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  1. Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    That can be arranged!
  2. Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    My final board design is complete and I couldn’t be happier! This setup is perfect for my Brainstorm accelerated board.(The Brainstorm accelerator doesn’t support HD20)
  3. Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    To install one solders a header into the back row of pins and then solders my board to the header. Then you solder a diode and a ground wire. Pretty easy! It does not prevent the external connector from working at all, to the Mac plus it’s just another scsi device.
  4. Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    Another logic board, different pics:
  5. Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    I've made a little progress, I need to do one more board revision and this project will be complete. The good news is that I’ve made it possible to fit the adapter in the case by making the board a little longer and using a right angle connector. This allows the cable to exit the back and loop around into system and connect to a SCSI2SD or hard drive. For persons with expert soldering abilities it can be installed without removing the external SCSI connector but I suspect most will want to remove it.
  6. Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    I ordered another board but have yet to install it.
  7. My IISI has a supermac 8-24 PDQ and that will do 1024x768.
  8. Doesn't the TAM have a firmware upgrade? I wonder if it's needed here?
  9. 40p SCSI to 50p SCSI

    I’ve been working on something like this, the key is design your board so it doesn’t increase the profile of the board. I’m working to make mine a “top-hat.”
  10. Macintosh SE ROM Adapter

    Neat, although I would suggest making the rom socket connections through-hole.
  11. There are both readily available and of little value, but since the IICI runs a faster clock speed (and bus) and is also 32-bit clean I’d go for the IICI.
  12. Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    No, the scsi chip is not removed! This board piggybacks on the chip!
  13. Hey all, I've been working on a way to connect a SCSI2SD internally to a Macintosh Plus, I'm still waiting on a right angle 50-pin header so it will fit in the case but here's what I have so far: Step 1: Install a header Step 2: Install the circuit board and connect to GND and TPWR(with Diode) Step 3: Connect a random hard drive and see if it works: I'm still polishing my idea a little, but in the future I may be able to offer kits to the community.
  14. Apple M1296 12" RGB: No Raster

    I had one giving me some issues and I'm happy to say a recap and a adjustment fixed all my issues.
  15. 1. I'm not sure about de-ionized water vs distilled, you can usually get distilled at the market and you'll need it to mix with the dex-cool. 2. Half a gallon is enough, I'd do 70% water and 30% dexcool.