cool, overpressured airflow. Can whomp up clear plexi case lid for incense smoke testing of altered airflow by visual inspection as in oldtimey clear case shot testing. Much RetroMac hacking/tool playtime over long term project to be had, procedures above being most basic of mods in pipeline! SE/40 @$$ kickin' side benefits galore!
  10. Should have called this "A tale of two Video Cards," but that implies a bit happier ending. Sounds like a great card, dunno when or why I got it, but it's a strange one for all its being real purty: It seems it's G4 ready, the resistors for pins 3 and 11 on the solder side are missing (if that's where the black lines I added are pointing?) and appear never to have left the factory. The four pads look just like every other unimplemented pad on the board. No rework has been done to fix the buggage that makes an ADC Mac play dead without even rolling over when an unmodified card for the G5's AGP 8X slot is installed. Were these cards shipped in a G4/ADC configured edition? Probably doesn't matter, I don't think I've ever seen anything as burned out as the fan on this thing. I got it to turn with the application of a bit of force and shards of windings fell out of the thing and onto the pretty heatsink! I imagine the chip underneath it is toast as well. Never even thought to try spinning the fan when it arrived from eBay. Probably gave 5 star feedback. Now I find it won't run with acceleration under OS9. Don't really need it for what I do, but it was nice to find out it wasn't STRICTLY limited to 10.2.5 and up. At any rate, was this a pretty good card before it hit the used car lot on eBay with a seized up cooling fan and likely a wrecked engine? Woulda been nice if/when I finally got around to installing Tiger on the MDD for shiggles-n-gits. ___________________________________________________ If that wasn't a good enough find for one day . . . I got this one for the cover art at my Flea Market Mart guy's booth for something on the order of ten dollars something like 13 years ago. The GEFORCE 6600GT 256MB Dual DVI card sounds like a decent board to put in the PCI Express x16 slot I don't even have for running under a Windows 2000 thru XP Media Center Edition 2005 install which I will absolutely never put on anything . . . EVER! Win98 or Win7 I could live with, but really? Decided not to research anything else in the PCI/AGP & PCIE surprise box today . . .
  11. Radius RocketNozzle - Backplane Exhaust Cooler

    I thought those were hard to come by? I'll see if I can find any. I'm looking into installing the CPU from the parts 840av (only 840av) and overclocking the Rocket33, where in the clock range did that process CPU top out? Since the IIsi is only Rocket tolerant under RocketShare (so far ) a StageII will be oc'd if I can ever get one into my grubby little paws. My original Rocket33 overclocked to match the 40MHz 68040 (@ 50MHz?) and running under RocketWare would be the ultimate as far as I'm concerned. A Rocket in that config in the SuperIIsi is my 7.1Pro dream machine. _____ Looks like my wonky VidCard with the cool cover art might be PCI Express x16? Dunno, I'd never even pulled the AGP card from my DA for a look at it when I snagged that card for something like $10 for the heat sink. I wonder if it even works and what the heck I could wrap around it for testing? If that's what it is, when did that standard hit the streets, sounds like it's supposed to be faster than AGP??? BTW, the RocketNozzle is an important part of the SuperIIsi spec. It meant to pull heat away from the pair of 2.5" SCA Server drives in a Fast SCSI2 RAID under the "front" end of the Rocket and pushing it out the backplane opening.
  12. Radius RocketNozzle - Backplane Exhaust Cooler

    iCrap! I just hate it when one morning's caffeine deprived hallucinations of a gloriously over the top, insanely cool (to me anyway) Rube Golbergian inspiration for a 3D modeling exercise devolves into "MEH! Just suggest this." Rocketeers, if you've tuned in, find a cool lookin' active cooling heatsink, cut off the old and thermal tape on a cool lookin' fan equipped heatsink from any cheap as video card and call it done. At least taking a hacksaw (though I'll use the bandsaw) to it it so it lines up with the SCSI II card edge makes it a hack. I'll be drilling NuBus adapter holes in a PDS riser as required and installing the coverplate deprived Rocket with the SCSI II cable heading out the much larger, full PDS card opening At least it's at a jaunty angle with the teardrop aimed straight back. I've been holding onto the inspiration for this hack for about 12 years now. Is that a VLB VidCard? Couldn't resist the Wing Commander lookin' alien cover art. Reason for cooling budget concerns: Case plastics support the Rocket over the HDD cubic, so no need for support from the NuBus slot sheet metal . . . too simple . . . no fun at all.
  13. Radius RocketNozzle - Backplane Exhaust Cooler

    Oh well. That open sided blower is too large, but I found one that might work: Looks like an open cage muffin might be the way to go, besides I can pay an additional $6.60 to somebody in Michigan and have one here by Saturday! That's warp speed for this kinda crap! No matter which way the direction of airflow, that planar barrier provides a greater angle of attack than the more effective 10mm cylindrical duct of the muffin I've got on hand. Canting the assembly/rocking it diagonally on two of the supports while trimming away as much of the "top/bottom" corner mounting points as blade clearances allow will angle it even more. I'm having fun with it!
  14. Strange Card, guessing this is the place for it?

    You got me there, just looked at the pic at high magnification. 10mil spacing for SIMMs! That's a new one. I've seen flat single SIM sockets in quite a few applications. Did someone make flat or T config double SIMM sockets? Strange there aren't enough traces fisible to sheck if they flipped one pair of sockets 180 around degrees around to abut the other pair, but that's crazy. The oddball 84-pin VRAM upgrade SIMM for my Radius Color Pivot LC could be rotated like that, but that'd be crazier yet!
  15. Radius RocketNozzle - Backplane Exhaust Cooler

    THX, JB. I've got a 40mm muffin that'll bake nicely in a higher profile clear plexi test oven setup of the Nozzle in that Rocket/IIsi NuBus adapter bracket. Haven't got any info back from eBay yet, just requests for the model of my laptop.