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  1. Elfen

    Apple IIc blinking power light

    How is the Toshiba PSU connected to it? Check your connection and your PSU, I do not think it is strong enough to run a IIc. The IIc needs 12 - 15 volts, you can run off a Lead Gel Battery if in a pinch. It is a Power Hog. Check.this video out: Includes a pin out for the power port for you to verify.
  2. Not to be a sicko perv about it, but a Lasagna aluminum pan with a sex toy vibrator glued to the side of it can so this. Pour in the liquid put in the board and turn on the vibrator. It's not at Ultrasonic frequencies but it will get the job done. I done it before for electronics, bike parts and car parts, and it worked great though the pan only lasts for a uses. What you expect for a flimsy single use metal bake pan? A plastic bucket would be better if you can find one to fit your board. Necessity is the Mother of Invention!
  3. Elfen

    Does the SE/30 live up to the hype?

    I had a SE with that accelerator, Unknown_K, it make it wickedly fast! It's lost to the Sands of Time now... My Current Compacts Macs are the Plus, Mac Classic II, and SE/30. The SE30 does live up to the hype. To get another Mac version of it you would need a Mac IIx, IIcx or LC III with a Math Coprocessor in it. If you want a faster '030, your options would be the IIci, IIvx (I think), LC III (32MHz version) with a Math Coprocessor, or IIfx. Just have to watch out for that battery every year and recap the board if it needs it.
  4. Elfen

    Trying to fire up my Apple II Plus

    I have not done Apple II/II+ repairs in years but try the following Diags: 1) Like Jack stated, remove the Disk II card out the Apple and turn it on. It should Boot to BASIC with ']' and a flashing cursor. 2) Type. does the keyboard work? With the cover open feel the bottom rear of the keyboard, some of them have a switch on them, I believe this is for a Uppercase/lower case option, but not all Apples have them, just some. if the switch is there, slide it and try it. 2a) Check the keyboard ribbon cable. It should be a 16 flat wire cable with an IC Header on both sides. Make sure it is firmly seated in the sockets; one sock will be at the keyboard and hard to get too without unscrewing the case off the bottom panel... Check if the headers have all their pins. A loose or broken pin can create problems. 3) Assuming that the keyboard is fine or fixed, Look at the cable on the drive header on the drive card. Make sure all the pins are in the cable's socket. Off by a pin left or right or off by a row will cause problems and can even kill a drive! Look at the chips on the cards, are they OK looking (no cracks or bulges). 4) Assuming that the card is OK, open the drive. Take the cover off, and flip it over. See the motor spindle, drive belt and Disk Spindle (Large wheel with B/W pattern)? Does the motor spin with the Apple is turned on? Does the belt has some flex to it? Does the Spindle spin? There's a whole lot of other things to look at, and even adjust the speed of the hard drive from here but lets assume all this is fine and working... 5) Move the head to the spindle. and turn on the Apple. Does it move back? Inspect the arm above the head, does it have a cotton pad on it? Does it sit firmly on the head? 6) Check the chips on the controller board. They look OK? With the exception of 2, they are all 74LS series chips and easy to replace. This is a simple diagnostics, everything else from here is just too detailed to list here. I could add more later. At best, you may have to remove the boards and wiggle the chips on the sockets to clear the corrosion that has built up on them. At worst, you may need a new Disk ][ Card and Disk Drive. I forget which chip on the Disk ][ card that short out that kills disk drives, but that is fixable with replacing that chip on the Disk ][ card and all the 74LS chips on the Drive.
  5. I never had luck with such test programs, because they test on a Hard Drive's Large Block Data Transfers and CFs used as SSDs tend to do short block transfers, which during the tests comes up with really weird results of the SSD being a lot slower than a hard drive, but when you see the system boot up and run, and apps/data load and save, it is a lot faster than any hard drive can be.
  6. I have used a 1GB PCMCIA Flash Memory card from SanDisk (similar to this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sandisk-110MB-PCMCIA-ATA-Industrial-Flash-Memory-Card-68pins/300832545667) and I have used CF in a PCMCIA Adapter (like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-PCMCIA-Compact-Flash-Disk-Memory-Card-Reader-Converter-Adapter-to-PC-Laptop/172336312700 ) and they work just fine as boot devices on my 5300ce/190s and 1400c's. Insert them into the PCMCIA Slot and the OS will ask of you want to format them if they are unformatted or format is a weird format that Mac OS does not recognize. Format it and it will come up with a PCMCIA Disk Icon when it is done. Make it bootable - copy a system folder to it, Bless it, and then go into Control Panel - Start Up Disk and select it. And it will be Bootable from there every time it is in the system. If you want to replace your hard drive it with it, you will need a CF to IDE adapter like I did here (read the following posts from here: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23406-booting-from-a-compact-flash-drive/page-2&do=findComment&comment=244695). Only get the Single CF Adapters, Dual CF (those with 2 CF Slots) do not work on Macs for some reason. Something like this will work great: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Compact-Flash-CF-Card-to-IDE-44Pin-2mm-Pitch-Male-2-5-HDD-Adapter-Card-SA/391837245867
  7. Elfen

