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  1. netfreak

    Figuring out dead PowerMac 6100

    Yeah I tried a new battery from a small stash I ordered last year and didn't make any change. Also tried the double tap method. I haven't gotten around to the recapping yet but I'll try that first and hopefully it solves my problem.
  2. netfreak

    Macintosh IIsi display issues.

    Yeah one sign I had on a machine prior to recapping was it would power itself on as soon as power was applied. It worked properly after the recapping. This was just the board caps too. My PSU still seems ok.
  3. netfreak

    Macintosh IIsi display issues.

    If you're talking about using a Mac->VGA adapter on it, you need a monitor that supports "sync on green." Not all do and I ran into this exact problem with mine.
  4. netfreak

    SCSI2SD 32gb SD

    8.1 introduced HFS+ which doesn't have the 2GB limitation if I'm not mistaken. Only downside would be nothing below 8.1 can read it.
  5. netfreak

    IIsi Applied Engineering QuickSilver card

    If you or anyone still needs the AE Cache driver, I've archived the copy that came on a IIsi I recently bought: http://68k.preterhuman.net/AE_Cache_v2.0.sit
  6. netfreak

    Figuring out dead PowerMac 6100

    Yeah I've got two ROM cards and one cache card, already tried running it without the cache card. I'll be trying the board recap first and see what happens.
  7. netfreak

    Figuring out dead PowerMac 6100

    OK well I'm feeling a little better about my situation then. I don't mind doing the recapping so long as it may help fix my problem and I'm not just wasting time on a dead board. I'll order up the caps I need for the job and try this within the next couple of months I guess.
  8. This one has stumped me. It has the symptoms of a broken CPU but I've got two boards and they both don't LOOK broken. I've also got two power supplies, two ROM SIMMS, multiple RAM sticks. None of these parts mixed together produces a working 6100... When power is applied the power light comes on, PS fan spins up, I see the keyboard LEDs blink but then absolutely nothing else happens. No chime, no video, no evidence that it's trying to boot off HD or floppy. Tried with a good PRAM battery and doing the on-off-on trick. What am I missing here? I don't see caps leaking but even with caps going bad I suspect the machine would still show some life. Pretty sure the thing worked before I stored it so I have no idea.
  9. netfreak

    Duo 210 keyboard misses keystrokes randomly

    Yeah I'm hoping to get around to doing that sometime over the winter.
  10. I picked up a Duo 210 a little while back with a problem where random keystrokes will not register on the computer. I haven't pulled the thing apart yet but wondering if anyone has ideas for something specific I should be looking for.
  11. netfreak

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    The one I used looks exactly like https://www.ebay.ca/itm/SATA-TO-PATA-IDE-Converter-Adapter-Plug-Play-7-15-Pin-3-5-2-5-SATA-HDD-DVD-GA/273368479057 and the SSD is some generic one I pulled from an old IBM server.
  12. netfreak

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    I'm running a generic PATA to SATA adapter from an ebay china seller and a 128GB SSD in my 6320 and it showed up no problem under MacOS 9. Not sure if these things even have jumpers to change settings. Just worked out of the box.
  13. netfreak

    SCSI zip drive

    I still have the SCSI Zip I bought from the local Mac shop back in like the late 90s to use with my IIsi. A little beat up but surprisingly still works without any issues.
  14. netfreak

    $12.99 PowerBook 520c

    Yeah that seems to be the only missing piece. I'll PM you.
  15. netfreak

    $12.99 PowerBook 520c

    Yeah I'll be looking into some options for that and potentially more RAM.