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  1. I have a perfect condition pearly white with no yellowing 1710AV. With the horror stories I read about it, I am afraid to plug it in and use it. But it does work. And its the only monitor that will sync with the SGI Indy I have.
  2. eMac saved from an e-recycling bin

    You need MAX ram if you want to browse anything with TenFourFox without it coming to a crawl and crashing. JavaScript these days is RAM hungry... My iBook G4 1.25 has 1GB I think, and its not quite enough anymore. Anyways, as far as games, I know of a few. One of them I would play on that machine would be Unreal Tournament I am pretty sure that machine has the specs to run it if you like FPS games I know and love that one. Maybe medal of honor was built for mac, I think the first call of duty might have been as well.
  3. $4 Macintosh IIsi

    Well looks like you caught the maxell bomb in time! But if you have a LB issue and cant fix it, let me know I think I have a spare working LB lying around.
  4. Wifi Extension Development Thread

    Tell me about it. Imagine ordering LED video displays from china. thats an 8+ week turnaround on shipping...
  5. Mac SE/SE/30 Ethernet Card Recreation

    Dont think you follow me. Or maybe I just dont understand. I know video cards and some Ethernet cards designed for PDS slots have physical jumpers on them to configure the card for its slot address. So once the card knows what slot address its at, then the card itself does the address decoding for its designated slot address. The LC card may be hard-configured for decoding slot $E. I dont know. I always thought with Nubus systems the slot address is configured based on which slot your using.
  6. Mac SE/SE/30 Ethernet Card Recreation

    Slot E falls in a specific address block so I can only assume that hte address decoder on the LC Nic is going to want to decode for Slot E. So I think bolle might be right you have to rejigger the address lines.
  7. Retro68 Codelite setup

    Visual Studio Code is fun let me tell ya. I have been using it the past two weeks trying to debug and learn a NodeJS application we bought, built by someone else with NO comments, and obfuscated "letter" variable names. Ugh.
  8. You have to get the bootloader on there first. Thats bare minimum, when thats in place I think you can stick the main application image on the SD card and itll update the firmware, I think. Or it might be via the USB setup software he provides that can. But a JTAG is an absolute necessity if you want to flash a blank chip. Bootloader is a minimum.
  9. Repair question: 1.4mb superdrive

    I have seen these springs bend too far if you over-extend the headstack during removal, and if that happens it wont close all the way. SOMETIMES you can bend it back down with force but its really easy to knock the cylinder alignment out and once you do that, game over.
  10. Calibrate 800k/1.4mb Floppy drives 3.5"

    Need to inspect the heads under a magnifier and look at the head gap versus a good drive. Most of the time these things wear clean out. Calibration doesnt drift unless its been physically dropped hard.
  11. I am curious as to what actually goes "bad" on these boards.
  12. SE/30 Simasimac persists after recap

    thats a sure sign of intermittent connections still present. Whether its internal to an IC or traces/physical connections will require troubleshooting.
  13. Macintosh SE/30 good chime, but not booting

    not exactly what I was thinking but close enough. Glad you got it going.
  14. Farallon EtherMac MicroSCSI

    Well if you can never get it to link, chances are it was a victim of a lightning strike. I have seen a ton back in the day. the big HALO matching transformer is probably open circuit as a consequence, you will have to meter it and see for sure though. Oh.. And... you did flip the switch. right?
  15. SE/30 Simasimac persists after recap

    Slow chimes = unable to see RAM properly. could be RAM traces to the IC below the sockets, or the muxes themselves are bad.