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  1. Yeah, the Mac side will support a 64mb ram stick, but the PC side not so much. The 630dos board is the same board that comes in a lc 580, with the main difference being that it has an extra ram slot when compared to a regular 630.
  2. 360alaska

    is this card anything special?

    It allows a PDS video card in the top slot and a PDS Ethernet card in the middle. Look towards the bottom of my thread for more info:
  3. 360alaska

    MicroMac Performer SE Mod

    I wonder if you could solder a 68000 on the top of the accelerator?
  4. I can confirm that the IDE bus (in REV will support two drives. At one point (in 2004) my 266 mhz IMAC G3's analog board went out and I converted it into an ATX case.
  5. 360alaska

    Apple M1296 12" RGB: Loud bang

    Probably one of those safety capacitors.
  6. 360alaska

    Can anyone check their IIfx for C27?

    Page 1 of the Bomarc schematic or...... this:
  7. 360alaska

    Powerbook G4 667 Airport?

    I think you can do WPA 1 if you're on 10.4. For a TIbook you'll need an original airport card. If I remember correctly the slot should be under the keyboard. You can also use a PCMCIA card.
  8. 360alaska

    Classic II + FPU = A/UX?

    Hey Buddy, Welcome back! You know what, I was thinking we could make a significantly cheaper FPU card if we did away with the eeprom stuff. That way the board could be smaller and also be a two layer board.
  9. 3d printers that are that size aren't terribly expensive nowadays. Perhaps you should get one, look for a CR-10 or a Ft-5.
  10. 360alaska

    System Saver And Hard Drive Enclosure

    When installing my SCSI mod, it is only terminated by the SCSI2SD. I'd imagine that if one had other external scsi devices to connect one might need to remove the scsi2sd's termination.
  11. 360alaska

    Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    Yes, it is bus powered.
  12. 360alaska

    Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    If installed as pictured then yes.
  13. 360alaska

    Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    1. Yes, any ground will work. 2. You need to connect a 1n4001 diode to the between the board's "P" terminal and the the 5v side of CR1 position. 3. You need a header with 2.54mm/ .1 inch spacing. 4. Note sure what your asking here?
  14. 360alaska

    Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    Gerbers, so you can order the pcbs from a pcb service such as OSHpark