    Best way to transfer data to 5300?

    Correct on all counts. My only concern if losing the file headers (File type & Creator attributes) on these files if you are using a PC. There are ways to get them back if you know the file's attributes. The program Utility Dog can do this as a batch job - set up a folder, set up the files with the same missing file attributes in that folder, set up the file attributes select the folder and files in it and click on go. If you set "click to verify" you would have to click yes or no for each file. You can do the same thing with the 190s you have as well.
  8. Elfen

    PowerBook duo file transfer

    As mentioned before, use the Apple Printer cable (The Imaginewriter II cable) and set up LocalTalk / AppleTalk on the two machines. The Apple printer cable will have a tiny printer icon on it, the serial cable would just have a blank area.
  9. Elfen

    IIc vs IIc+

    Opps! The IIc and IIc+ uses the same mouse that the Apple IIe (with a card) and Mac 128 - Plus used. I thought the IIc+ used an ADB Mouse, but I am mistaken.
  10. Elfen

    IIc vs IIc+

    Right on all counts, Gorgonops. Starting from the ROM 0, as I remember, there is a large Chip on the logic board similar to the Mac LC's Glue chip which is not in the ROM '255.' I believe this is where a lot of the CPU Intensive I/O is done and the 65C02 is left alone. But also, the ROM 0 has that memory expansion slot that the Rom '255' does not have. Thanks for clearing up the 4MHz part of the IIc+. Oddly, my ROM '255' IIc has a 5MHz Rocket Chip in it, and my Laser 128 (if I can ever find it) has Turbo Mode to 4MHz on a switch above the keyboard. Looks like we agree on using the older IIc but for different but parallel reasons.
  11. Elfen

    PowerBook 5300ce hard drive

    Like my 1400, I use a CF in my 5300ce and 190 powerbooks when their hard drives failed failed long ago. It is the same set up as in my 1400, though I put it in a paper wrapper and taped it down so it would not shot out against the case. Check out: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23406-booting-from-a-compact-flash-drive/page-2&do=findComment&comment=244873
  12. That's the standard Apple Protection for the powerbooks on System 7 & 8 (which is rarely used). I have set up on my 5300 and G3 Wallstreet. The password is in an invisible file in the System (I think System Prefs). Delete it and the extension preferences and it will boot up without a password.
  13. Elfen

    Powerbook 190 problems

    Replace those caps as soon as possible. And clean up the crud off the board. I also noticed that there are a couple of bend pins on cpu. Straighten them out slowly and carefully so that they are not touching.
  14. Elfen

    Another LCIII rescue!

    This is great work you did here! Very informative! Makes me want to go back to my LC III and 475 and give them another look over as of all the machines I recapped, these two are the only ones that I could not bring back. Love that you added heatsinks, and even threw in an FPU to that empty socket! Q: What is holding down the heatsinks?
  15. Elfen

    signs of dead flyback transformer? Mac Plus issues

    T1 (The flyback transformer) is powered by several components: Q1, C1, L1, and I think Q2. I would check the voltage leading to these parts. Is there voltage going into the logic board? Sounds to me that the Power Supply Part failed due to battery leak and not the video section failed.