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  1. sstaylor

    SCS2SD - Mac Plus bootable solution

    There is a way of making the Plus provide termination power by installing a diode in the right place; unfortunately my google fu is failing me tonight and I can't find instructions. I'll keep looking.
  2. One thing to be aware of too is that if a floppy drives heads are out of alignment, it may be able to read and write its own disks, but be unable to read the disks from a properly aligned drive and vice-versa.
  3. sstaylor

    AppleCD 150 can't read CDs

    You will need a CD extension for the OS to recognize the drive. I don't recall whether a standard install of 7.1 would include the driver or not. Take a look in your system folder and see. Termination is a maybe/maybe not unfortunately. Theoretically it's required but you can sometimes get away with not having it. I've seen terminators on ebay for not too much money.
  4. sstaylor

    Floppy drive issue

    And if I recall correctly, it also needs a SWIM chip for the HD upgrade.
  5. sstaylor

    about powerbook 170

    Huh. I stand corrected. Happily corrected.
  6. sstaylor

    about powerbook 170

    According to everymac.com, the 170 requires 7.01 at a minimum. https://everymac.com/systems/apple/powerbook/specs/mac_powerbook170.html
  7. sstaylor

    My powerbook 170

    Beautifully kept! Very nice. I have a 170 but in nowhere near as nice condition.
  8. sstaylor

    Connecting an Imagewriter II to a OS 9 Pismo?

    You'll need a USB to serial adapter (and your job will be easier with a 8-pin mini din serial adapter) and an apple printer cable. I picked up an old usb to 8 pin serial adapter for a pretty reasonable price on ebay a few months ago; I suspect they're not terribly hard to get hold of currently.
  9. sstaylor

    SSD for Powermac G3 beige minitower

    I seem to remember that RamDoubler could give the advantages of having virtual memory turned on without the downside of hitting the HD all the time. Anyone else?
  10. sstaylor

    Where to buy 60ns EDO RAM?

    MemoryX has them. They're not $6 https://www.memoryx.com/powermac9600.html
  11. sstaylor

    Another Laserwriter

    I have a couple of ImageWriter II's, a LaserWriter IIg, a couple of Personal LaserWriters, and an HP LJ 5 with appletalk card. You're not alone.
  12. sstaylor

    Someone should get this!

    Someone did get this They're a 2003 ibook, and for school units they are in amazing shape; they've apparently seen very little use and had very little software loaded. I haven't examined them all, but those I have looked at are as nice as the one pictured, which to be honest surprised me. I'm very pleased because while I do have a couple of iBooks in the collection, they're in terrible shape and/or in pieces. I plan to hang on to them for a little while; current value isn't great but I expect it to go up. But if someone is dying to get a G3/800 iBook, hit me up and we'll see if we can work something out.
  13. sstaylor

    How to use Performa 630 TV tuner card?

    To add to Tanaquil's post: People have reported having trouble with old 10baseT cards connecting through newer autodetect switches and hubs. If you have an older 10baseT switch/hub, use that. I don't know whether direct connecting between the two machines will work or not, but some will autonegotiate a connection.
  14. I never got the patched Disk Tools to work for me; I had lots better luck with other formatting tools like Lido, Silverlining, and Anubis. I'm not seeing anything with the drive jumpers that is ringing any bells with me, but maybe someone else will have input.
  15. sstaylor

    Cameront9's finds

    I quite liked the graphite when it came out but I don't really care for it any more; I do still like the Sage and Snow. Strawberry is nice, but I'd really like to get a Ruby. And a Dalmatian. The big problem for me is getting to be storage space; I have a nice display area planned out, but I can tell it's already full before I even build it.