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  1. Was the disk formatted with the Iomega software, or was other software used? I seem to recall that some formatting software installed drivers on the disk that marked it as a fixed disk, versus as an ejectable/removable disk.
  2. sstaylor

    StyleWriter I - no ink on paper

    Seems like that printer had the print nozzles in the cartridge. Make sure the contacts on the printer and on the cartridge are clean. Are these New-new cartridges or are they New old stock? Not sure how well old stock would do; ink could have dried up or even just thickened enough to not flow.
  3. sstaylor

    Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    The Dead Mac Scrolls lists two different chips in the keyboard that can be killed by using a telephone cord.
  4. sstaylor

    512k mouse == pc serial mouse?

    CharlieFrown, I think this is a good spot to mention the modified mice you are selling that are suitable for use with a Mac 512k. OP may have missed that post.
  5. sstaylor

    PowerBook G4 Aluminium disassembly?

    I use a cupcake pan (or two) to help keep track of screws. Helps make it slightly less painful.
  6. The usb floppy drive will neither read nor write 800k floppies
  7. The Macintosh 12" RGB monitor M1296 was a popular choice for LC owners at the time because it was cheap and it was the same width as the LC and looked nice perched on top. They're cute, and they can be tough to come by anymore because everybody hated them at the time but wants one now. The drawback is that it's a 512x384 pixel display. It's small, even by the standard of the time; it's the same resolution as the built in display on the Plus, SE, Classic, Color Classic etc. 640x480 was pretty typical unless you were serious about desktop publishing and had the big bucks for a big display. Many games won't even run on 512x384. Anyway, monitors were generally sold separately so lots of people chose other monitors for their LC and especially LC475 because monitors were coming down in price at the time. In fact the 12" was discontinued about six months before the 475 was introduced. There was a Performa Plus Display (M9102), the Basic Color Monitor (M9103) and the Macintosh Color Display (M1212) with little to differentiate them.
  8. sstaylor

    LC III found curbside

    Can't tell by the photo whether you've already done it, but get the battery out of there. They're a ticking time bomb.
  9. Goo-Gone is pretty agressive; Goof-Off is gentler and still does a good job. For a G4 cube I'd test it first though.
  10. I've been looking at a Microdrive IIgs, which plugs into a slot and uses a CF card as a hard drive. $115, which doesn't seem too bad. You can also change out the firmware ROM and use it in a IIe too. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-IIgs-MicroDrive-Turbo-Storage-Controller-512Meg-Hard-Drive-ReActiveMicro/302354537761?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  11. sstaylor

    Help identifying printer

    Doesn't look like any Apple printer I've ever seen (and I think I've seen virtually all of them)
  12. sstaylor

    Macintosh LC475 stuff

    You can use a standard mac printer cable to connect the printer ports of the 475 and the 6116 and use it as an AppleTalk network connection. Really slick little trick that many are unaware of.
  13. sstaylor

    Got this cool looking, old terminal.

    Use a usb to serial adapter and remote in to OSX terminal with it... Super cool looking though.
  14. sstaylor

    Flower Power imac inner grey casing

    If I recall correctly they all had the grey plastic inner case. Most of the imacs I've seen lately have at least a few cracks there, some catastrophic others minor. My flower power has a few cracks too. Good luck with that! What a great computer!
  15. sstaylor

    Printer and Scanner for Performa 6116

    One of the Color Stylewriters would probably be a good bet. They were decent printers as I recall, and they used a Canon inkjet cartridge so if any ancient ink cartridges are available these should be. Some of the old HP Deskjet printers would probably be good too, but I think you'd have to be careful to get one that's Mac compatible. Again, cartridges should be plentiful. Get something that was manufactured within a few years of your mac (94/95) and you should be good to go. I second what Cory said about monochrome laser printers (I was always a fan of the 16/600--wish I had one). You could also look around for mac compatible HP laser printers--they were pretty common and may be easy to find. As far as scanners go all I can really think of is the Apple Color OneScanner which came in a few flavors through 91-97. I know there were others like HP, Epson, Asus, etc. but I couldn't give you model numbers for mac compatible versions.