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  1. I received my AppleCD 300

    They're part of the System 7.5 installation when you select CD-ROM support to be installed. On System 7.1 or 7.0.x there should be a separate disk that has CD-ROM software.
  2. I received my AppleCD 300

    Building on what beachycove said and in spite of what Apple commercials from the time would have you believe, Macs of this age are not plug and play. If the drive isn't terminated properly, you don't have the proper extensions installed, and/or you're using a disc that has a newer file system you won't get anything showing up. Termination is easy, follow what beachycove said and plug a terminator into the bottom SCSI port on the drive. Extensions are easy as well. You should have the following installed: - Apple CD-ROM - gets the drive working - Apple Photo Access - really only necessary if you're trying to use PhotoCDs - Audio CD Access - exactly what it sounds like - Foreign File Access - necessary for accessing anything other than HFS / MacOS Standard - High Sierra File Access - necessary for accessing discs formatted as High Sierra - ISO 9660 File Access - necessary for accessing discs formatted as ISO 9660 Without the file access extensions your drive will likely only read HFS formatted CDs, if it reads anything at all.
  3. Best Mac OS version for Color Classic?

    Have you changed anything on the jumpers for the drive? Even if it wasn't terminated properly (where the caps might be at fault) it still should spin up, it just wouldn't load anything and you'd sit at a blinking question mark. Do you have a different drive you could try in the CC?
  4. Best Mac OS version for Color Classic?

    Neither. While it's an excellent idea to recap the motherboard and the analog board, especially as both are still in working order, the hard drive problem is unrelated. Quantum drives (which it sounds like is what you have in there) are known for failing because of stiction.
  5. SE/30 32-bit question

    If it's got a SCSI2SD card in there you'll have to use that utility to partition the drive(s). If you try and use any of the Apple tools, even the patched Drive Setup, it's only going to let you reformat whatever volume was existing if it works at all. If you want to add additional volumes to the SD card you'd need to add them through the SCSI2SD utility. One quick way to check what the previous owner had done is to grab the part numbers off the ROM SIMM. If the SIMM doesn't have the Jolly Roger on it you've got an Apple (likely stock) ROM. If you search by part number you can find whether it's the stock SE/30 ROM or one from a IIsi or IIfx.
  6. Best Mac OS version for Color Classic?

    First off, congrats on picking up those machines for free! That's quite a haul, especially since it looks like they're all physically in nice shape. When you add two 4MB SIMMs to the 4MB it has onboard you think you'll get 12MB but you only get 10MB thanks to silly limitations Apple imposed. As far as the OS, I'd stick with 7.1. While 7.5.x and 7.6 will run on there they're going to be annoyingly slow, more so if you've added additional VRAM to get Thousands of Colors. Even 7.1 on the machine isn't a great experience. If you plan on keeping the little guy be on the lookout for an LC520 or LC550 motherboard which will bump you to 25MHz or 33MHz respectively but with the added bonus of a 36MB RAM ceiling and a proper 32 bit bus. Both let you keep your stock motherboard cover and don't require any fussing with ResEdit to install.
  7. Large Powerbook Lot (inc. 4 PB 2400c)

    Congratulations, that's quite a haul! CL wanted postings are definitely well worth it. I've snagged a bunch of very useful things that way and I think the same can be said for many folks on here.
  8. Upgrading a G4 Cube

    I actually just got my upspec VRM from Artmix earlier this week...and then discovered there's really no way for me to cram that dual CPU upgrade in there. Even if I cut out the center of the black heatsink in the middle of the Cube (maintaining the edges for the handle mechanism) I still wouldn't be able to get the card to fit.
  9. Mac SE accelerator card

    That's a good solid board to hang on to. Something of note, since it has RAM onboard your SE will actually outperform a stock SE/30 because of the higher bus speed on your card (25MHz vs 16MHz).
  10. PB 540c — advice please

    Back when I had a 540c and a 520 (greyscale) I only had one charger between the two of them and it worked fine for each. If I'm not mistaken, the PB5xx series all use the same charger since they all have the same motherboard. I think the only difference between them (520/520c/540/540c) was the CPU card that was installed and whether the screen was greyscale, passive matrix color, or active matrix color. I've seen a handful of 5xx chargers pop up now and then, though it seems like they sell pretty quick. I believe they are auto switching on the voltage side and as far as problems go I seem to recall someone saying they had to recap theirs though I don't know if that's as widespread as say the need to recap LC power supplies or SE/30 motherboards. EDIT: As it turns out there are a few chargers on eBay right now, three of which say they'll ship worldwide. They're all around $30 before shipping. This one has a nice shot of the regulatory label on the back that would confirm that they do auto switch voltage https://www.ebay.com/itm/112913067687 And here are the other two: https://www.ebay.com/itm/222859394909 https://www.ebay.com/itm/282911277768 Also found the thread about recapping the charger. Again, not sure whether this is necessary for all of them or not since I don't own the 540c or 520 anymore.
  11. PowerBook 550c

    Those are some fine machines you've got there! Always nice to see someone putting in the work to get a really nice machine in the end.
  12. Cube internal cable - ADC power

    Removing that cable may have been intentional on the part of the previous owner, given that powering an ADC monitor (especially if it's a CRT) plus an upgraded CPU would be putting quite a strain on the VRM. This is assuming that the machine is still on a stock VRM as opposed to an upgraded one.
  13. Cube G4/450!

    Congrats on finding a Cube! I definitely wasn't looking for one when I found mine but after I started using it became one of my favorite machines and I've now fallen down the rabbit hole of trying to upgrade it. Oh jeez, Maxtor. I learned my lesson about buying those when I picked up a pair of them at CompUSA in the early 00s to use in a file server and they both died just after the warranty period expired. Never mind all the tray loading iMacs and early slot loaders I've seen with dead Maxtors.
  14. I wouldn't say give up on the search (I've found a bunch of things I never thought I'd come across), but put it in to context that anyone who has one isn't likely to be selling and if they do it's going to go for a whole lot of money.
  15. Zif Carrier Advice

    I'd say keep an eye out for the XLR8 MACh Carrier ZIF. The site below is in French but it gives a pretty good rundown of the card and what it can do with the right CPU. The limitations of the card (topping out around ~500MHz) are reasonable since you're probably not going to find a ZIF CPU, G3 or G4, any faster than that. http://macbidouille.com/articles/test-de-la-carte-mach-carrier-mpe-de-xlr8/page1