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  1. Syntho

    Powerbook 3400c RAM

    These machines aren;t actually in my possession, it's just what I've been told. For example, if there is a 32mb extra card installed, the system info will say 32mb is installed, when I would think it should be 48mb. Maybe the RAM cards don't say the amount of memory that's on the card, but the amount that it brings it up to?
  2. I'm a little confused on something. The 3400c has 16mb of onboard RAM as well as a slot for extra RAM cards. There were two 3400c machines I was looking into and both of them showed up as half of what they should be. Are these RAM chips prone to failure, or is there some sort other issue like an extension or something that prevents them from showing their full RAM size?
  3. I need a handful of 60ns, EDO, 5v, 168pin 128mb sticks for my 9600. OWC used to have these for about $6 a pop but they're no longer sold. Where can I get some at?
  4. I'm looking for a couple of these. Nowhere to be found on Ebay. I'm located in the USA at the moment. Anyone know where I can get these?
  5. Syntho

    PPC Powerbook PRAM Battery Sources

    I need a PRAM battery for my 3400c. There were some on Ebay earlier this year but no longer.
  6. Syntho

    LVD to DB25 SCSI cable?

    I see that there are some 68pin LVD to DB25 SCSI cables out there. I have some external enclosures that are of the 68pin LVD type and my mac only has a DB25 SCSI connector on it. Will they actually work?
  7. Which speed is it? Mine is a G3 400/200
  8. Are you sure it's purple? Never seen it that color.
  9. I just bought a NewerTech 400/200 upgrade CPU that doesn't have the heatsink attached. I've used another one that had a huge heatsink on it so I don't think it's normal for a CPU like this to be missing it... unless I'm wrong? http://i.imgur.com/8seqxu3.jpg http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/lMMAAOSwqfNXkjuM/s-l1600.jpg
  10. The CPU fan sounds like Donald Duck screaming with a neverending breath. I unplugged its small power cable and it's quiet as a mouse. Is there a particular ultra silent replacement I should look for?
  11. Syntho

    External SCSI ID

    I have my external SCSI HD's ID number button thing set to ID #1 but it's still showing up as ID 0 in the System Profiler. Is that normal? And should I change my external drive's button to read 0?
  12. Syntho

    Can't get external HD case open

    Finally! Thanks.
  13. This is a Lacie brand. http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/SdoAAOSwFqJWjYLO/s-l1600.jpg http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/Zc8AAOSwaA5WjYLP/s-l1600.jpg When I take the two screws out from the back, it seems like I still can't get the top open no matter WHAT I do.
  14. Syntho

    External SCSI termination

    Does the external SCSI bus of a PM9600 have termination power supplied from the computer itself already? Or will I have to supply that via a device? I'm pretty sure the internal one doesn't since the stock zip drives have term. power enabled.
  15. Syntho

    External SCSI termination

    SCA drives don't have jumpers? I thought so but maybe I'm wrong. I'm going to inspect it and see. You raise a good point about termination power. The internal SCSI bus of the 9600 has termination power supplied by the Zip drive by default. I don't think the external bus has some kind of automatic termination power so that means I probably have to supply it on the SCA adapter, if it indeed does have it. Terminating on the SCA adapter seems ideal but now that I think of it, someday I may want to daisy chain SCSI devices. If I set it to terminate on the adapter I probably couldn't use the extra Centronics connector on the enclosure. I'd also have to rip the HD out of the enclosure to change the settings on the adapter. That makes me think using a term. plug on the back of the enclosure is a better idea. Just hope I can get term. power supplied somehow.