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  1. joebang

    Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    I have a few question. When I download the files they all have .bin at the end. I'm assuming I need to remove the bin extension? After copying the files to sd card (using my g4) and putting it back in my LC475. When I try to open the smi file from my LC475 I get an error message that says application that created the file could not be found. Did I miss a step?
  2. joebang

    hardrive for se/30

    My se/30 will not boot from the hardrive but will boot from floppy. I tried the apple hd setup and it doesn't even see the hardrive. I think I need to get a new SCSI drive. Does anyone know where I can get compatible drivies?
  3. joebang

    clean install mac os?

    Just to give an update, I got the apple floppy emulator and it came with apple hd sc setup. I was able to re partition my hd and do a clean install. What a great product.
  4. joebang

    clean install mac os?

    I guess the problem is now is how to get apple hd sc setup on to a bootable floopy?
  5. joebang

    clean install mac os?

    I got a se 30 and it still has old personal documents from previous owner. I feel uncomfortable with having those files laying around. Is there any directions to do a wipe of the hardrive and do a clean install of the os? I tried google but I can't find any directions to do a complete clean install of the os. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. joebang

    opening a se/30. Electric shock?

    I'm starting to think this is the wisest thing to do. Can someone recommend a repair shop? I'm in Southern California. Thank you.
  7. joebang

    opening a se/30. Electric shock?

    Can you explain what is +5v and +12v line? I know very little about electronics.
  8. joebang

    opening a se/30. Electric shock?

    There is no chime/bong sound. I hear the hard disk working and it's lights flashing. I also hear fan. I tried turning the brightness knob both clockwise and counter clockwise but no luck.
  9. Hi I'm new here. I recently bought a se/30 off ebay. Seller said it was working but by the time I received i, the screen is black. I can hear the fan and hard disk startup but screen is black. I downloaded the guide and going to try to open the se/30. It's been off for 2 days. Is there still fear of getting shocked? I remember hearing stories as a kid of people getting killed opening a se/30. I know very little about electronics. Please let me know if it's safe for me to open se/30. Thanks.