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    • That would be incredibly kind, though I am in the UK so I'm not sure how we could work it? I would of course be happy to cover the postage, would you want anything for the board?
    • We had an LC at the office back when they were new.  It was used for our ordering system and probably word processing too.  Pretty sure it wasn't the host computer but a workstation.  And, as I recall, it worked fine for that.  I believe we had it until the LCIIIs came out and then it was replaced with an LCIII.  The LC was sold to a local government department where they used it for another couple years.  (There's a chance it was an LCII, but I am pretty sure it was an LC.)
    • LC/LCIIs deserve the criticism they get - even with period correct software, they are slow.  But I guess they really served as a glorified word processor in most cases... I just remember being shocked when I walked into 9th grade computer class in 2001 and saw a lab of LCIIs networked together by PhoneNet adapters.  That was three years after 6th grade keyboarding class where we used (relatively) lightning fast 386 and 486 based IBM and Compaq machines!!!  To add another layer of comedy to that, some of those IBM 386 machines were donated to the school by a local bank.   Thinking back to those days is kinda funny, the attitude seemed to be "we need to teach computers" so they bought computers with very little regard to what they would actually be used for or were capable of.  Our computer classes involved either simply typing documents or more commonly, games...they were often forgotten in a corner until there was some free time to play Tank Wars, the modern equivalent to setting up a Playstation in a classroom.   Having been involved in an IT role a few years later, it seemed that a lot of those old, slow machines up to and including the early PowerPC era were just simply not used that much, ever, because their usefulness outside of ClarisWorks was limited.
    • The Power Mac Book by Ron Pronk has a lot of in-depth technical information about the first-gen PowerPC Macintosh computers, including Gary Davidian's 68K emulator.
    • ^^^ This...   I want to find the actual literature that says this, but I've heard that the emulation on first-gen PPC machines was "IIci speed/performance." And the family 16k L1 603e/75 Performa 6218CD definitely ran The Even More Incredible Machine worse than my stock IIci ever did. I've used that example previously, because it came bundled with our Performa, and possibly with its 040 predecessors, and its choppiness is burned into my memory