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  1. There were several third parties that swapped the numpad for a trackball, with Datadesk springing to mind first: With numpad: Without numpad: I would assume there were others that removed the space the numpad used entirely but I personally haven't seen any like that.
  2. Unfortunately, the Tango 2.0 isn't going to work in the TAM, contrary to what their box says. Later versions of the Tango 2.0 have a sticker over top saying that it only supports Beige and B&W G3s, G4s except for the Cube, and G5s. There's no way around this and believe me I tried. If you want USB support you'll need to look for a USB card with either the Opti FireLink chipset or an NEC chipset. Like Byrd mentioned, anything more than two ports likely won't work and anything USB 2.0 definitely won't work. This card on eBay will work just fine: https://www.ebay.com/itm/31307276209
  3. I think I'm probably one of the biggest defenders of the iceBooks around these parts, which comes from the ~4 years I spent supporting them back when they were a current product (several thousand machines). I'd argue that the problems the dual-USB iBook and later iBook G4 faced weren't any different than what the PowerBooks and later MacBook Pros at the time faced, they were just a very common sight because loads of schools/universities had fleets of them so any problems automatically got a lot of scrutiny. Yes, some iBooks had motherboard problems where GPUs broke free through a combination
  4. Echoing what others have said, congrats on scoring a CCII and at a very reasonable price all things considered! Anything you'd do to and/or treat with care on a Color Classic you'd do here as well since as far as I'm aware the only difference between the two machines is the model badge on the front and the motherboard. Everything else (case, analog board, internal frame, wiring harness, motherboard cover, floppy drive, HD, etc.) is exactly the same. Recapping the motherboard is top of the list and since this is a working example, *hopefully* that means you won't have a ton of le
  5. No, this project went back to sleep so to speak, at least as far as I'm aware. I've got that exact Tango 2.0 card, though the box for mine had a label pasted over the front once they found out that it wasn't going to play nicely with the majority of machines they listed: As Byrd mentioned, your best bet is to pick up the standard RJ45 version of the card you have. They pop up on eBay every now and again and I've seen them on Amazon from time to time as well. Similar deal with the PCI riser, they come up for sale on eBay every once in a while. Be very glad you already have the CSII ri
  6. Not sold separately, but yes those are Apple cables. They were included with the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. Apple also sold AV cables in the early 00s when the 3.5MM jack on the iBooks (PowerBooks as well?) could be used for both audio and video (composite). Interesting that the auction is worded such that it would appear the two slot PCI riser is for the TAM when it very much isn't. Yes, you can use it with the fat back removed and it will work, but it's for/from a 64/6500 not a TAM.
  7. Silly question, but did you clear the PRAM after installing the card? I've got an older RasterOps card (ColorBoard 108+) that gets very picky if I play musical video cards in the IIci where it's installed. It also gets noticeably warm to the touch but apart from that I haven't noticed any ill effects.
  8. There are at least five specific to Apple of which I'm aware: - Single PCI riser found in the 54/5500 machines - Single PCI riser found in the TAM (taller and offset as compared to the other single riser) - Double PCI riser found in the 64/6500 machines - Double PCI plus single CSII riser found in the later 4400s - Triple PCI riser found in the earlier 4400s I seem to remember that someone had tried a two slot riser in a TAM and everything worked, but it prevented the back cover from being in place. That meant the cards were literally hanging there
  9. Congrats on the nice find! Doesn't even look like the screen has any burn in and getting both a socketed motherboard and one that looks in reasonable shape before recapping is quality indeed. Grayscale and acceleration makes it an even better machine, though if you're intending to use both a 68040 and grayscale make sure you pick up a Carrera or the Bolle clone since the XCEED still doesn't play nicely with the Turbo 040 (unless Bolle has gotten that to work recently).
  10. Easily my favorite startup chime, just something about that bass line (starts around 7:34 in the video above) coupled with the rest of the tone that make it sound optimistic to me, like you'd hear over the dawn of a new day. It's a shame it was only used on the PPC upgrade cards and Macs that tend to be looked down upon (PM 52/53/62/63xxs). That they decided to just pitch-shift what was the Quadra 660AV/840AV chime twice (once for the PCI Power Macs and once more everything G3 and beyond) just seemed like a missed opportunity to me.
  11. I'd hazard a guess the most popular use scenarios for these now are 575s/Mystic Color Classics (2x512KB to get Thousands of Colors at 640x480, assuming that mod has been performed) or the HPV cards from the x100 Power Macs (adding 4x512KB to a 2MB card to turn it into a 4MB card). I haven't been able to find the 112 pin VRAM DIMMs for the later Power Macs for some time either, but I figure those aren't in as high demand because you can just toss a cheap PCI Radeon in those and get way better video than what was onboard.
  12. I don't know for certain. Both the machine and accelerator went to new homes some time ago when I was "focusing" my collection so I didn't spend too much time digging. I want to say it was for a video card but I can't remember where I read that. The accelerator came out so close to the end of Applied Engineering's life that it's difficult to find much information on it since searching for AE TransWarp just brings up acres of information on the //e version.
