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  1. CharlieFrown

    Best games/apps to showcase B&W mac?

    anyone has a list of games that run on unexpanded Mac 128k?
  2. I am pretty sure the reason of the sad mac is faulty rom chips. Cleaning and reseating them wont do, after 30 years those chips detoriate even they dont show any sign of corrosion. All you need to do is burn replacement roms on couple of 27c512 eproms. PM me if you need them.
  3. CharlieFrown

    400k Drive Repair Guide - A Call to Arms!!!!!!

    interesting, I have a hunch the caps might be the reason my 800K drives do not work at all. Do you have caps list for 800K drives as well?
  4. CharlieFrown

    800k Floppy drive question

    Despite lubricating and cleaning the drives, they show no signs of life. Checked those switches too. Any ideas? If my IWM chip is bad will I be able to boot from external drive?
  5. CharlieFrown

    Macintosh SE with horizontal lines, no chime

    examine the pins underneath the mobo - might be bent in the way they cause short circuit. Sounds strange, but I had the recapped SE/30 with the same issue.
  6. CharlieFrown

    DIY Mac512k 1 MB modification

    hi, has anyone tried this before? Check out Classic Mac Tech Docs, v2.0 page 28. "9.2 How to Upgrade the Mac 512K to 1MB (and beyond?...)
  7. CharlieFrown

    800k Floppy drive question

    do you think I could use 800k drive from the SE with my Plus?
  8. CharlieFrown

    800k Floppy drive question

    Hi, I have two 51W floppy drives, which have the same issue - do not respond at all, no spinning, no clicking, checked the eject motor gears and seems ok. Cleaned the head. Nothing. Nada. No idea what I should do next. Maybe the stepper motor is dead? BTW I used two different yellow striped cables.
  9. CharlieFrown

    Macintosh Plus reboot in a loop or vertical bars

    Yesterday I replaced the original ROM chips (giving me the identical bars) with two 27c512 containing Plus ROM images. Works perfectly, chimes, no bars, boots to desktop. I can confirm that the vertical bars are usually caused by faulty memory or ROM chips.
  10. CharlieFrown

    Macintosh Plus reboot in a loop or vertical bars

    I have a Plus with pretty much the same vertical bars, when I swap the ROMs with the MacRominator it boots just fine.
  11. CharlieFrown

    I have no logic!

    you could go with a Rominator instead of regular ROM chips.
  12. CharlieFrown

    "Cheap Networking" for System 6 and 7 Macs

    Don't get me wrong, but I find it weird when I see people trying to open web pages on 68000 Macs with very slow connection. I mean what's the purpose? I used PowerBook 170 with maxed RAM back in the mid 90s and "surfing" the Internet was no fun at all - apart from IRC, email, newsgroups, everything lagged. Only text based Internet makes sense. If you want to see real magic - check this on any Mac that's capable of opening .PNG files, 1) go to http://pici.picidae.net/ 2) write 68kmla.org in URL window and press enter 3) wait and open any topic you like (no loggin though)
  13. CharlieFrown

    SE/30 connection between ASC and sound chips

    I found schematic here: https://museo.freaknet.org/gallery/apple/stuff/mac/andreas.kann/schemat.html
  14. Hi, I have a SE/30 saved from major caps leakage, apart from recap had to repair some chips and vias to restore video. Still there's a sound issue, you cant hear it at all and whenever the programs call the sound it crashes. For example in Disk Copy it happens when I keep "Confirm before copying" option on (it should beep on normal Mac), it's fine when it's disabled. So what seems obvious to me is check the connection between ASC and Sony sound chips. I have a schematic for the SE/30 logicboard, but the problem is I can't really figure out orientation of the pins on ASC and Sony sound chips. How can you tell which one is pin 1 and the others ?