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    iBook G3 Clamshell Charger Board Fuse F1

    I'm also interested in hearing about this! I'm pretty sure my indigo has the same problem.
  2. Blastoise1994

    Wiki/Pages article ideas

    Not sure if it's been mentioned yet or not, but I think hosting tutorials on how to repair and/or upgrade your Macs on the wiki could be a good idea. I'd be willing to write up a few on the G3 Clamshell.
  3. Blastoise1994

    MLA Forum Access from Older Macs

    I think it'd be interesting if we could somehow make a version of the forum that loads easier on our vintage systems, sort of like how some sites used to have mobile versions. Loads everything from the same database, but loads it into an easier to process shell, I s'pose?
  4. Blastoise1994

    Clamshell iBook!

    Sadly, from recent experience I can tell you that the AirPort cards that came with the G3 series iBooks can't really connect to most modern wi-fi connections, mainly due to the fact that security standards have changed. I know this because just recently I was trying to watch some Homestar Runner on my indigo G3 and it looks like the simplest way to get a G3 online without changing to outdated security on your router is to get an older AirPort base station and plug it into the router when needed. I honestly was curious as to whether or not anyone had frankenstein'd up an AirPort card that can interface with modern standards, I'm hoping to begin college myself next year and and it'd be fun to show up all early 2000s'd out one day with my iBook... I'll message ya' when/if I put it up in the trading post! I'd only want like $50 for it, it's functional but the problem with the lower casing is pretty bad. You could probably find a replacement somewhere though, and have yourself a solid iBook, just be aware that repairing these things can be pretty tricky. I found that out the hard way. @~@;
  5. Blastoise1994

    Clamshell iBook!

    Looks good! If you check out the trading post, there's a guy selling brand new batteries for these, and if you need an iBook for spare parts I might be getting rid of my blueberry Clamshell soon. (Opened it up to replace the HDD about a month ago, bottom shell is ruined because apparently a bunch of the screw posts shattered somehow? The rest of it is in good condition though.)