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  1. Christopher

    Powerbook G3's vs Ibook G3's which is better?

    Pismo 500MHz. Best out of the G3 books. Has all the ports in the back and supports external displays. Most intuitive for servicing as well.
  2. Christopher

    Powerbook G4 15 "

    How's the web expierence with it? I have a 1GHz iBook and the web is dreadful.
  3. Christopher

    PB g4 12 "

    Absolutely. I have a 1.07GHz iBook that I want to put an SSD in but, since it was a PITA just to put a 100GB drive in it 8 years ago, I'm worried about breaking stuff and losing the mountain of screws.
  4. Christopher

    12" Powerbook G4 - fan won't turn off?

    ^ If that doesn't work, it sounds like a temperature sensor has disconnected. So, it's in a fail safe mode. Find a temperature monitor program and load it up, see if one of them sensors is reading funky.
  5. Christopher

    iBook G3 clamshell logo

    Eh, I think I have a blueberry lid somewhere.
  6. I've always used Disk Utility's Restore image option to boot the OS X installer from either a partition or firewire drive. If only they made firewire flash drives, all my OS X (pre 10.5?) would be on flash drives.
  7. Christopher

    2.3GHz G5 duallie

    Can G5's play HD video's?
  8. Christopher

    iMac G4 as a main computer? Thoughts?

    You're probably better off with an early model Core Duo or Core 2 duo mac mini or iMac.
  9. Christopher

    Firefox 6 on Tiger PowerPC :)

    Didn't Google pull their search bar out of Firefox recently? If they did, it'll be hard for me to get the new version. I've tried other search engines and none of them "felt" like I was getting the searches I wanted. Not even Dogpile...
  10. Christopher

    StyleWriter M8000

    Hey, I've had this StyleWriter under my bed with my IIsi and Performa 400 for while and I'd like to use the printer with my Vista laptop, iMac early 2006, and Quicksilver G4. Which computer would be the easiest to connect to and then share from to the others from there? Last spring I garbage picked it and it still worked with the Performa it came with. Neither mac's have ethernet so I can't just connect to my network easily. I would assume I need an Apple 8-din adapter of some sort. Was there ever a PCI version of what I'm talking about? I have a newer printer in the closet but, I'd rather have this running since it's 1/4 of the size of my newer printer, and for style.
  11. Christopher

    What is the Maximum OS for an Imac G4 800 mhz

    I did the: dev /cpus/PowerPC,G4@0 d# 867000000 encode-int " clock-frequency" property and after that was done I typed mac-boot hit enter and hit the C key as soon as possible.
  12. Christopher

    Got a 19 inch LCD Display from my boss...

    I got a dell 15" LCD from a garage sale a few years back and I googled the model number and it turned out it used the same solder from the iBook G3's. Cracked it open found the back solder joint, added my own solder and she still works flawlessly to this day. I use it at work since my desk didn't have an LCD supplied like everyone else's.
  13. Christopher

    I Has a Quicksilver!

    Actually the lowest end quicksilver is 733MHz. I own one. But yes, take it apart and stick all the parts in the dish washer, no soap or heated dry cycle. I did this to my thing apple keyboard when I accidentally spilled something on a couple keys, also stuck my PM 8500 mother board in there as well. Let it dry for a week, but flip it end over end to make sure no water is sitting under the chips.
  14. Christopher

    Imac G5!

    The they start to bulge and cause system problems to the point of not being able to use the computer at all... to put it bluntly.
  15. Christopher

    B&W G3 As a Server

    you could get two 120GB hard drives if you did not want to buy a SATA card and do a Striped RAID so you have a single 240GB drive. What I did with my quicksilver G4(because I was young and poor at the time) is take out both the zip and dvd drive replaced them with PATA drives instead. From memory you have to assign the hard drives jumpers, the zip is Slave and the dvd drive is master. When I wanted to upgrade the g4 to leopard, I cleared off a hard drive and cloned an OS X iso to the drive and booted from that. Of course, this is banking on you not need an optical drive, or if you have an external instead.