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  1. TheDoctor

    G4 Cube Monitor Support

    The Mac Radeon OEM card that Apple shipped in the DA PowerMac G4s works in the Cube and supports ADC. You'll have to swap the fence with one from a Cube video card. This is the card I have in my Cube.
  2. TheDoctor

    I'm Now A Member of the Cube Club

    I'd be interested in knowing what you end up using for an SSD in the Cube. I've been thinking about doing the same with my own Cube, but I'm not sure what combination of IDE-SATA adapter and drive carrier will fit.
  3. TheDoctor

    eMac saved from an e-recycling bin

    I spent a lot of time playing Unreal Tournament 2004 on my PowerMac G4 Dual 533. The 1.25Ghz eMac should have no trouble with it.
  4. TheDoctor

    Working iBook G4 for $10!

    Just an FYI if you weren't already aware. Apple had a battery recall for this model. I'd check the battery's serial number against this document just to make sure it's not one of the effected ones. The defective batteries were fairly common. Back in the day, I replaced roughly 20 of them out of a cart of 30 iBooks.
  5. TheDoctor

    The end of an era...

    Those are pretty nice. That was the first enterprise-grade server I ever used Truly amazing engineering in the ease of access and the amount of redundant, hot swappable parts.
  6. It's been done. Here's the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WP7AkJo3OE
  7. TheDoctor

    PowerBook 3400c Solid State Drive

    I'm wondering if there might be something wrong with the main ATA controller or cable be it a fault or incomplete implementation of the spec.
  8. TheDoctor

    PowerBook 3400c Solid State Drive

    At this point, I wonder what would happen if you put the SSD in a multibay enclosure.
  9. TheDoctor

    PowerBook 3400c Solid State Drive

    I suspect this is the problem. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT1835
  10. TheDoctor

    Performa 6115CD from Dog Cow free giveaway

    136MB works really well in the 61xxs. I ran that amount of memory in my 6150 for quite a while. I've seen reports that 264MB of memory also works.
  11. TheDoctor

    The Mac SE Without a Radius Upgrade

    I found I pretty interesting InfoWorld review of this accelerator card. According to the review, properly configured, an SE with this card would outperform a Mac II.
  12. TheDoctor

    Macintosh SE/30 Card

    InfoWorld article. I haven't been able to find anything else.
  13. TheDoctor

    Sync options in a modern environment

    Here you go. http://newtonresearch.org/
  14. TheDoctor

    Mac Plus cooling

    You mean like this?
  15. TheDoctor

    Fixing a dead Power Mac G5

    Try calling Apple about it. They have been repairing PowerMac G5s with leaking cooling units out of warranty, even if you are not the original owner. You may have to talk to several levels of customer service at Apple, but keep stressing that its a serious safety issue, as the leaked coolant makes the all-metal case electrically live, which could be a fire and/or electrocution hazard. xlr8yourmac has a section on this.