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  1. EvilCapitalist

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    This sounds like exactly the same sort of fun that I was having with my 4400. I took an actual Apple branded (Western Digital) 6GB IDE drive out of a parts Beige G3 I had laying around and while the machine would boot from it, Drive Setup refused to recognize it at all, no matter whether I was booting from the HD or from my 8.6/9.1 CDs...and if I was booting from the CD it didn't even mount the drive! I was about ready to chuck the darn thing out a window (It's a 4400, who would miss it?) when I gave the IDE to CF adapter a go. Apart from switching it from Cable Select to Master I didn't have to do anything special to get it up and running. Should have worked TM describes some of these beige mid-90s Apples quite well
  2. EvilCapitalist

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    No, I used an adapter to convert from the standard molex plug to the floppy style power connector, though I don't know whether that was necessary or not (I assumed it was). Happy to help! That 4400 was probably one of the biggest buckets of frustration I worked on in the past year. So many things that should have worked just didn't and there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.
  3. EvilCapitalist

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    The 44 pin adapters are meant for laptops so they're only going to work in those or the TAM. The connectors are physically smaller and the pins spaced closer together so they wouldn't work on a 40 pin cable. I put a "poor man's SSD" (IDE to Compact Flash adapter) in my PM4400, which seemed to be just as finicky a machine as my 6500 and it worked. The adapter I used looked exactly the same as the one I've linked to below, since I'm guessing they all came from the same factory in China. Then I just put a quality CF card in it (SanDisk Extreme Pro I want to say) and Drive Setup picked it right up and I was off and running. https://www.ebay.com/itm/231272261623
  4. The ideal situation would obviously be you and everyone else gets their boards back working, recapped, and ready to go. That may still happen yet, but clearly hope is dimming. If you and/or the other folks who have jobs pending with him are unable to get a response via email (I'm assuming someone has sent email that requests a read receipt) or phone, then I'd say advance to a registered letter either asking for the boards to be returned as they are and money to be refunded, or for the services purchased to be rendered with a firm timetable as to when said services will be completed. If that doesn't work, that's when the hard decision needs to be made of whether pursuing more formal action is worth it.
  5. Dog Cow and Charles are not the same person. Charles was a member here for a long time under the username uniserver but then was banned after he continued to go off on some tangents unrelated to computing. Given that Dog Cow has been a member here for a very long time, during which Charles / uniserver was also a member, it's possible that they have done business together. There are plenty of folks on here (myself included) who have done business with Charles in the past and were quite happy with the results, recent issues notwithstanding. Clearly you're very angry, and I've been in your shoes waiting for my boards to come back but getting strung along (mine took 6 months), but you've been a member here for 2 days so I'm not sure you're in a position to question the motives of someone who's been a member of the current iteration of the board for the past 10 years.
  6. I had used Charles for a number of boards of mine that needed recaps going back a few years, some of which looked to be beyond saving and he managed to bring them back to life, but after the last go round I decided I'd look elsewhere in the future. The last time I sent him some boards it took 6 months (October 2017 - March 2018) for me to get them back. In the emails I got from him he said he didn't start working on the boards until December and didn't actually finish looking them all over until February. He had mentioned some personal issues early on in the email chain even back at that point (and this is coming up on a year ago) and that he had also gotten a lot more "bad jobs" in recently. I didn't push because everything I'd gotten from him in the past had been excellent work. 6 months to do 5 boards somewhat soured me I must say, and I'm a reasonably patient fellow. I sent one board to AllMacs on eBay (my IIci) and was very pleased with the work they did, not to mention I had a new looking, fully recapped board back to me in under 3 weeks. I certainly hope all you guys get your boards back soon. I know how frustrating it is to have unfinished projects on which you can't move forward.
  7. EvilCapitalist

