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  1. Vince's Conquests

    I'd have loved to see these beasts in use but alas, I only ever saw iMacs.
  2. Vince's Conquests

    Here's my Mac IIfx, it's quite nice aside from a small crack on the left. No broken tabs on the lid, no corrosion inside, fresh batteries instead of dead or leaky ones...good stuff. Also I found a DE9 to Mini-DIN8 serial cable at the thrift store that I hope will let me hook up my 512k to a newer Mac for LocalTalk purposes.
  3. Vince's Conquests

    I think for this build I'm doing I'm just going to forego creativity and get a "short" GTX 750 card. The "long" cards barely fit anyway.
  4. Vince's Conquests

    What a bummer! This is what I get for not knowing GPUs well. My free HD 4890 turned out to be a free HD 2900XT instead, a vastly inferior card with half the VRAM.
  5. CPU Upgrade / Overclocking Centris 650

    Yes, because at that time x meant 68030. Hence the IIx (II with 68030) and IIcx (compact II with 68030).
  6. Vince's Conquests

    $100 is about double what I'm willing to pay though...
  7. Vince's Conquests

    Ooh yeah, I'll have to track those down...if I can get a player.
  8. Vince's Conquests

    I'd love to watch Star Wars on laserdisc but I imagine those disks have gotten quite pricey! At least if I want to watch something like RoboCop or Jurassic Park I won't be paying TOO much.
  9. Vince's Conquests

    The only thing that's gonna be frustrating if I ever actually find a player is getting the movies. I've seen Laserdisc movies mixed into the record section of thrift stores on occasion but never a movie I actually wanted to own. And I bet popular movies like Terminator and Aliens are not cheap... https://m.ebay.com/itm/T2-Terminator-2-Judgement-Day-TXH-Widescreen-Laserdisc-Movie-/152803785721 ...consider me surprised!
  10. Vince's Conquests

    Oh yeah, they look great on a CRT but on a modern big screen they suffer compare to newer DVD releases.
  11. Vince's Conquests

    That's the great thing about the later players (early to late 90s), no need to pull the disks out to flip them. And I want one mostly because I find the technology fascinating, since the movies are only in composite quality anyway.
  12. Vince's Conquests

    That cassette/AM-FM combo and the receiver are all I've got. I'd love to get some Technics and/or Marantz stuff though. I've also been looking for a Laserdisc player for at least two years, to no avail...
  13. Vince's Conquests

    I've got an old Panasonic solid-state receiver from the late 60s with a seriously damaged plug, that made quite the nasty spark when its previous owner foolishly tried to plug it in. Need to get a new plug wire and plug for that one for sure.
  14. Vince's Conquests

    I haven't gotten any Macs (or computers in general) lately, but for fans of old stereo equipment, I did pick this beauty up a few days ago: Much to my surprise, unlike the last ancient piece of Panasonic stereo equipment I picked up, this one actually works and won't cause an electrical fire!
  15. External SCSI-mounted SCSI2SD Housing?

    The whole point though is I want something smaller than an old external HD and something that doesn't require a cable and AC power to work.