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  1. EvilCapitalist

    Se30 - help identifying an expansion board

    Even without a driver the card "should" show up under the Monitors control panel. All the video cards I've seen at least are at least recognized in there even if advanced features are unavailable without an enabler/extension/control panel/etc. Have you tried connecting an external monitor to see if you get a signal?
  2. EvilCapitalist

    Se30 - help identifying an expansion board

    The lettering is a little worn but that's a Nutmeg 30/8, which if I'm not mistaken gives you 256 colors on an external display. There's one thread I could find in a quick search on here that touches on its grayscale cousin, the 30/2:
  3. I'd call that well-bought. Congrats on the conquest!
  4. EvilCapitalist

    TAM questions - How is it as a stereo?

    Despite what eBay would have you believe, these aren't all that expensive if you're only after a good condition functional machine, and not all the original boxes and pack-ins. Granted, ~$700-800 is still technically "new computer money" for a lot of folks (myself included) but they seem to have leveled off in value so even if you bought one at that price I figure you'd still be able to sell it for that much later if you decided you didn't want to keep it.
  5. Depends on how much you're after that particular machine and what "no upgrades" means. If it's base as the day it was built (maybe 16MB RAM and a ~1GB HD) then I'd say it's a bit steep, but if it's got a fair amount of RAM, a larger HD, and perhaps a CSII ethernet card that's reasonable. I'm assuming that "no upgrades" means nothing like an L2/G3 or a USB card.
  6. EvilCapitalist

    TAM questions - How is it as a stereo?

    As long as you're not expecting it to rattle the windows it works perfectly well. Think of it as being in the same class as an Executive stereo system; it certainly fits the bill as far as looks go and it's got the remote too. I've got iTunes 2.0.4 installed on my TAM, which if I'm not mistaken is the last version that will run on OS9.
  7. EvilCapitalist

    Color Classic Analog Board problems

    That noise you hear when flipping the switch is the monitor degaussing. I'm a bit concerned by the ground strap not being connected though. Out of the many CCs I've had the only one that didn't have the ground strap connected properly was one that the previous owner had attempted to turn into a Takky but did a fantastically bad job of it. It's not something that likely to just come loose in shipping, no matter how rough of a ride it took. If you have the motherboard out of the machine and flip the power switch does the fan kick on? If you've added a hard drive, that should also spin up. The only time I've heard chirping from a CC analog board was when it was already dead and wouldn't fire up with a known good board. The power light on the front also lit up every time the analog board chirped. Of the machines I had with that problem, most would do it three times and give up, and one would keep trying until I turned the switch off again. Was this a machine you picked up on eBay? I'd get in touch with the seller if you haven't already.
  8. EvilCapitalist

    G3 Pismo Dead in the water; Ideas?

    I used to have this issue occasionally with the dual USB G3 iBooks / iceBooks and resetting the Power Manager fixed it, unless it was a hardware problem with the DC jack which only happened once. On the back of the machine between the modem jack and the VGA port there should be a very small button, which you'll need a paperclip to press. Remove the battery and then hold down this button for ~30 seconds. If the machine still doesn't power up after you pop the battery back in and plug in the charger, try holding down the main power button for 30 seconds (again with the charger disconnected and the battery removed) and then see if it fires up.
  9. EvilCapitalist


    As long as you're not trying to upgrade it (where you're competing against the TAM lot), you've got a pretty nice machine. The 275 and 300MHz revisions of the 6500 are surprisingly speedy too, to the point that they're usable for basic bridge machine work without doing anything besides maxing the RAM and tossing in a larger HD, which is super cheap because it's IDE.
  10. EvilCapitalist

    4 iMacs & 1 eMac

    Yes, the six disc restore set will put it back to how it arrived new in the box, dual booting OS 9.2.2 and OS X 10.1.2 and all the preloaded software installed. The separate OS9 and OS X CDs are so you could reinstall just the OS without all the extras.
  11. EvilCapitalist

    4 iMacs & 1 eMac

    Yes, that model should boot OS9 with no problems and will run it quite nicely. This restore disc set should work for you: http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/restore-disc-set-imac-g4. Main thing is to make sure that the HD has OS9 drivers installed if you're partitioning it in OS X. The keyboard that's specific to this model might be a little harder to find in non-yellowed condition but they are out there if you look hard enough. The mouse and the speakers are very easy to find. "Correct" keyboard and mouse - https://www.ebay.com/itm/264371893762 Mouse - https://www.ebay.com/itm/133107101319 Speakers - https://www.ebay.com/itm/283423920381
  12. EvilCapitalist

    Micron Xceed w/ Grayscale Adapter Questions

    So, I stand corrected. I didn't even have the Control Panel extension installed on my machine, but the grayscale option was there. Installed the extension, which states that it adds functionality to the Monitors Control Panel and I have one more calibration choice on the Options page but that's about it. When I reset the PRAM though the computer started up in B&W mode and I had to select 256 grays again. Monitors Control Panel looked the same with or without the Control Panel extension installed The only difference was under the Options page. One more calibration option and a different icon. No Control Panel extension: Control Panel extension installed: I'm running version 2.0 of the Control Panel extension, I don't know if a newer version adds anything additional.
  13. EvilCapitalist

    Micron Xceed w/ Grayscale Adapter Questions

    I'll have to check that on mine. If I'm remembering correctly the card started in B&W and I had to manually select 256 grays through the Monitors Control Panel after I installed the enabler.
  14. EvilCapitalist

    Micron Xceed w/ Grayscale Adapter Questions

    Congrats and welcome to the grayscale club! You'll need the driver to enable internal grayscale which you can snag from the Mac Driver Museum mirror (thanks, @pcamen!) and it should work fine with a 68030/50MHz upgrade. The only card I know for a fact it doesn't play nicely with is the Turbo '040, as @omidimo mentioned.
  15. EvilCapitalist

    TAM CD drive not spinning up

    Nope, no service manual for the TAM. Service Source actually said "Due to the unique nature of this computer, any service requiring removal of enclosure screws must be handled by a centralized repair center; therefore, detailed repair instructions will not be distributed via Service Source CD." http://tim.id.au/laptops/apple/legacy/twentieth_anniversary_mac.pdf If you haven't taken your TAM apart before be incredibly careful. The plastic is getting more and more brittle and, of course, there are clips holding the front and back together.