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  1. MacG4

    PowerBook 100

    ive got a pb100 parts machine for sale if you need it.
  2. MacG4

    Really weird/crazy eBay Ad

    this auction deserves one word stupid
  3. MacG4


    nice sounds like a dead hd. had the same issue with mine. i just replaced the hd with a newer one.
  4. MacG4

    New Suv

    was hit in the front door, no its from iowa all its life
  5. MacG4

    New Suv

    yeah it drives fine no strange sounds. yeah i know it doesnt get good gas mileadge. i have a mirror on order so no worries.the interior is nice but does have some burn holes
  6. MacG4

    New Suv

    yes but its a more practial every day vechile for me, which is what i really needed to replace my falling apart olds cutlass. also if you want to see pics of the camaro i traded for it, its the black one in my web albums.
  7. MacG4

    New Suv

    pics are located here http://picasaweb.google.com/slayerc11/2004Trailblazer#
  8. MacG4

    New Suv

    I will post pics asap
  9. MacG4

    New Suv

    yes it was rebuilt. it was hit in the front side. so a new door and front fender where put on, no frame damage. camaro was in good shape, needs a tuneup, alternator etc... ran a little rough. i think i got the better end of the deal.
  10. MacG4

    New Suv

    How many Power Macintosh 5500s can you fit on a bicycle? exactly none. however lots of 5500s would fit in my trailblazer
  11. MacG4

    New Suv

    well except when you live here in the midwest where we have snow and such.
  12. MacG4

    New Suv

    Well as some of you may know i owned a 1995 olds cutlass supreme(many issues) and a 1985 camaro iroc-z. Well i was working on selling the camaro and then the olds. well a guy that lives about an hour away from him sends me wanting to trade for my camaro. i asked the guy what he had to trade and i was shocked. he offered to trade his 2004 chevy trailblazer for my camaro. so he came down today and we both checked each others cars out and we went thru with the trade. so know i own a 2004 trailblazer ls 137,000 with a salvage title and one missing mirror. overall good shape, will load pics later if anyone wants to see it. it was a great trade i think
  13. MacG4

    LC475 -replaced 68LC40 for 68040 CPU

    yeah i would agree if you got the heatsink use it. i have a similar setup and mine has a heatsink
  14. MacG4

    Strange Mac os 7.6 easter egg

    interesting indeed. not the best picture i could have took but i took it with my iphone and not my dig camera
  15. MacG4

    Performa 5400 board in LC 630

    i know for sure it will work in a 6200 as i have a 5500 motherboard in my 6200