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  1. netfreak

    Apple Set Top Box

    So I've already got this booting off the drive from my LC 475... There's no video so I dropped a copy of MacCheck in the startup folder and then used command-I to bring up the brief info box and took a screenshot. Pulled it off the drive after. Since I can't actually see what I'm doing, it's tough trying to make this thing display good detailed hardware information...
  2. netfreak

    Apple Set Top Box

    Also if any other set top box owners have the red ROM stick with the "LC 475 GM" label, I'd like a dump of that if possible. Or I might be willing to just buy it and/or related set top box parts.
  3. netfreak

    Apple Set Top Box

    Yeah this part might be annoying. Apparently the ROM-inator SIMM programmer is discontinued so I need to find another way to either write my own ROM or have someone do it for me... Thinking the LC 475 ROM is the one to do. The special developer units with a different ROM and a video card that fits in the expansion slot would be probably easier to experiment with. These ones just kind of expect a T1/E1 service with an Oracle server at the other end. I do have some ideas I want to try though.
  4. netfreak

    So I picked up some Macs today...

    I hear the hard drive spinning but doesn't seem to boot off it. I'm betting the floppy drive belt is long dead so I'll have to pull it apart at some point.
  5. netfreak

    Apple Set Top Box

    This was my eBay conquest. Sorry if anyone else was trying to win it . I wanted an impossible project and I think this is it.
  6. netfreak

    So I picked up some Macs today...

    It really is a nice CRT but I only picked it up because a friend wanted it. Maybe if my living situation was different I'd keep the CRTs for myself.
  7. netfreak

    So I picked up some Macs today...

    So I went back for more! I managed to find what looks to be the cable for that Protools thing. Plus all this stuff: A lot of this is to help a friend's collection but I wanted to grab the software titles and that Tandy laptop for myself.
  8. netfreak

    So I picked up some Macs today...

    Yeah it's possible. I'll be contacting the seller anyway as I need to grab a few more items for other people so I might have a chance to see if the cable is sitting around there still.
  9. netfreak

    So I picked up some Macs today...

    There was a Digidesign nubus card in the 7100. I didn't think about looking around for the cable in the pile of stuff at the seller's place but I might see about going back there. Some other odds n ends I might want to pick up like a keyboard or two plus more boxed software. EDIT: actually it just seems like a 50 pin SCSI-2 type plug between the card and the rack thing
  10. netfreak

    So I picked up some Macs today...

    A couple weeks ago I missed out on giant bins of various 90s Macs including Color Classics for $2 each. But, last week I found someone else who was trying to unload their old Macs. Made the trip today and ended up with this: I really only needed the PowerMac 7100 for some Copland testing but also ended up with another 6100 DOS model, LC 475, couple LC IIs, and LC III, Motorola StarMax clone. Also some real interesting boxed software including ClarisWorks, Apple System 7, Apple At Ease, HyperCard, Windows 3.11, etc.
  11. netfreak

    6100/66 is very unstable

    I've got this exact same problem but I've already recapped my board and put new thermal paste on. With a pram battery, it only turns on the first time and just hangs on every reboot after. I found it easier just to run without the battery. My board seems clean though so I'm not sure.
  12. netfreak

    Figuring out dead PowerMac 6100

    I have a followup I can't seem to figure out... It SEEMS that my pram corrupts itself and doing a soft reboot of the computer will often result in the system doing nothing and showing a blank screen. Even after additional reboots and power cycles I can only fix it by pulling the pram battery (new) and waiting for it to zap itself. I just pulled the battery entirely and double-tap the power instead of dealing with constantly opening the case, but I think whatever the issue is happens to make my DOS card not show up most of the time. Any potential ideas? I'm running 7.1.2 and won't be changing the OS version.
  13. netfreak

    Figuring out dead PowerMac 6100

    Yeah I'm not going to toss the boards. One board I already pulled some other caps off for future use. May also pull other chips off. I was actually looking on ebay for CPUs but ones that ship to Canada were still more than I'd want to pay.. Plus there's no guarantee I could ever manage to solder that in.
  14. netfreak

    Figuring out dead PowerMac 6100

    Had a 6100/60 board come in from ebay and it works fine with the rest of my original parts. I guess that means I've got two boards with dead CPUs. Sigh. EDIT: yeah I just popped the heatsink off this one to put new compound on it... it looks much different on the working CPU than my head ones... they're clearly fried.
  15. netfreak

    Finally a Quadra 700

    Yep there is a pre-compiled bash on a jagubox mirror, and I've also grabbed a bunch of other stuff such as gcc 2.7.2. The first time I ran A/UX back in 2001 I also didn't do much UNIX with it but I've got plenty of better Macs for doing Mac stuff so this machine can just be my retro UNIX workstation. I'll probably fail miserably to get anything interesting compiled but I'm planning to spend a good amount of time on this project. I'm also putting together a complete noob guide: https://wiki.preterhuman.net/Newbie_Guide_To_A/UX_(Apple_UNIX)