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  1. netfreak

    Duo 210 keyboard misses keystrokes randomly

    Yeah I'm hoping to get around to doing that sometime over the winter.
  2. I picked up a Duo 210 a little while back with a problem where random keystrokes will not register on the computer. I haven't pulled the thing apart yet but wondering if anyone has ideas for something specific I should be looking for.
  3. netfreak

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    The one I used looks exactly like https://www.ebay.ca/itm/SATA-TO-PATA-IDE-Converter-Adapter-Plug-Play-7-15-Pin-3-5-2-5-SATA-HDD-DVD-GA/273368479057 and the SSD is some generic one I pulled from an old IBM server.
  4. netfreak

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    I'm running a generic PATA to SATA adapter from an ebay china seller and a 128GB SSD in my 6320 and it showed up no problem under MacOS 9. Not sure if these things even have jumpers to change settings. Just worked out of the box.
  5. netfreak

    SCSI zip drive

    I still have the SCSI Zip I bought from the local Mac shop back in like the late 90s to use with my IIsi. A little beat up but surprisingly still works without any issues.
  6. netfreak

    $12.99 PowerBook 520c

    Yeah that seems to be the only missing piece. I'll PM you.
  7. netfreak

    $12.99 PowerBook 520c

    Yeah I'll be looking into some options for that and potentially more RAM.
  8. netfreak

    $12.99 PowerBook 520c

    Couple weeks ago I found a PowerBook 520c at the local Value Village. Thing had been kicking around on random shelves for probably a month, and the power supply had also gone missing. Paid $12.99 for it to save it from eventually being thrown out. Had to order a power adapter online to make it work, and that cost me a little bit... Everything seems to work but the HD is starting to get a bit noisy.
  9. netfreak

    Any point in using a CD-ROM drive on an SE?

    Yeah I think I cd booted a 475 and Color Classic recently but my SE/30 sad Mac bombed right away. Thought I was doing something wrong and didn't consider it simply wasn't supported.
  10. Yeah after I had no other ideas I tried a full wash. Didn't help.
  11. Got a Classic I wanted to try the ROM boot trick with so it has no internal hard drive installed. I noticed both before and after recapping the board it never reaches the blinking question mark point of the boot process. Basically only goes as far as having the mouse show up then just sits there (mouse still moves around). Tried it both with a good battery and without a battery, doing reboots after power applied, hitting various key combinations. The board looked good with no visible damage so I'm not sure what exactly is causing this. Any ideas?
  12. Yeah I've got a lot of Macs I should recap at some point so I'll try on the less rare ones. I have two of the IIe cards but it doesn't look like I've got the cables. I'll probably look into buying one at some point.
  13. Just checked the one I have left and it's with "color" on the label. Yeah I plan on recapping a bunch of my boards over the winter. I also have a local guy who has done solder work for me before in case I end up being real bad at it. Might just pay him to do the more valuable boards like the SE/30.
  14. I think they were just "color" but I'll check when I get a chance. I also sold one to a friend but didn't really notice what the spelling was.
  15. Yeah I checked the compact Mac internals already and zero battery leakage but the SE/30 and probably the Classic will need to be recapped. They don't LOOK bad but there's some glitches in operation. I'll probably pop open the PB 180s at some point and I'm currently using the 3400 as a floppy ripping system going through all these old disks I've got.