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head. While it's not a bad performer for what it is, there isn't really the desire for the machine unless there's nostalgia from using it in school attached to it. If you're doing a local sale and you don't have to worry about shipping I could see you getting ~$50 for it but once you have shipping to consider the market shrinks considerably. There aren't a whole lot of folks out there that want to pay to ship a Performa with a monitor, especially since those monitors have a nasty habit of going to pieces in shipping no matter how well they are packed. Same as with the beige pre-G3 PPC desktops. You're just not going to find many folks who are lusting after the 7000 series desktops as compared to the 86/9600 towers.
  8. EvilCapitalist

    PB145B’s finds

    I used to own that exact machine! Solo 9550, P3 @ 1.13GHz, 512MB RAM (max for the machine I want to say, ), 20GB HD, Combo drive (DVD/CD-RW), 3.5" floppy drive, GeForce 2 Go with 32MB RAM, and composite video output. I remember being a bit disappointed when I switched from 1280x1024 on the 15.7" screen it had to 1440x900 on the 17" widescreen my shiny brand new HP dv9030us had. Like you said, for games from that period it works quite nicely.
  9. EvilCapitalist

    Coolest thing I've found this year

    Nice haul! Those old IntelliMice are built like tanks. I remember we got one (regular mouse ball version) that was cobranded for Gateway ("Microsoft for Gateway 2000") and the scroll wheel just seemed like such an obvious feature that it was strange that no one else had brought it to the mass market before that point.
  10. EvilCapitalist

    Got a free Power Macintosh 6500

    You certainly can't beat free for a complete system! If you max the RAM out to 128MB things will be much more comfortable. Unfortunately, there isn't much of a market for the 64/65xx models because of their expensive CPU upgrades (you're in a bidding war with the TAM folks), low RAM ceiling (128MB), and wonky PCI implementation. A cursory glance at the recent ones sold on eBay shows most went for around $50. All that being said, they're not bad machines, it's just that the 85/86/95/9600s are better enough that these tend to get skipped over for those.
  11. EvilCapitalist

    6500/275 and an Apple II+

    Nice score on the 6500! I know a lot of folks (myself included, to some extent) knock the 64/6500s because of them not playing nicely with certain PCI cards and having low upgrade ceilings but if you're not trying to max the machine out they make very competent performers and are generally pretty reliable.
  12. EvilCapitalist

    iBook G3 2001

    If the tip has come off the charger, I'd just replace it with one of the newer white bricks. 45W will work just fine, though if you get the 65W and have a working battery it'll charge it up faster. The old yo-yo design had issues with charger wires getting frayed and leading to sparks, like you saw. If the charger managed to mess up the DC jack on the machine itself the good news is that's a replaceable part. iceBooks may be a bear to get into but once you've got it disassembled they're pretty easy to work on. As far as the machine not powering up, have you tried resetting the power manager on it? If you take out the battery and hold the power button down for ~30 seconds or so that should wipe it out and then, assuming you have a working battery, you should be able to pop that back in and it will power on. If it's a 500MHz machine, you'll also have a little button next to the headphone jack which does much the same (archived link).
  13. Not sure how much power the Farallon 100Base-TX CSII card draws as compared to the regular Apple 10Base-T version but I know if I took out the Crescendo, the Farallon card and USB/Firewire card got along fine. Then if I took out the USB/Firewire card and put the Crescendo back in, it and the Farallon card played nicely. I just couldn't get all three of them to play nicely all at the same time. The TAM became very unstable, if it booted at all. More often than not it would just bomb on startup and that was it.
  14. I get the impression that the power available on the TAM is pretty low. I have to assume that was what was causing my Farallon 10/100 CSII ethernet card to not work when I used it in conjunction with my Tango and 500MHz Crescendo. My testing, which was admittedly unscientific, showed that I could only have 2 of the 3 in the system and get everything to work...which is why I gave up trying to get the 10/100 card to play nicely and just went back to using the standard Apple 10Base-T version.
  15. Managed to find a buddy who has a multifunction machine and got some scans: CSII PCI (TAM) PCI (5500)