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  1. EvilCapitalist

    Rare Macintosh Plus with Total Systems Accelerator Board

    Very nice, especially that blue PCB. Always a treat when you find something other than the standard green or yellowish green in a machine of this age. The original owner must have really loved that Plus as I'd imagine the accelerator / video board combo cost nearly as much as an entirely new machine back in the day.
  2. EvilCapitalist

    PowerWave weirdness | picky about video card

    Seemingly silly question, but are you using a stock Apple keyboard (or a PowerWave branded one) or just some generic ADB keyboard? I've only got my experiences on it but for whatever reason every single non-Apple keyboard I've used has been crap in terms of resetting PRAM or other startup key combinations. I'd be holding the keys down and nothing would happen, then I'd switch to an Apple keyboard (using the same ADB cable) and *boom*, all of a sudden the computer is recognizing all the startup key combos.
  3. EvilCapitalist

    LC575 screen

    I thought I remember someone on here having luck with removing the CRT and shipping that separately from the rest of the machine. Of course, that introduces the new problem of how to keep the CRT's neck from breaking in transit when it's not protected by the case (the case it would crash through and absolutely destroy if it were left in for shipping). If you're looking to sell I'd have to imagine there's someone in your neck of the woods that would be interested in doing a local pickup.
  4. EvilCapitalist

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    Congrats, and yeah I'd agree you got an absolute steal there. The Voodoo3 card alone goes for almost as much as you paid for everything. Assuming you got it from the original owner, sounds like they were a Mac gamer since I wouldn't think people trying to do any sort of graphics work would be springing for a gamer video card.
  5. EvilCapitalist

    Help identifying an SE accelerator

    That looks like an Applied Engineering TransWarp SE, specifically the 68030/25MHz version. Back when I had an SE I had the 40MHz version with onboard RAM pictured below (TW1340), but the giveaway here is the part number on the stickers on the socketed chips / TW1325.
  6. EvilCapitalist

    Mounting hard drive in TAM bay

    Ditto on the double sided tape, that's what holds my CF to IDE adapter in my TAM. 3M makes a double sided tape that they market as mounting tape that works very well and is cut-to-fit. https://www.amazon.com/Scotch-Permanent-Mounting-Tape-Inches/dp/B00347A8GC
  7. EvilCapitalist

    Sonnet Crescendo L2 500MHz 1M

    Nice conquest, and congrats on finishing your TAM! I have mine spec'd out exactly the same way (plus an SSD), though I got my 500MHz Crescendo by way of picking up an entire machine. I'd say you're right smack-dab in the middle as far as prices go on that. There haven't been a whole lot popping up for sale recently (not that there ever are, at least not since the early 00s) and the least expensive I've seen was untested so it's not a bad plan to pick up a known-working card from a reputable seller.
  8. EvilCapitalist

    Pb 3400c wont startup!!

    It might be that the backlight has gone out. Does it still sounds like the machine is booting up after the chime? Power on the machine and leave it sitting long enough for it to boot up, then shine a flashlight at the screen and see if you see anything.
  9. EvilCapitalist

    Memorex CP8 Turbo Programmable Remote Controller

    I'd imagine not! Though, if you did and sat down you'd certainly find out where that remote was in a hurry I'm assuming that the style of that remote (black case with a silver insert around the buttons) was just an 80s style because, apart from its size, that remote looks similar to one we had for the Magnavox TV we had when I was growing up: The last universal remote I had before getting into the Harmony series was called the Kameleon (picture below). Coolest thing about it was that it wasn't an LCD but the buttons displayed changed based on what input you selected. The major downside was it absolutely sucked down batteries because of that screen and the tilt sensor being way too sensitive.
  10. EvilCapitalist

    Dummy Batteries? (iBook G4)

    I don't know if an actual dummy battery was ever made for the iceBooks, but I do know that the bottom cover with the foot is just glued on to the battery pack. I remember having several come across my desk that somehow had that "cover" missing. If your battery is already stone dead you could give removing that cover a go so you'd at least be able to cover the hole. The other option is picking up an NOS battery. I've had very good luck with the ones I've purchased and though I haven't bought any from this particular seller, it's eBay and since this one is sold new/sealed you've got the money back guarantee. I figure ~$18 for an NOS OEM battery is about as good as you're going to find. https://www.ebay.com/itm/143449758025
  11. EvilCapitalist

    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    I feel like I've seen machines with 6's sticker placement before. That "feels" correct to me because it matches the left justification of the "PowerPC" text.
  12. EvilCapitalist

    Bolles finds

    Wow, that's quite the accelerator. Always nice to see a red PCB as opposed to the standard green or yellowish green. I shudder to think what that cost the original owner
  13. EvilCapitalist

    550c power issues

    That sounds like it might be the case, though in any event it sounds like you've got yourself a very nicely spec'd PB550c. I'm wondering if you also have a CPU upgrade lurking inside. I thought the max the 5xx PowerBooks could take was 36MB (4MB onboard + 32MB).
  14. If you've got a rev 1 B&W board and are using the onboard IDE controller, yeah there can be problems. I noticed it with most when I tried to install larger, more recent drives but from what I've read it also happens if you have more than one HD installed. The problem manifested for me as random bombs in OS 9. I never tried OS X on that machine so I don't know how it reacted. Personally I prefer the Beige G3s over the B&Ws. In spite of the higher bus speed (100 vs 66 in the beige) and faster memory in the B&W it didn't "feel" all that much faster than the Beige. The one advantage I will give it is the case. No question the B&Ws are much easier to work with when it comes to part swapping.
  15. EvilCapitalist

    Kendall's Collection and Finds!

    Congrats on the new IIc! Always nice to get things from original owners who had some pride in ownership. Ohhh, 80s hair styles! The people in the NES version have some quality facial expressions when they get an answer right (usually, smugness) or wrong (mix between shock and being rather PO'd). You have to wonder if the programmer was chuckling at seeing the finished product.