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  1. pee-air

    LC squeaking

    Just disconnect the fan for a moment and power the sucker up. No point in replacing the fan if it's not the source of the squeal. In my Quadra 700 I have a CPU fan that gets its power from the hard drive connector. If I disconnect the fan and power the machine up there is no squeal. If I disconnect the hard drive and leave the fan connected, there is no squeal when I power up. If I connect them both, I get a squeal until the hard drive completely spins up. The hard drive draws more power on spin up than it does once it's up and running.
  2. pee-air

    LC squeaking

    The LC also has a floppy drive or two and/or a hard drive. My Quadra 700 squeals briefly when I power it up as well. I attribute the squeal to power draw on startup. If I run the Quadra with a beefier power suply, there is no squeal.
  3. pee-air

    Mac IIci won't boot

    You're pretty much screwed if you don't have a working floppy drive, no bootable OS on your hard drive, no CDROM drive that you can boot from and install an OS from, or a second Mac that you can use to install an OS on the Fujitsu. You're going to have to beg, borrow, or steal another Mac, an external CDROM drive, a working floppy drive, or another hard drive with an OS already installed on it.
  4. pee-air

    If all else fails... FWB Hard Disk Toolkit!

    Okay, that's two hard drives now. The nine gigabyte Seagate Barracuda can't be formatted on a Classic Mac OS machine no way, no how. Now my lowly little two gigabyte IBM Apple ROMed hard drive is exhibiting problems. This one I can get formatted, but the disk setup software bundled with the A/UX installation media won't touch it. It's reporting a hardware problem. And I know for a fact that there is nothing wrong with this particular drive. IRIX does something to hard drives that the Macintosh operating system just does not like. I don't know if it changes something that probably shouldn't be changed or what, but IRIX appears to be the common denominator. Both drives worked perfectly fine before they became the unsuspecting prey of the IRIX 6.5 Installation Tools CD. What gives? What does IRIX do to poor defenseless SCSI hard drives that makes them forget who they are?
  5. That guide isn't terribly accurate. The img tags don't work here, for example. Which isn't, in my opinion, such a bad thing.
  6. Is there any way to get superscript and subscript text on 68kMLA? I notice that the and tags don't appear to work here. Kind of sucks if you want to include footnotes in your posts.
  7. pee-air

    If all else fails... FWB Hard Disk Toolkit!

    The drive that I am using does not have termination resistors on it. It relies on the SCSI bus for termination. ie. an attached terminator in the case of an external drive. All of the jumpers are set correctly. Here's what happens when I try to format the drive with Drive Setup This screenshot shows that Drive Setup recognizes the drive as This screenshot shows Drive Setup's response when I select the disk This screenshot shows how Drive Setup responds when I attempt to initialize the disk This screenshot shows that Drive Setup won't allow me to select {Custom Setup} The problem, according to my limited understanding of the situation, is that the drive needs to be low level formatted. Unfortunately, the 9.1 GB Seagate drive is too large for Mac OS 8.6 to format. So it wants me to partition the drive into smaller logical units. But Apple's Drive Setup software won't allow me to partition the drive because it is not formatted. It's a real Jim Dandy of a situation. Only thing I can think of off the top of my head is to do what wthww had suggested. Put the drive in another machine and zero it from that machine. But I don't really have another machine available that has a SCSI bus. So I'm kind of screwed. Well, I suppose I could install Linux or NetBSD on the old SGI box and try to zero it from there. But that means having to go through all of the trouble of actually installing Linux or NetBSD on the old SGI. And I'm not feeling too enthusiastic about that. Damn! I wish I had a SCSI card for my X86 Linux box. I should invest in one. ------------------------------------------------------- 1 The last version of Drive Setup to run in Classic Mac OS.
  8. pee-air

    If all else fails... FWB Hard Disk Toolkit!

    Yeah, I have a terminator. And If I pull the drive from the enclosure and replace it with another, it works fine. So it's not a SCSI issue. It's a drive issue.
  9. pee-air

    If all else fails... FWB Hard Disk Toolkit!