  13. I don't know about the tray loaders but the internal frame on the slot loaders seems to be really brittle. I've seen a bunch that have ended up like the one linked to below where the outside case is intact but the internal frame that holds everything together goes to pieces. At least this seller was good enough to point that out and not try and write it off as "the machine has scratches" as I've seen from other sellers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333740309586
  14. I've had that happen before. The stance the shipping company takes is that if the outside of the box wasn't visibly damaged in some way (punctured, crushed, wet, etc.) then the fault was with the sender not preparing it adequately for shipping. So far, I haven't had any problems getting FedEx or UPS to pay for damage when it was clear they didn't treat the box well. I also wouldn't personally package a 5xx/5xxx series, TAM, G3 iMac, or any of the other super fragile machines, since all of those can break if you breathe on them wrong, but if UPS or FedEx boxes it up for me and it still arriv
  15. My first thought was that one was made earlier than the other and they were made in different plants...but that fell flat when I took a cursory glance at everyone's favorite auction site: https://www.ebay.com/itm/184659552128?orig_cvip=true&nordt=true https://www.ebay.com/itm/174620386030?orig_cvip=true&nordt=true Both are 1992 machines from the Fremont plant and yet one has text aligned like the machine on the left in your pic, and one has text aligned like the machine on the right. Personally I think the left looks more "correct", though it would be interesting
  16. Did the machine comes with the restore discs you were using or were you using images you found online? I see the Garden now has a load more restore discs preserved and the set below should work for you (assuming these aren't the same ones you already tried): http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/ibook-g3-early-2003-software-media-set-mac-os-v922-mac-os-x1024 I know when I tried to use a retail 9.1 CD on one of my iBooks (G3/600) it would boot fine from the CD and install without any complaints but it also didn't recognize the GPU or sound properly for some reason. All was well whe
  17. When I had an accelerated SE I had to bend the frame and take the motherboard out essentially straight down. The instructions specifically said to do so as there wasn't enough clearance to slide the motherboard back in with the accelerator attached. If you got it in one of the frame rails and pulled the other out to pop the motherboard in everything would *just* fit. It's very annoying to have to do so, but since Killy clips haven't been made in ages and whatever's left isn't going to be super strong (not that they ever were in the first place) it's the best option available.
  18. Yes, you'll need an earlier revision M7332 charger with the larger barrel (pic below). The smaller barrel fits later G3/G4 iBooks, which won't do you any good unless you've got one of those as well. The picture below (borrowed from "ibook-clamshell.com") shows the size difference. The one you need is on the right and has a 9.5MM barrel. The later iBooks used a 7.5MM barrel.
  19. Amen to all of that. I've got two that are "reasonably" close to me but when I lived within 3 miles of one of them that was seriously dangerous. Every TV in my house ended up with an HTPC attached to it because of how close I lived to that Micro Center. Even back in my CC days we'd always (quietly) recommend going there for accessories and whatnot since they didn't charge an arm and a leg for cables, adapters, etc. I wish you the best of luck on that endeavor. If yours is anything like either of mine it's rare when they're not busy.
  20. I agree, it would be best to send whole machines on to a new home, but it sounds like this could be a workplace environment where that might not be possible. As far as 7100s go, I've seen more than a few decent condition machines with starting bids around $50 and reasonable shipping that ended up unsold. Of course, if you've got a lot of specialty Nubus cards the speed boost of a 7100 over say some flavor of Quadra is going to be quite noticeable. Personally, I just never got the appeal for what were clearly stopgap machines (x100 series PowerMacs) since I think at that point App
  21. Personally, I'd skip the floppy drives since those are still cheap and plentiful. I want to say the same manual inject drive (not necessarily the same model number, but a compatible version) was used all the way up to the Beige G3s so there are plenty of machines to use for replacements. SCSI CD-ROMs seem to be getting a little bit thinner on the ground so if they're working and you have the space, might not be a bad idea to save those. I'd be surprised if the hard drives are still working if we're talking about machines that were in storage and not in active use since they're almost certai
  22. Given that you're not in the United States you'd be better suited to find a Color Classic II (also sold as the Performa 275). The low RAM ceiling (10MB) and smaller bus (16 bit) on the Color Classic make it feel like a much slower machine than its specs would suggest. Yes, you'll have to worry about both motherboard caps and analog board caps, as both are known trouble spots. I'd say a decent price for a CC that hasn't been recapped but still works would fall right in line with your estimate. Obviously, you can pick up a better deal if having a super yellowed case doe
  23. If I'm not mistaken, the iBook G4 came with Panther (10.3) so any version of Tiger, save the Intel specific one, should work just fine. It does sound like the installation got messed up somehow. The only time I've seen Tiger get stuck at that screen was when there was a HD problem and it couldn't finish loading the Finder.
  24. I've had tips fail where they weren't making good contact with the jack on the machine and I've had adapters fail because the cord frayed where it connected to the yo-yo or the brick, but I've never had a jack fail on the machine in normal use. It was always due to physical damage of the port, like if the laptop was plugged in and fell striking the plug at an angle, or someone tripped over a cord and the cord got yanked out at an angle. The sort of mishaps that were exactly the reason Apple came out with MagSafe @ghost180sx I see what you mean about shipping to Canada not being
  25. Yes, there's MemoryX and "blairdus" on eBay. I've bought from both in the past and had no issues. https://www.memoryx.com/apl256v.html https://www.ebay.com/itm/142042841646
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