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  1. sstaylor

    PB190, is it the worst? (Probably).

    I worked there from about '87-'99, and I'm just recalling observing at the time that it seemed most of the people looking at laptops were in the dorms. These dorms would have been built in the 60's or possibly late 50's. I never saw inside them, but it's my understanding that they had a bunch of built-ins. Could have been cramped, which I think was my assumption at the time. Or it could have been all the dorm-dwellers telling each other they needed notebooks. Honestly, with memory being what it is I may be misremembering and I don't have (and didn't have then) anything approaching data. So it goes...
  2. sstaylor

    Rusty on my SCSI Etiquette.

    Yeah, there's this whole thing with SCSI that you might be able (probably able) to get away with no termination and stuff like that; but it's probably going to be iffy. Some devices like to be at the front of the chain, others at the end. All kinds of weirdness. Hence the term "SCSI voodoo". But you'll have best performance and fewest problems doing stuff by the book, and that means termination at the end of the chain.
  3. sstaylor

    Compact Mac Server

    Nice. Just connected with 10.13.6 This will be something I'll have to look into for my home network.
  4. sstaylor

    PB190, is it the worst? (Probably).

    As I recall, we sold lots more desktops than laptops. At the time, not many students took laptops to class though I think some did; it could have something to do with the fact that the batteries weren't going to last more than a couple of class sessions and one couldn't count on having an outlet available. That, and the bang for the buck was better with a desktop as far as speed, expandability, hard drive size, etc. Also, our student population tended to be from the local area, lived at home and commuted to the college, rather than living in the dorms. Seems like a laptop was often a better proposition for students living in the dorms.
  5. sstaylor

    PB190, is it the worst? (Probably).

    I was working the computer department of a college bookstore at the time of the 1400, and Apple made kind of a big deal about the cover and how much it was likely to appeal to college students. I don't recall whether it actually did or not.
  6. sstaylor

    Starting on the SE

    If you look inside the floppy drive, there are usually a few switches near the opening. There's a switch to detect when a disk is inserted. There's a switch to detect write protect status. If you have a superdrive, there is a switch to determine whether a HD disk is inserted. An HD disk has a hole opposite the write protect hole; a DSDD does not. But dochilli is right, SE's with HD floppies usually have "Superdrive" or "FDHD" silkscreened on the front.
  7. sstaylor

    Just bought a Color Classic, no power

    Happy day! Looks like a really well kept machine. I like your video game screensaver(?) in the background. What is it?
  8. sstaylor

    Just bought a Color Classic, no power

    You do need to power it on with a mac keyboard power button. That's how I got my CC on the cheap--the owner didn't know about the keyboard power button and assumed the machine was dead.
  9. I love how the ad describes them as "super quite". (Instead of "quiet", for those who aren't pedants and/or proofreaders.)
  10. All the Iomega CD drives I have seen have been USB, plus some kind of four-pin round power adapter that's likely to be nearly impossible to find.
  11. sstaylor

    Can you use "any" SIMM ram.

    Most types of 30 pin simms should work, though occasionally (rarely?) some macs will have difficulties with 2, 3, and 9 chip varieties; the 8 chip simms seem to be safest. You're going to want two 1Mb 30 pin simms.
  12. sstaylor

    Color video from SE/30 for cheap?

    Boy, I imagine he'll be glad to unload that. He's been advertising it for over a year. Hope it works out for you!
  13. sstaylor

    SCS2SD - Mac Plus bootable solution

    There is a way of making the Plus provide termination power by installing a diode in the right place; unfortunately my google fu is failing me tonight and I can't find instructions. I'll keep looking.
  14. One thing to be aware of too is that if a floppy drives heads are out of alignment, it may be able to read and write its own disks, but be unable to read the disks from a properly aligned drive and vice-versa.
  15. sstaylor

    AppleCD 150 can't read CDs

    You will need a CD extension for the OS to recognize the drive. I don't recall whether a standard install of 7.1 would include the driver or not. Take a look in your system folder and see. Termination is a maybe/maybe not unfortunately. Theoretically it's required but you can sometimes get away with not having it. I've seen terminators on ebay for not too much money.