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  1. Master/ Slave / CS in older IDE machine

    Depends on the drive. Some say use no jumper at all ("single drive environment" / "only device on IDE channel" / something to that effect), others say to set the jumper to Master. You should be okay for most drives if you set the jumper(s) to Master. You never want to set it to Slave or Cable Select as that will likely make the drive invisible to the machine or give you boot issues.
  2. The upgrades train keeps on rolling

    It came with a machine I purchased a good while back but it looks like the Garden has it available: http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/apple-personal-diagnostics-111
  3. iMac G3 Fruit Colors vs iBook G3 Fruit Colors

    Echoing Innes, the clamshell iBooks are better in pictures than they are in person. I've definitely noticed that the case plastics tend to fade over time (they lose that colorful "pop") and for as large as the machines are (and they are noticeably larger than the iceBooks) the fact that Apple cheaped out and stayed with a mono speaker and an 800x600 screen is annoying. Though the keyboard is similar looking to the dual USB iBooks/iceBooks it always felt more flimsy to me. That's not say it's all bad though, I do like the hinge it has and the handle was useful. On the iMac side of the equation things aren't much better. I've also had some CRT/power issues with the iMacs I've owned, never mind that the internal frames holding everything together are nearly as brittle as Spindler plastic, and the speakers are all starting to disintegrate. Between the two though, I think I'd still go with the iMac. You'd be hard pressed to not find a color you like in the range (personal favorites are the Flower Power, Ruby, Sage, and Lime slot load) and even the "harder to find" colors (Tangerine and Grape slot loaders, Flower Power, Blue Dalmatian) are easier to find reasonably priced than say a Lime 466MHz clamshell.
  4. Apple IIe Craigslist find

    Speaking of which, there are two of the 1024KB version in stock. Hurry hurry...
  5. PowerBook 100 Accelerator Insanity

    Ugh...I guess it's a good thing I took the little guy out to get photographed and at least it's just one.
  6. PowerBook 100 Accelerator Insanity

    Took a few better pictures of my Performer: And here's how it shows up under Apple Personal Diagnostics. Despite having a 25MHz oscillator it's running at ~17MHz.
  7. Colour Classic II

    Congrats on snagging a CCII! It's definitely my favorite of the compacts and they're great machines in stock form. Does your badge actually say "Colour Classic II" or is it the standard American spelling "Color Classic II"?
  8. NOS Batteries

    Earlier this week in another episode of "let's kill some time and boredom by window shopping on eBay" I saw that I can pick up NOS batteries for the dual USB iBook / iceBook very inexpensively. I know that won't be the case forever (see just about any pre-G3 PowerBook), so is it worth it to pick up a couple NOS batteries and not open/use them until my existing ones die? I know batteries degrade eventually though use no matter what you do, but does the same hold true if they've never been used? The newest versions are already ~12 years old and it's not like Apple is going to be making any more of them. I know aftermarket batteries will likely be an option for a little bit longer after the NOS OEM stocks dry up, but I've had bad experiences with the aftermarket versions and would prefer to stay straight OEM if I can help it.
  9. I also owned a IIsi with a Portrait Display, and like you I only picked it up because it had the display with it. Even though I ended up parting with it down the road (to make room for my G4 Cube), it really wasn't a bad little machine and that monitor is very crisp and pleasant to use/read from.
  10. If you could only have one: SE/30 or Mystic CC?

    There's the downside with both machines and where the SE/30 might pull ever-so-slightly ahead of the Mystic CC. The SE/30 and CC both need caps replaced on the motherboard, no getting around that, but while the analog boards also will need them replaced the SE board seems to hold out a bit longer than the CC analog board.
  11. If you could only have one: SE/30 or Mystic CC?

    Assuming you've already had the caps replaced on each machine and since you mentioned you'd already done the VGA mod, personally I'd keep the Mystic. The upgrades that are typically done to hot rod SE/30s still won't bring it up to the level of a Mystic CC with a VGA mod and I'd rather have a color machine (especially at 640x480) than B&W. Of course, the preferred option will always be to keep both (though I know that isn't an option in this case)
  12. Firewire 400 CD Burner for iBook G3 on OS 9?

    Yep, the USB ports aren't going to provide enough bus power to run an external drive. Found that out when I was trying to do a data migration using one of those handy USB to IDE cables and the drive wouldn't spin up until it was plugged in to a powered USB hub. The FW drive I use is a Sony DRX-720UL and works great under OS 9. There are a bunch on eBay at present so you don't have to spend as much as the one I've linked below (that's just to show the box). https://www.ebay.com/itm/112174717909
  13. Firewire 400 CD Burner for iBook G3 on OS 9?

    I'd stick with external drives from manufacturers that catered to Mac, which would mean Sony, any drive sold by LaCie, a QPS Que!, or an Iomega. While a generic drive "should" work I've had issues with them in Toast on 9.2.2. If you're game enough to want to take apart your iceBook to upgrade the internal drive, more power to you. To call it a tedious process would be putting it lightly, but at least the combo drives are still available quite inexpensively on eBay.
  14. Bridge Mac

    Add another voice to the chorus suggesting a beige G3. I use my G3 All-in-one and it works wonderfully for the job. Granted, it's been upgraded to the hilt (1GHz G4, USB, Firewire, Wings card, and a Zip drive) but it worked well even before I got bit by the upgrade bug...except for the Zip drive which I didn't realize could be killed by a CRT and now suffers from the click of death. What I've found though is that it's much easier to just use an external SCSI hard drive as a go-between for my older machines that don't have ethernet cards. Just about anything I'd be transferring is big enough that using LocalTalk is a pain.
  15. Brand New SCSI hard drives

    New factory sealed Quantums, with stiction straight out of the package!