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  1. I have the 16mb original to the motherboard. I'm hoping to change this specific ram card to 24mb up from 16mb by soldering on extra chips.
  2. I have a 16mb ram module for the 1400c and I cannot find any 24mb ram modules. Would it be possible to add the 4 needed chips and some kind of connection at C3 to change 16mb to 24mb? It looks like there are some online warehouses that have KM48C2100BS-L6 chips.
  3. codyNC90

    IIci processor replacement

    I removed all the solder from the pads and now it works with either a DiiMo 030 or Turbo 040 but not a Carrera. I wonder if the Carrera specifically needs an on board processor?
  4. codyNC90

    PowerBook 1400c - ultimate upgrades

    I like having a minimalistic book cover for mine. I've attached it, the dimensions should be correct. It is on A4 paper. template powerbook cover.docx
  5. codyNC90

    IIci processor replacement

    That video was beautiful i'll have to try my hand at that. I also watched a video on using hot air and solderpaste which looks like it would work well.
  6. codyNC90

    IIci processor replacement

    I must have done something wrong while desoldering because now the diimo 030 does not work with the processor removed...maybe i need to wick all the joints?
  7. I have a IIci that has been recapped but does not work without a Diimo 50mHz accelerator. However, I want to put a carrera in it. An 040 accelerator won't work because it needs the original 030 to initially boot I believe. So...I took of the 68030FE25B processor and ordered a 68030FE33C processor because it was quite cheap. (1) Does anyone know if this replacement processor will be okay? (2) Does someone have words of wisdom for replacement of these processors...you can see my poor removal job and 1 chipped off solder pad. Is there a good method to replace the chipped off solder pad?
  8. codyNC90

    SCSI2SD experiences with SE/30?

    For the SE/30 I have to use the power supply but for the IIci it runs off the bus. Does this go for anyone else with v5 SCSI2SD?
  9. codyNC90

    Is this possible?

    I think mini vMac is your best bet, this emulates a Plus. However to program in assembly you might want to use text wrangler in Mac OS X This site is good for explaining how to disasemble 68k programs and identify TRAP functions http://www.gryphel.com/c/minivmac/extras/fdisasm/ Attached are some manuals for 68k instruction sets. MC68000UM.pdf MC68040UM.pdf
  10. codyNC90

    Overclocking a Turbo 040 - Results

    This is a great thread. Were you able to get the DougG3 ROM to work with the Turbo 040? I've been trying to learn 68k assembly to little avail, it seems like the Turbo ROM references against the gestalt ID on the motherboard ROM if that has anything to do with it? I have a new 68040RC40A that just came in and waiting on new oscillators to see this CPU's individual max. I use the Turbo 040 in my SE/30 with a TwinSpark, Asanté card, and SCSI2D. If I can get my CPU to 48MHz, would it help to change anything on the floppy drive itself to restore functionality? For the DougG3 ROM, I was hoping to change the startup box to remove the IIci looking icon and also change the desktop icon to look something like a RAM drive. I'd like just a blank screen with 'Press R for ROM Boot' text only. Then default to the Turbo-Happy-Mac icon rather than Pirate-Happy-Mac icon.
  11. codyNC90

    Rom-inator Help

    For the Rominator-I, I have a Mac Plus; I was wondering if there is a way to move the rominator elsewhere in the case. Is there such a thing as a 28 pin DIP cable to DIP socket?
  12. codyNC90

    Mac Plus with Graphics Card

    I have a Mac Plus with a Graphics card that clips directly on the processor. I have been trying to get it to work for quite some time. Unfortunately the card comes with no markings. However, the processor is a 24-bit TI TMS34061FNL that looks like some RasterOps graphics cards might have used. It comes with a DB-9 port. I have tried DB9 to DB15 adapters with no luck to my VGA display. If anyone could offer advice to get this card working I would appreciate it. (I don't have an oscilloscope or know how to use one unfortunately) (Notes: there is a random large 2200uF capacitor on the side which i replaced to see if that would help; there is also a nick in one of the inlays so i bypassed that with wiring.)
  13. codyNC90

    Mac Plus with Graphics Card

    Mac Plus, Killy Clip-on