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  1. Trash80toHP_Mini

    2 Odd Nubus Video Cards

    If it were that or any other Radius card it would have "Radius" printed on the (missing on BUG)) three big ASICs near the DA-15 connector as is the case with the RasterOps logo on their custom chips. The BUG logo on the three custom ICs would make that the name of the company, not the name of the card. The three IC on the three cards (Radius included) ought to be RAMDAC for R,G & B Digital to Analog Conversion. TattleTech will tell the tale.
  2. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Building a ClearMac from Quadra/Performa 630

    Love the Faraday cage.
  3. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Three Slot Riser for 6400 - In search of the Mythical Slot C

    The first difference between Slots A and B on the 6400 riser is plain as day on the solder side. REQ for Slot B is supplied from the logic board from a pin that's RESERVED in the PCI Specification. Now it's time to meter more oddities. SlotSearch-001.PDF
  4. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    Do you recall if it was single Banked or Double Banked SIMMs used?The latter would be what gives me the notion that memory might be organized a bit differently on the DOS Compatible boards. Mobo memory might be addressed as half of a double banked SIMM with the other being the 16MB limited SIMM slot with addressing limited to 16MB. Makes me wonder if that addressing setup might have been passed along to the 32MB slot?IIRC most 72pin SIMM Macs are limited to using Single Banked SIMMs. Testing a double banked 64MB SIMM in the "32MB Slot"might be worthwhile. CAS and RAS wpu;d be set up identically on the "16MB Slot" and MoBo RAM with one address bit missing on the the slot for the Mobo half of the assemblage or the opposite? Dunno, if any of these caffeine deprivation induced fantasies prove to be correct, it would most likely lead to removal of the mobo ICs and jumpering that address line to the 16MB SIMM slot which would net a 12MB increase. This info the 840AV's four slot setup might be derived from the 605 on which the 630 board is alleged to have been based by LEM: Total loadout of a modified DOS board would likely remain the 840AV's 128MB. Unless of course the board was designed to support later PPC versions? RAM: 4 MB on motherboard, expandable to 132 MB using a single 80ns 72-pin SIMM; can use 1 MB, 2 MB, 4 MB, 8 MB, 16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB or 128 MB SIMM (Apple’s memory guide indicates double sided SIMMs can be used, but only with 2, 4, and 32 MB capacity), be sure to specify what computer 64 MB and 128 MB SIMMs will be used in — some designs are not compatible. (The 605/475 works only with single-banked 64 MB SIMMs, but it does not work with double-banked 64 MB RAM SIMMs. I'm confused, but I like it that way! That being said, the 630 series would indeed be in demand for the tinkerers among us, most especially the DOS variant. edit: 640 limitation to 64MB jibes with the 6200 setup. Both were introduced the same year and in that case LEM's allegations could be partially true. Methinks the 640 was developed as the low end version of the 6200 so one is based on the other with both being extrapolations from the archetypal 630. Still confused.
  5. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    Nice, definitely give that a try. I've always been curious about that board and max RAM spec. Just found this handy on LEM: Is there a utility that can report the memory bank setup of a Mac? That 32MB/16MB/4MB spec seems awfully contrived to me.
  6. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Booksale Oddity: M0191 Laserwriter Plus Kit

    I remember that thread. IIRC the wipers are all bad by now and unavailable. Has a new source been found?
  7. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Booksale Oddity: M0191 Laserwriter Plus Kit

    I wish I could get toner cartridges for my g upgraded LaserWriter IINT. Sniff . . .
  8. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    Yep, it's one of the handiest case designs right up to the drawbridges, maybe easier to upgrade at that and no kickstand to break off. I've got a 72 pin SIMM slot doubler and one that has four slots, but the profile is too high on that one. Pet project for the Q630 (when I find it and the time some day) is to adapt it to use a pair of SIMMs in the single slot Quadra. With that twin SIMM riser board its RAM ceiling should match the two SIMM DOS compatible LCs. I'm guessing those have three banks of memory: two sticks and four on the floor? Shades of the Evil RAS Line Hack! Keep an eye out for the expansion goodies for this series. If you spot a good deal, grab it! Even if one of the CPUs never falls in your lap, re-selling the goodies later on would probably be a worthwhile endeavor.
  9. Trash80toHP_Mini

    2 Odd Nubus Video Cards

    Stick'em in slots and fire up TattleTech, the NuBus/PDS report tells all the DeclROM's secrets. You should get basic function from them using the drivers in the Declaration ROM. Pickles 23 BUG is a new one on me, looks like a nice bit of VRAM on board. DeclROM spelunking time! RasterOps Paintboard Li looks to be a pretty decent 19" 24bit board. http://lowendmac.com/video/ropspbli.html
  10. Trash80toHP_Mini

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    Dunno, I've only ever used the original OEM and retail version media, never looked for it online.
  11. Trash80toHP_Mini

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    I've only used HDT since I got my first (HUGE!) 1GB drive. I've avoided Drive Setup like the plague and never tried the hack version, though I have been curious about it. Until you've used a better bit of software than Drive Setup, I wouldn't give up. Lots of folks swear by Lido, so you've at least got two more avenues of approach, I'd give up on Drive Setup in a heartbeat, but not the project. edit,: nor any of the hardware you've tried under the assumption it was incompatible because Drive Setup didn't work.
  12. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Got a free Power Macintosh 6500

    Needs the installer, it's in the garden.
  13. Trash80toHP_Mini

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    I remember you relating that story when I was setting up my SATA only ATOM board to run off a PATA drive. Don't remember you mentioning exactly what errors he was looking to generate. What's a SMART error? Seems to me like an ATA interface polling a much faster drive should be less problematic. Funneling info the other way ought to be a lot less demanding, no?
  14. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Almost Disappointed They're not G5's

    Nothing good in Raleigh on cl today, but if anyone is near Winston-Salem there's a sweet looking CC (no power) setup for $200. Methinks we have another seller who doesn't know how to soft power it up.
  15. Trash80toHP_Mini

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    Very nice! At least you know you've got a compatible USB card. You'll probably want to swap out that Intel thingie for a VidCard that'll drive 1080p or whatever you're using on your main display. Got Zip?