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  1. EvilCapitalist

    Micron Xceed w/ Grayscale Adapter Questions

    I'll have to check that on mine. If I'm remembering correctly the card started in B&W and I had to manually select 256 grays through the Monitors Control Panel after I installed the enabler.
  2. EvilCapitalist

    Micron Xceed w/ Grayscale Adapter Questions

    Congrats and welcome to the grayscale club! You'll need the driver to enable internal grayscale which you can snag from the Mac Driver Museum mirror (thanks, @pcamen!) and it should work fine with a 68030/50MHz upgrade. The only card I know for a fact it doesn't play nicely with is the Turbo '040, as @omidimo mentioned.
  3. EvilCapitalist

    TAM CD drive not spinning up

    Nope, no service manual for the TAM. Service Source actually said "Due to the unique nature of this computer, any service requiring removal of enclosure screws must be handled by a centralized repair center; therefore, detailed repair instructions will not be distributed via Service Source CD." http://tim.id.au/laptops/apple/legacy/twentieth_anniversary_mac.pdf If you haven't taken your TAM apart before be incredibly careful. The plastic is getting more and more brittle and, of course, there are clips holding the front and back together.
  4. EvilCapitalist

    Unexpected conquest: Classic and Power Mac 5400/200

    Be especially careful with the front cover. Those clips break very easily and then you're stuck with a cover that will never fit snugly again. Also, here's a link for the Service Source PDF in case you don't have it already. http://tim.id.au/laptops/apple/legacy/powermac.perf_5400.5500.pdf
  5. EvilCapitalist

    Boxed PB 2400c/240 - 56K Warning

    That's a fine looking 2400 you've got there! I'm still amused every time I see a 2400 because of how the mouse button looks like a handlebar mustache.
  6. EvilCapitalist

    Unexpected conquest: Classic and Power Mac 5400/200

    Nice conquest! The 5xxx machines are interesting beasts because you can load them up with a TV tuner, FM tuner, Video input/output, Ethernet, and a CPU accelerator and yet they somehow still garner less interest than their nearly identical brethren, the 64xx tower. Of course, that might be because the plastics are likely the absolute worst and most brittle you'll see as they're peak Spindler-plastic. I'm going to hazard a guess that when you picked up the 5400 it creaked and squeaked a bit?
  7. EvilCapitalist

    Powerbook 1400c/166 worth?

    Yeah, if it's just the machine/floppy drive, a charger, and a bag $20 seems reasonable to me for a local sale. If he wants eBay money for it, he should list it on there.
  8. EvilCapitalist

    Powerbook 1400c/166 worth?

    Short version, if he wants $85 and won't budge I'd skip it and look for something else. Longer version, if he wants $85 it had better be in excellent shape with both the gray cover and the clear cover, a CD-ROM drive with an intact drive bezel, a floppy drive, and a charger. It may be the top of the line PowerBook 1400 but these aren't rare machines by any stretch of the imagination. If it's just the machine with maybe a floppy drive (no CD-ROM) and a charger your $20 offer seems reasonable to me.
  9. EvilCapitalist

    7.1 vs 7.5.3 on a Color Classic

    Yes, 7.5.x is a much "heavier" OS than 7.1, especially on the Color Classic where you're getting choked by the 16 bit bus.
  10. EvilCapitalist

    Several findings on computerpartsgalore.com

    It looks like it's geared much more towards PC parts, with the Mac parts being more of an afterthought. Of course, that means that the Mac parts are cheaper than they likely would be elsewhere. The downside is that if you don't know the model number of what you're looking for you're sunk since there aren't any pictures.
  11. EvilCapitalist

    Baroni’s Collection

    That has to be one of the most organized disasters I've ever seen! Given the sheer number of machines, and not knowing how many are presently problem children, I can certainly understand being overwhelmed by them.
  12. EvilCapitalist

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Yes, that's just the machine going through the RAM test. Only happens on a cold boot and you can disable it in the Memory Control Panel if you hold down Command and Option and then open the panel. You'll end up with something similar to this screenshot:
  13. EvilCapitalist

    Are these computers worth getting?

    If you can get all three for under $100 you'd be doing reasonably well, though obviously the lower the better. If they have a high enough ask that you couldn't get all three, ditch the Beige G3 as those are still relatively cheap and plentiful. FPU isn't required for the LCIII to work, though if you wanted to add one they can be had for ~$10: https://www.ebay.com/itm/361788721684
  14. EvilCapitalist

    Are these computers worth getting?

    Short version, yes all are worth grabbing, especially if you're getting them for free. Long-ish version: The Beige G3 desktop makes an excellent bridge machine for transferring things back to older machines that can't be networked easily. The Performa 550 uses the same motherboard as the Color Classic II so folks with original CCs tend to grab the machines purely to swipe the mobot. LCIII is a solid 68K machine all on its own and you're correct that the empty socket is for the FPU. As far as issues go: - Beige G3 is going to be the most reliable with the weak points being case plastics. Everything else is usually pretty reliable. - Performa 550 will need to have motherboard caps replaced, as well as analog board caps if you want to stay on the safe side. Case plastics are likely going to be super fragile. Reason you don't see many of the Performa 5xx series around anymore is because it's almost guaranteed that they won't survive shipping. - LCIII will need motherboard and power supply caps as both are very common failure points. Case plastics might also be a concern but not as much as the Performa.
  15. EvilCapitalist

    Help Color Classic - Won't Power On

    I don't suppose you've got another board you could test in that machine? The next things to check would be seeing if there are any broken traces on the motherboard, but tracing continuity and seeing if any of the chips that are known to fail on these boards have given up the ghost is a bit above my skillset. When you recapped the board did you wash it first? I know with my machines the old caps left gunk *everywhere* and when they were being recapped the person doing the work said several of them had more problems than just bad caps.