    I don't have a PC that I can hook it up to. It's a SCSI drive and I don't have a PC with a SCSI interface/bus to connect it to. I'll try the utility from Mac OS 9.
  10. ...And if FWB HD Toolkit fails, then your beautiful nine gigabyte Seagate Barracuda drive is dead. It's dead, Jim! I swapped the 2 gigabyte drive out of my Quadra 700 and replaced it with the Seagate Barracuda. I then tried to reinstall A/UX on to the new drive. Disaster struck. The A/UX installer's drive partitioner couldn't find the disk. It reported that there were no suitable drives to be found on the SCSI bus. Not one to give up easily, I began looking for other ways to format this drive. I knew it could be formatted to work on the Mac because I had used this drive on a Mac before. I also have two other Barracuda drives in active duty. So there was a glimmer of hope. Alas, the glimmer of hope has faded to grey. I tried everything. I started with every version of Apple's Drive Setup and HD SC I could find. HD SC 3.1 -- the version for A/UX -- crashed the system and I had to reboot. Other versions of Apple's HD SC could not find a drive on the SCSI bus. A few older versions of Drive Setup found the drive but reported it as "unsupported". More recent versions of Drive Setup found the drive and reported it as "uninitialized". Although when I attempted to initialize the drive with the newer versions of Drive Setup, it failed and said that the drive was too large to be formatted as one partition. It advised that I use the "custom setup" option to partition the drive and try again. However the "custom setup" button was greyed out and I was unable to do anything but get error messages saying that the drive was too large for a single HFS partition. Time to bring out the big guns... I then went to the patched version of Apple's HD SC software. It's said to work on anything but the crack of dawn. But it wouldn't work on this drive. It just crashed my system and forced me to reboot. So I went to SilverLining Lite. It formatted the drive with no reported errors, but failed when attempting to install the driver. Silverlining Pro looked like it would fare better, but it too failed. Drive 7 was my next try. That was a total waste of time. And so I ended up trying the mother of them all: FWB Hard Disk Toolkit. I have heard that FWB can format a drive made of popsicle sticks and contact cement. But it won't format this 9 GB Seagate Barracuda. It bombs by giving me a dialog box that says, "Hardware error encountered." So it would seem that this drive is pooched... Dead... Done... Garbage.
  11. pee-air

    Q605 won't boot

    A dead battery wouldn't give you the chimes. In my experience, the chimes of death are caused by bad memory most of the time. I would remove the RAM and the PDS card and give it a reboot. If it boots without the PDS and the SIMM, put the PDS back in and try it again.
  12. I never ever did the 300 baud thing. I was a late bloomer. I didn't join in on the fun until I got my Atari SX212 (1986-1987ish?) 1200 baud modem. Went from that to having no modem. Then took up the hobby again in 1994 with a USRobotics Mac and Fax.
  13. There isn't a data sharing protocol on the Internet that isn't full of "some very foul and probably not entirely legal pictures." You ever hear the tune, We Built This City? Well, in that tune, the city was built on rock and roll. The Internet was built on porn. Plain and simple. If you were a bbs operator in the eighties and nineties, it didn't take you long to realize that the boards that got the most calls were the boards that offered porn. Hell, even our local Mac Users Group ran a First Class bbs with a special porn section for its adult members. Ever go to a computer trade show back in the eighties to mid-nineties? Back when distributing public domain and shareware on floppy disks for a fee of between $5.00 and $10.00 per disk was the in thing for computer junkies? The biggest section of their PD & Shareware catalogs were the porn sections. Back when commercial bbs' were still popular, MacUser and, I believe, MacWorld magazines ran ads for porn systems in the back of their magazines. Porn was just as responsible for the adoption of personal computers by consumers as games were.
  14. I don't know if everyone is tip-toeing around the word hotline, or why they would be, if they are, it just seems that all of the "worthwhile" hotline servers have disappeared. I was just thinking that no one really bothered with them anymore. And if that's the case, I was thinking that maybe I would liberate my old G3 from the warez gathering clutches of the evil hotline client software. To paraphrase that enigma of classic American literature, they ain't making no more disk space. ]'>
  15. pee-air

    "ultimate" 68k machine

    I've never understood the allure of System 6. I liken System 6 to GEOS on a Commodore 64; primative as primative can be. A/UX, on the other hand, now that's an operating system. One with one Hell of a learning curve too, I might add. ]'>