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  1. Trash80toHP_Mini

    IIgs Prototype

    Fabulous, if ever there were a case for a clear case . . .
  2. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Macintosh Performa 5200CD

    In that case, spicy is right on for the coolest/worst and love/disdain comparisons turned on their head by the MIPs/Dollars point I was making. I think you're unintentionally lowballing the TAM's worth in comparison to the 5200's 1997 PCI offspring by quite a bit though. Haven't heard nor even seen a TAM in the flesh that I can recall, but I imagine the TAM's Bose Sound System completely blows away 5200/5600 stereo speakers even if tweaked by adding the 6500's Sub by quite some margin. I didn't mention that a Vidcard would be required to drive a second, better display for the TAM when I heaped the 3400c/180 +$1 onto the price of the "bit better than" TAM 6500/275. I was alluding to the point that adding the 3400c's LCD with all the laptop trimmings almost puts that cost into perspective. However I recall Dr. Bob making the point once upon a time that the custom analog output to LCD converter board was a goodly percentage of the component costs of the low production volume TAM. So LCD plus controller board would be considerable. As for intentional low production, amortization of hard tooling development costs needs to be figured in as well. None of the computers mentioned were bad. The TAM was spot on perfect for the receptionist's desk of a tech, design or any edgy corporate office suite. The TAM reminds me of the sexiness of intro year Mustang of my youth, badass to the bone even if was for all practical purposes a Ford Falcon in TAM sheet metal with the CD option. Directly back on topic: loved my 52xx for what it was. Reminds me of a beautiful butterfly emerging from the cocoon of a butt-ugly, knobbly 5xx caterpillar. Maybe a well conformed moth with shadow mask eyes plenty good enough for its short, single purpose lifespan as opposed to the sharp Trinitron eyesight of its caterpillar's scrambling for survival phase. No comparison between the buck toothed MacTV and the all black Director's edition possible. A budget 15" TV trumped a 12" Sony Trinitron TV any day of the week and twice on any given Sunday's living room. Had a couple of 5xx machines and never took a shine to them enough to complete half done 12" TAKKY/G3 hack ten years ago. The only thing missing from the 5200 was the later Cache Slot/PCI slot upgrades. Having one of those would have had me scrambling to find a Trinitron a couple of inches smaller than the 17 incher from the rug rat's desk and some black spray paint. loved that 5200 for a few years though. edit: TAM is the fourth "type fill" hit for a "twentieth anniversar" search on DuckDuckGo. It's smack in between traditional gift and gift for wife!
  3. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Macintosh Performa 5200CD

    Spicy? Pretty tame when you analyze the numbers actually. By EveryMac's 1997 release year list prices the TAM/250 would set you back $7,499. Figuring you already had a Monitor/KBD/Mouse, you could have gotten the 6500/275 for $3,000 and spend $1 more than you would on a TAM by tacking on a low end PowerBook 3400c/180 at $4,500 onto the faster 6500 sales ticket. Heck just get the Kanga/G3/250 for $5,700 and have $1,799 left over for a high end 3.1 sound system, mouse and a far better Sony Trinitron. TAM was Ferrari lookin' kit car built on a Volkswagon chassis with a really nice windshield and sound system. Back on topic: I had a 52xx of some sort and it was my first rackmount entertainment unit. When the 20" Radius Intellicolor Trinitron got too fuzzy for TPD duty it replaced the 52xx. Lovely little ugly duckling in Platinum, but the later Director's Edition in sleek black is rightfully in the MoMa Industrial Design Collection. TAM's probably there too.
  4. IPA was never intended to be good beer, it was developed to be drinkable beer after its long sea voyage to India. The good stuff (Porters) were just awful after arrival there, so they came up with IPA.
  5. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Macintosh Performa 5200CD

    Not even close! On the only metric that really counts, cost vs. performance, the TAM did and will always reign supreme at the lowest point of the plot.
  6. I'm not crazy about the notion of washing dishes after washing PCBs, but it's probably all right if you run it with soap and no dishes afterward. I've always wondered why vinegar (acetic acid) is considered a proper agent for removing acidic gunk? A baking soda solution (base) sounds like a much better agent. Haven't got money for even a cheapo ultrasonic Chinese special, so I've been considering using the compressor and a detail gun loaded up with a series of solvents to "pressure wash" over around and under the ICs as well. Baking soda followed up with distilled water and then a final rinse with IPA seems a good approach. Whatcha think? Maybe use vinegar after the baking soda and then the distilled water? A paint spray gun used as a pressure washer has to be better than using a dishwasher with so little oomph.
  7. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Repairing broken plastic spacers on Macintosh SE

