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  1. p.amadeus

    Santa Claus Payed me a visit (Quicksilver)

    the indispensable Mac video card flashing forums: www.themacelite.com
  2. Performa 6300CD *HUGE* Bundle........only $575 plus $200 shipping! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220218958581
  3. p.amadeus

    yay goodwill

    Not really mac related but still.... Found Wii Play w/remote for $19.99, and an extra individual controller for $14.99 both in original packaging! I already have the Wii Play so I'll probably just give the extra game to a friend but now I have 4 controllers and I also just found a used copy of Brawl at GameStop today as well....maybe my poor Wii won't be so neglected anymore ]'>
  4. p.amadeus

    A heavy conquest and more

    YES IBM P275's are really nice, I have a black 21" one (the best there is!) hooked up to my g5 quad, I'm using it now...I'm a photographer and I LOVE IT I do all my Photoshop work on it. I hate LCD's. Quite. I got it for $20 about a year ago. I wish I had a second one...my 21" NEC Multisync FP1350X that I use as a second monitor is OK but it's ugly beige & I don't like the color as much so I only use it for toolbars and instant messaging/Mail.app/downloads/iTunes... black 21" IBM P275 = god. very nice find(s).
  5. p.amadeus

    performa 6360 pci ethernet HELP

    Sorry I forgot, the card has 4 lights and when I plug in a cable connected to me router, three of them light up. The real problem is the OS is not even recognizing that there is an Ethernet PCI card installed at all. As for the PCI slot itself I know it works fine, last night I took out the Ethernet card and replaced with with an old PCI Radeon 7000 graphics card I had laying around as a test and it worked fine, so the lone PCI slot in the 6360 (which does use a riser card) works fine in and of itself. I'm getting hopeless...why wouldn't an Apple PCI Ethernet card work in a PCI Mac...I shouldn't have to install any drivers! ARGGH maybe I'll just have to buy a slow Comm slot card ]'>
  6. p.amadeus

    performa 6360 pci ethernet HELP

    I already have OT 1.1.2 The card itself has a sticker on it that says "Apple Fast Ethernet 10/100BASE-T Card" of course this sticker covers the main chip on the card.... I believe I originally pulled this card from a fried beige g3, but I know the card itself works because I used it in a B&W for a while.
  7. p.amadeus

    performa 6360 pci ethernet HELP

    I already have a network set up that my G5 Quad, MacBook, girlfriend's HP laptop, Wii, PSP, and my PS3 all connect to via Ethernet or wireless to connect to each other and the internet. It works great save the Performa. Here's the basic layout... •I have a wired Ethernet router which is connected directly to my cable modem and serves as my gateway. •Connected to that is my Avaya wireless bridge which provides 802.11b and 802.11g separately via the two radios installed into it (this is how my MacBook, HP laptop, Wii, PSP, and PS3 all connect) •My G5 quad is plugged directly into my wired router. •The Performa 6360 would fit in by also plugging directly into the wired router. I just wiped the HD and did a fresh install of OS 7.6 after installing the Ethernet PCI card in the lone PCI slot of my Performa 6360. My problem is that the system isn't recognizing that I installed the card at all. AppleTalk control panel only shows the modem port and printer port as options. The TCP/IP control panel says "The control panel cannot be opened because AppleTalk is inactive and no alternate connections are available" When I make AppleTalk active then re-open TCP/IP it says "The previously selected connection, "Ethernet", is not available. The connetion has been changed to "AppleTalk (MacIP)". Network control panel is non-existant. Checked Extensions manager and nothing is turned off. What now?
  8. p.amadeus

    performa 6360 pci ethernet HELP

    yeah i've done fresh installs of all of them just to be sure. The lights on the card do light up when I plug it into my router. MacAttack, the card is in a PCI slot, not the Comm slot so those may not work but I'll give it a shot. Thanks and I'll keep this updated!
  9. I just got this Performa 6360 and I had a PCI Apple 10/100 Ethernet card laying around so I installed it into my Performa so i could get it networked. Problem is I can't get OS 7.6 or 8 to recognize it. I'm installing 8.5 now to see what happens. Any suggestions? Do I need a special driver or some other software? Ideally I would like it to work with OS 7.6.
  10. p.amadeus

    "ultimate" 68k machine

    in terms of out of the box stock functionality sure, but with upgrades a 950 can more than likely outperform a 840av in all respects
  11. p.amadeus

    Bondi Insanity

    did you make sure the HD is set as "Master" ??
  12. p.amadeus

    Performa 6360 & Bondi iMac

    Picked up a Performa 6360 w/ 17" Apple monitor, keyboard, 2 button "Interex" mouse, original restore CD's, Mac OS 8 original CD, manuals, & modem also a bondi iMac...guy said a couple years ago he tried upgrading ram and once he put it back together it didn't work...been sitting in his basement in original box since....probably an easy fix though I haven't had a chance to take it apart and check it out yet....even if it's truely bad there's gotta be some good parts and if all else fails I get a free USB keyboard/mouse Got both of these for free, thank you craigslist!
  13. p.amadeus

    "ultimate" 68k machine

    There is no doubt about that
  14. p.amadeus

    "ultimate" 68k machine

    that's funny I don't see any....for the 660AV yes but not the 840AV http://www.everymac.com/upgrade_cards/by_system/index.html
  15. p.amadeus

    mac classic

    it will be best served by my dark castle floppies