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  1. Dkopsieker

    SCSI2SD Mount for the SE/30

    I know this topic is over a year old... but will this work in a classic II?
  2. Dkopsieker

    Reinstall System 7 from scratch

    Wait, it looks like those instructions are to create an image from a floppy, not write an image to one... is that correct?
  3. Dkopsieker

    Reinstall System 7 from scratch

    Thanks!! I already got the analog board recapped and just send the logic board to be cleaned, capped and battery replaced. As soon as it’s back I’ll try those instructions.
  4. Dkopsieker

    Reinstall System 7 from scratch

    First off, I want to say I’m new to the 68k Mac scene. I grew up on Apple II and company Macs, but never got into the hardware or setup of them... I have a Mac classic II that will not boot from the hard drive. I would like to reinstall system 7 from scratch it not sure where to start. I have a few blank floppies, a windows machine, a MacBook Pro that’s about a year old and a USB floppy drive that I can connect to the Mac or the windows machine. is there any way to accomplish this with that hardware? thanks!!
  5. Dkopsieker

    Macintosh Classic II Restoration

    This is a great looking system. Good job!! I am in the process of restoring a classic ii as well. I am recapping the analog board, and when i was replacing CP5, i was removing the huge glob of hot glue that was covering it and the ceramic cap next to it... i accidentally mangled the ceramic cap.... i need to replace it, but can not figure out what size i need. I was able to read the markings from it, but not sure about the voltage, as it seems it doesn't have the voltage on there. the markings are " B - 682K - (Manufacturers symbol) 28 " I take it its a 6800 pico farad rating, 10% fault tolerance. There is a line under the 682K, which i have read means 50V or 100V... not sure about that though. by the way, it is CP21 on the board. I just need to know what to replace it with. I'll probably be using digi-key to order the parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.