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  1. Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    thanks will prepare a new cable and probe 5v on correct side with my meter, so it should be 4P4C instead of RJ-11?
  2. Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    the only thing I found is this pinout.
  3. Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    Hi, seems that it's lost. I've seen one on eBay, but considering shipping costs there's no way I am paying $40 for a simple cord! I am aware of arduino solution, but I just want to use my Apple keyboard. Any way I can modify telephone cord? Charlie
  4. 512Ke w/ Upgrade

    wow, you just saved a few bucks on this one... but so cool you showed this completely unaware of real computer's value minor some generosity He might get a few burritos for a computer worth $100 for upgrade itself.
  5. Macintosh with 'sort of double screen'

  6. Macintosh with 'sort of double screen'

    I have the same issue with my Plus, but it doubles the screen horizontally. Havent resolved it yet. But someone suggested checking certain traces in my old thread. Cant find this post after forum "remodelling".
  7. 512k mouse == pc serial mouse?

    Ok sorry, missed that.
  8. 512k mouse == pc serial mouse?

    Can you elaborate on that? I can see no connection between this site and antisemitism. If you're referring to recent Warsaw incident blown out proportion by some news stations, I think that's not the right place to discuss it. If I were rude I could ask you a question - is children sexual abuse just a random act of violence in your community, or just "standard thing" to you people?
  9. 512k mouse == pc serial mouse?

    no it wont, changing pins wont do! This modification takes a lot of work. https://web.archive.org/web/20140312150842/http://mcbx.netne.net/hacks/mouse/index.htm
  10. Does the SE/30 live up to the hype?

    I am on the fence to be honest. While I like my SE/30 I've been thinking why I need one in my collection since I already have bunch of maxed out (in terms of RAM) Pluses. I know that Unix, BSD and Linux distros need better CPU than 68000. Ok, lets see which games and programs apart from web browsers require more than 4 MB and 030 while still running in 1-bit graphics mode. Any clues? To put in other words what are the "killer apps" that require SE/30 specs and wont run on Plus?
  11. Any ideas? SE/30 with squares

    cool another se/30 saved from throwing to dumpster!
  12. Any ideas? SE/30 with squares

    North Korea
  13. Mount SCSI2SD card in Windows

    I had the same Error Opening Native File in Windows 10. Turned out my SD adapter had lock on!
  14. Macintosh Plus wont see external hdd

    Hi In order to copy some files I tried to connect my SE/30's SCSI hdd (with System 7.0.1. or 7.1 dont remember) to Macintosh Plus using external case. I hear the drive spinning, but it doesnt show in Finder...just nothing! Some clues: - I did not have a standard Centronics style SCSI terminator, just this pass through female type like this one http://ppeci.com/images/uploads/products/ADZ-TC50MF-AC.jpg (is this an issue? ) - the only boot disk I have with my Plus is System 5.1 (might be too old?) - the hdd has linux partition next to HFS one Any tips will be highly appreciated.
  15. Any ideas? SE/30 with squares

    Well yeah the price seems to be relative. An equivalent of 10-20 EUR is a typical price for recapping old computers (like Amiga/Macintosh) in my country. I am talking about small repair shops and forum users doing it in their spare time.