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  1. itsvince725

    iMac G4 - No bong or image on screen

    I did, that's why I've been working on the iMac the past two days, trying to get it to finally work.
  2. itsvince725

    iMac G4 - No bong or image on screen

    The DIMM is marked PC2700 but the SODIMM is not. DIMM clearly isn't bad, unless I have two bad DIMMs (I tried with two different DIMMS).
  3. itsvince725

    iMac G4 - No bong or image on screen

    That's very strange, since it beeps like that with both sticks it had in there before, and all I did was replace the inner DIMM and then reinsert the original DIMM. I also reseated the SODIMM.
  4. itsvince725

    iMac G4 - No bong or image on screen

    Well it seems I've made things worse because now instead of booting up silently, the machine beeps three times when powered on. Did I break something internally?
  5. itsvince725

    iMac G4 - No bong or image on screen

    Yeah, I really hate taking this thing apart and I hate getting it back together even more but it's either fix it or try and hock it on Craigslist. Fortunately I have a spare 1GB DDR stick to try, so I'll take it apart for the third time in 2 days and see if that makes it boot again.
  6. I've had this iMac G4 (1.25GHz) for over a year and it's been mostly problems so far. I finally got the previous problem I had sorted out this week and decided to try installing OS X...and now it has a new problem. The first few boots, I got display and the blinking folder, but then it started having issues with displaying the screen. I tried a PRAM reset, which somehow got me into Open Firmware, and then tried to boot normally but it froze: Now, the last few attempts have just been a black screen with no bong at all. What could be the problem here? Googling around suggested it could be RAM but it would be odd for RAM slots to suddenly act up like this.
  7. itsvince725

    LCD screen in a Color Classic

    I'd like to mod my CC for 640x480 but I'll pass on this particular mod...
  8. Well this is troubling, I installed Mac OS 9.1 on the SCSI drive, booted the computer today and the drive was no longer mounted. Looks like I'm switching to IDE sooner than I thought, because dismounting itself doesn't seem like healthy behavior for a SCSI drive.
  9. How do you tell the ROM revision anyway? I have two -B boards with single-sided ROM SIMMs.
  10. There's a Compaq Portable 286 under the table on the right too.
  11. Okay, back with pics. SCSI drive is a 4.5GB unit and working, it just wasn't initialized. This thing has a perfectly acceptable 384MB of RAM installed but what's really interesting is that the CPU shows up under System Profiler as 466MHz. 450MHz B&W CPU, perhaps?
  12. I guess the previous owner routed a SCSI cable to the Zip bay then as that's where the SCSI drive sits. It's either wiped or dead as there's no OS on it. Will have to throw in a boot CD tomorrow when I'm feeling more energetic to find out which one is true.
  13. The system came in today. It's definitely an ATI video card, but rather perplexingly, the motherboard also has a 4MB SGRAM upgrade. Dual monitors perhaps? Also, the Zip drive (a SCSI one!) is gone, replaced with a Seagate SCSI hard drive. It's dated "0018", I didn't know they even still made 50pin drives in 2000. Will have to find out the capacity and its contents later, and take pictures. It's a really nice unit, no yellowing and the only broken plastic was the power button (fortunately my grungy parts G3 had a complete one). No CPU upgrade, sadly, but 300MHz is fine enough.
  14. itsvince725

    Where to buy 60ns EDO RAM?

    I'm not sure how much is in it (I only recently got it and haven't taken a look). I'll let you know.
  15. itsvince725

    Where to buy 60ns EDO RAM?

    Not mine, mine is a 440FX chipset board. EDO only, no SDRAM.