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  1. I sprayed some Deoxit in it and it seems to not be turning on the machine, so far. I should've done this months ago but I never did trust spraying any Deoxit in there. I did though, so I'll keep it plugged in and see if it acts up again.
  2. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. I think I may need to take this apart more to get a better look. Want me to do that?
  4. I'm still at a loss at how to fix this. It's definitely that one keyboard. It does it with every machine I connect it to, and it stops once I unplug it. The culprit is an Apple Extended II keyboard, my best one. There's gotta be something I can do to fix this.
  5. Very late reply, I forgot about this. I hooked the keyboard in question to another machine and the same thing happens. The entire keyboard works fine, minus it turning on all the machines automatically.
  6. I've got the keyboard opened up but I'm not sure what to do to fix this thing. Any ideas? It all looks ok, but it keeps turning the machine on all the time.
  7. Maybe I should take the keyboard apart and look at the power button. Not sure exactly what to look for though. If I absolutely have to, I'll just disconnect the power button altogether, but I'd rather fix it if I can.
  8. It’s definitely my keyboard. Checked with another and the problem is gone. I wonder if theres a way to repair it.
  9. It's a 9600. Maybe my ADB keyboard has a weird issue with its power button?
  10. I noticed that my machine comes on by itself sometimes. Not knowing how it was happening, I narrowed it down to my ADB keyboard. I'm running an extension wire with it too, just for more info. But I noticed that after it coming on by itself a few times, every time I hit the Shut Down command the thing IMMEDIATELY turns back on like it's restarting. I know it's ADB related because when I unplugged the ADB cable the problem went away. As soon as I leave the ADB cable plugged back in it starts happening again. How can I fix this?
  11. Syntho

    PowerBook 3400c Repair Stories

    Not the ram card. Doesn’t affect booting.
  12. Syntho

    PowerBook 3400c Repair Stories

    I'm not sure I even see any caps on it. If I knew where they were I'd take a look.
  13. Syntho

    PowerBook 3400c Repair Stories

    More info: it powers up, I hear the chime, the HD spinning up, and it goes to a white/grey screen. Sometimes it'll go as far as having the cursor frozen on the top left, and oddly, sometimes it'll go to the disk icon with a ? while the cursor is still frozen. I'm not sure about this but I think taking out the ADB ribbon cable helps the disk icon show up more often. When I have an adb mouse plugged into it, the cursor still doesn't move. I have a good, working HD in it (tried multiple) but that doesn't seem to have an effect. At one time i thought I smelled burnt plastic/smoke coming from it after installing a new PRAM battery and HD, but it may have just been my imagination. The logic board actually looks good. No corrosion or anything. The PRAM battery was still good, but I switched it out anyway. In fact, that's when this all happened: when switching the HD and PRAM battery. I switch back and forth between the old and new HDs and batteries but that doesn't seem to have any effect. Is it at all possible that the PRAM battery I put into it, or the new HD (actually an ATA SD card adapter) has somehow fried something on the board? It was working fine before all of this, but now it's dying a slow death. The problem started right after switching out the aforementioned parts. A few times after getting the white/grey screen after switching those out, I seem to have disconnected the little power board out of its socket by mistake which caused it to not boot at all. After figuring that out I pushed it back in, but it went right back to the grey screen problem. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary on it or damage it either. I've done this exact sequence of switching out the PRAM battery and HD on another 3400 and it worked flawlessly and runs fine. I'm thinking it's best to just gut it and use it for parts. If someone can come up with a simple fix I'll see what I can do, but I don't have too much time to keep running diagnostics. I'll just look for another one that's working
  14. Syntho

    PowerBook 3400c Repair Stories

    Looks like it’s going to stay frozen with a white screen and cursor at the top left. It won’t move. I did get it to show the blinking question mark a time or two but usually it’s just a frozen cursor at the top left. Anyone have any ideas? I might just use this one for parts if it’s too much trouble to repair.
  15. Syntho

    PowerBook 3400c Repair Stories

    Turns out, the power board wasn't seated securely. I pushed it in, booted up and got the cursor and question mark (new HD). I thought all was well so I turned it off, put it back together and tried booting up, only to get a white screen. I've disassembled the whole thing, taking cables, pram batteries and ram boards out piece by piece to see what the culprit is, but I only get a white screen every time. There's got to be some simple thing going on here that I'm not aware of.