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  1. techknight

    Asanté EN/SC Setup?

    Depends on what website your trying to open. 90% of them are broken on browsers THAT old. You could try phils old radios. its a vintage site. But even then, its using SSL so dunno.
  2. Weird. my post disappeared.... I didnt see the pictures prior, they woudlnt load for me when I typed my message. So in the case of the expansion card, I dont know. My thought would be to remove it. But I do know the ROM generates an E code if it is unable to write to something.
  3. It can also do this if the power supply cant go into regulation. Like bad caps, open photo-couplers, etc..
  4. Dont think they exist, most of the time the monitors were engineered by other people and Apple rebranded them. So if you could figure out what they were "originally" you may have a better chance. However, your gonna need to do some troubleshooting regardless.
  5. Remove the SY6522 and see if your consumption goes down.
  6. techknight

    Lubricating hard drive?

    Not without removing the platters. If theres more than 1 platter, you need a special tool. And a clean environment.
  7. techknight

    Sad Mac Error Code 0000000E 0000FFFF

    E codes are caused by bad bus control traces from the CPU. Check the schematics, and check the R/W line from the CPU, that was the cause in the portable anyways.
  8. No, you need an adjustable regulated bench power supply that can feed in 5V with a specified current into the rail. Youll make it worse by experimenting otherwise... Anyways, You already tried ATX power supplies so it kinda renders things moot. You need to power the machine up with a KNOWN GOOD power supply, monitor the rails correctly, and then attempt to find out whats shorted by whats heating up. Something is shedding off alot of current based on your numbers that you provided, and thats the easiest way to find out what...
  9. Or the power supply is weak and is unable to maintain regulation on the 5V circuit. if you had an adjustable bench power supply, you could feed in 5V to substitute that particular rail, and see if the rest of the power supply voltages come up, or if its still being dragged down. If its dragged down, then you need to feel around to see whats getting so hot you cant touch it, as thats the likely issue. But, if all the rails stabilize, and the machine comes to life, its your power supply. Edit: Just saw at the end of your post, you substituted the power. Well, if the voltage is getting dragged down, you either need an infrared flir, or, feel around to see whats getting hot. Something is getting VERY hot. If I am going to hazard a guess, it could be a multi-layer ceramic, or a tantalum capacitor shorted.
  10. techknight

    SCSI2SD Issues

    Yea, Lido is awesome. I use it for everything. I have 2, maybe 3 of these things and I have not had an issue yet setting any of them up.
  11. techknight

    SCSI2SD Issues

    Termination is REQUIRED on a SCSI bus. Period. At the end of the chain. So if there is a SCSI HDD in a Mac, you must terminate this drive. If you plug a drive externally, you MUST terminate that drive too! But if you insert a drive in the middle of the chain, you do NOT need to terminate those drives. only the END OF THE CHAIN needs terminated. If there is only one drive in the chain, That is your termination point. Terminators are there to impedance match the "transmission lines" to prevent reflections, or bus errors.
  12. techknight

    Questions about the SCSI2SD (Macintosh SE/30)

    I think these cards run of the termination power provided by the machine. the Plus doesnt have it, but the SE/30 should so the 25 pin cable is all you need. To get termination power on a plus, you have to install the diode on the logic board that provides it.
  13. techknight

    LC/LCII/CC 68030 accelerator cloning

    Similar logic, but yes. Why reinvent logic equations that already work? Btw if you do that adapter, you will need to power the card externally as the internal power regulator won't hold it... This makes the design tricky, one of the main reasons I want to eliminate the pals. Power consumption...
  14. techknight

    LC/LCII/CC 68030 accelerator cloning

    I remember that thread, I commented in it awhile back. Anyways. I dont want to use GAL/PALs in my design, id rather use the XC9572, something more tightly integrated.
  15. techknight

    HD Access LED Size for NEWER Quantum ProDrive LPS?

    You have 3 main sizes. 3MM, 5MM, and 10MM. I think there was even 2MM LEDs, but eh. I know on the metal HDD plate that goes on the SE and SE/30, its 5MM.