    Our resident research chemist chimed in to agree last time I made this statement about using proper ABS cements and that acetone alone is not a suitable agent. Ingredients can be found in the SDS sheet of the product I linked.
  8. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Repairing broken plastic spacers on Macintosh SE

    Don't rough up the surfaces where they meet. Get ABS cement from your local big box to get a proper chemically welded bond that's perfectly aligned as it's more a threaded socket than mere spacer. Rough up the outside surfaces of the spacer and case surrounding it and then reinforce with JBweld or other epoxy. https://www.oatey.com/2370680/Product/Oatey-ABS-Medium-Bodied-Black-Cement You can probably get the medium clear online if you don't like black. NEVER use acetone on ABS. Proper ABScement a solution, the major part of which is MEK and a small percetage is acetone. There's a lot of bad info out there on YouBoobTube.
  9. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Complete Office 1.0

    The tip of the iceberg breaks the surface . . . and hits a hardware level roadblock. Paladin HDD cloned to FWB801-Paladin SCSI ID4 Running in 640x480@66Hz in 256 Grays off IIsi Vampire Video and looking gorgeous!
  10. Trash80toHP_Mini

    DAA Adapter - part 820-0445-A

    AHA! Thank you. So that's why the MiniDock Internal DAA card looks like an extra internal modem, apparently it is? Its Soft Modem hardware hangs off the modem connector on the end of the MiniDock. The MiniDock is a pared down Slot E multiple function expansion card version of the DuoDock Logic Board which is also a "PDS CARD" with more functions built in. Both hang off the 030 PDS Duo Docking Connector. The DAA Adapter for the MiniDock expects external hardware to the dirty work, feeding it serial port type data? Sounds a lot like the Stealth Serial Port setup hung off the Modem Port in a B&W G3? Curiouser and curiouser.
  11. Trash80toHP_Mini

    DAA Adapter - part 820-0445-A

    Oldie but goodie thread here. Does anyone know what DAA stands for? I'm really curious about folks outside of North America. How do you use Modems in PowerBooks in RJ-11 TelCo interface deprivation zones? I only briefly used them in PowerBook 100 and Duo 230, opting for faster externals conveniently available in tiny portable PowerBook gray cases with ADB port power cables.
  12. Trash80toHP_Mini

    File size EXPLOSION when one HDD icon dragged onto another!

    Yep. The CF only had the 8.1 system on it at the time I dragged and dropped the 160MB HDD icon to copy it. CF now has documentary screenshots of the icons of every file in every folder of on the 160MB drive. I've had Retrospect from the day, but it compresses the backup files and I wanted to clone the 160MB SCSI drive bit for bit. Drag and drop has always worked for me in the past. Good to hear I don't need to worry about using something like Disk Copy 6.
  13. Trash80toHP_Mini

    File size EXPLOSION when one HDD icon dragged onto another!

    I got the size differential when I did Get Info on the folder of the SCSI drive backup on the CF drive. "Tying it up together" was hooking up the SCSI drive to what I'll assume was the 6500 board in the BenchMac setup because reasons. When I tried to back it up to the G3DT boot drive I'd been using I got a "System won't boot from 7.1" error. Must have been confuzzlement over the IDE boot drive on the crappy 6500 IDE bus and the SCSI ID-0 SCSI HDD I was trying to back up as startup disk. I replaced the G3DT boot drive with the StarTech/CF combo, formatted it with the first OS CD (8.1 bought new) I could find and chose the CF card as my boot drive. Ejected the 8.1 installer CD, shut down, installed the target SCSI HDD on the Zip drive extension cable of the 6400 Medusa mess in the BenchMac. System. It started right up from CF and I was able to back up the SCSI drive straight to solid state CF rather than spinning rust from the G3DT. Sweet! Long story short, I need to clone the 160MB drive in order to install my SuperView's drivers for test purposes on a Mac with borked video output. Massive PITA.
  14. Trash80toHP_Mini

    File size EXPLOSION when one HDD icon dragged onto another!

    Thanks, guys. The parking lot analogy explains all I hope. When I drag the backed up HDD coach bus files over onto a 7.1 formatted SCSI drive they'll fit back into a 160MB partition's Mini files? I only noticed it because I was curious how much free space was on the 160MB SCSI Drive. Is there backup software of some sort that I should be using to clone the contents of the drive rather than the drag and drop method?
  15. I've got a 160MB SCSI HDD I need to back up, it has 7.1 on board. I set up a CF card as 8.1 boot drive on the 6x00 BenchMac. Tied everything together and the 160MB HDD blossomed to 286.7MB when dragged and dropped. WTHeck?