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  1. Elfen

    3D Printing old PowerBook parts?

    I too have a 3D Printer, 2 actually. Only one of them would be big enough for such a project. The problem is warping due to uneven cooling when printing. This is a major problem for parts that long and wide and ABS plastic
  2. Using a CF (or any SSD) on a G3/G4, I find best to edit the system preferences to shut off event & crash logging as they tend to fill up a hard drive quick. It has been a very long time since I did this so I forgot which preferences to shut off but it is somewhere on the internet. Personally, I have not had issues with my CF Powered G3/G4s. They are quick to boot and load up apps. I did have an issue with a Crucial M4 SSD with total Data Loss after 3 weeks and they refused to honor their warantee citing User Abuse as the cause for the Data loss, so I am not happy with them, not one bit! I have had good luck with a Cheapo Chinese KingSpec SSD. The PATA II they have is wickedly fast, and the 2.5in drive they have is cheaper than the 3.5in - go figure! They both use the same size connector! Their PATA (or PATA I) tends to be slow, about equal to a spinning platter, but reliable. Since I did this so long ago, their (KingSpec's) 10 year warentee should be ending soon. So I wonder, when the warentee dies, will they go thermal nuclear or do I have nothing to fear? I'm just joking, I'm sure they will be just fine for many more years to come. Same with the CFs I used - SanDisk and Trascend (sic.) Media mostly. But I should start looking into making backups for these systems soon.
  3. Elfen

    Se/30 have to bang the box to get a screen

    Cracked solder joints at the cable connections (Yoke/CRT and Analog to Motherboard connectors), and certain areas about the high voltage circuit like the cap and flyback transformer. But do not just add solder or reheat the joint. You need to remove the old solder, clean up the board and circuit part with some IPA, and then solder with fresh solder off a spool.
  4. Elfen

    Best macOS version for IIci?

    It depends heavily on how much RAM you have in the system. Under 16MB, System 6.08 or 6.09. Greater than 16MB, System 7.1. System 7.5 - 7.6.1 I find laggy on the IIci, even after using a PowerPC/Fat checker to remove what PPC might be floating about the OS.
  5. Elfen

    My First Recap - LC

    A lot of times with these old systems (Macs, PC, even VCRs and TV; and one time I seen it on a washing machine!), Bad caps on the logic/mother board can keep a system from turning on. this would make you think that the PSU is bad when it is not the case. But with these little LC PSUs, it's a must to recap it. But if you recapped the board, chances are the PSU will be able to turn on the system even with bad caps in it. Even though it does, does not mean that the caps in the PSU shouldn't be changed, they should. Ha! In thinking about the washing machine, I have to wonder. It was built in 1990-something, and it refused to turn on. My friend (who fixes ACs, Washing machines and other appliances) was stumped by this one. He swapped out the controller board, the motor, switch sensors, electric valves, everything but it would not turn on. Then I saw this large filter cap in the side of the machine's innards and told him, "See this? Change it." He did after searching most of the day for another one, and the freaking machine turned on! Then I told him to put back the original parts and he did, to his surprised nothing was wrong with the original parts! After that night I was helping him through Newark and Mouser website, where he found the filter caps on one of them (Mouser I think) and he bought 10 of them for around $50. And since then, the first thing he tests/replace is the filter cap. Ha!
  6. Elfen

    My First Recap - LC

    I tend to over voltage my caps, if it says 25V, I'll put in a 30V or 35V cap but nothing more than 15% over. When I did the PSU on my LCs, even if I were stuck with same voltage caps, they were too big in size. But looking over the list on the website after my orders and receiving the caps, some (a lot but not all) caps has their physical measurements on them. I should have measured the caps to order the correct size but I did not. So if you can give the extra time, measure the physical size of the Cap on top of the uf and V of the Cap. then see what is there and order what you need.
  7. I use a CF Card (16GB or bigger) with a CF Adapter on my Wallstreet and other PPC/G3/G4 powerbooks and iBooks. You will need a Single CF to IDE Adapter, the Double CF one will not work, and of course the CF. You will need to do some surgery to the adapter by removing one of the pins, (I think Pin 22, check with the back of the hard drove and see what pin is missing and remove it from the adapter). You can also use CF to PCMCIA adapter and set up and boot it from the PCMCIA Slot. The How to link her is dead, don't know why....
  8. Elfen

    My First Recap - LC

    Recapping a board (and power supply) is an all or nothing endeavor. You can not just "replace some of the caps" and think it will work. It also sounds like you are skipping a lot of steps too. - When you removed the caps, even though you did not lift a trace, did you check the connections? - When you removed the caps, did you check the traces that were under and around the cap area? - When you removed the cap, did you clean the area where the cap was with a q-tip and acetone? Now, you can replace some of the caps and test it, but then you need to replace more caps and test it again and again until you replaced all of the caps. But you do have to replace ALL of the Caps! And NEVER EVER Put the Power Supply in water. You need to clean the area under the cap with a q-tip and acetone to clean up the goo and when wipe it down with alcohol soaked q-tip to wipe the area clean. Be careful with the power supply. you can get caps that are the right ratings but the wrong size. This will make things hard to put back together. I fixed 2 LC-Series PSU with the wrong size caps, and though it was a tight squeeze, they do work. Other LC PSUs I got the right sized caps and they fit perfectly. If you can, measure the caps and order the rating and size cap you need for the PSU. This will add more time but to get a perfect fit, it is needed. When you check for traces, 1) you check the route they go through and see where it goes. If that traces changes color (like from light green to dark green), check the ends with a meter and see if it connects. If not, you are going to have to bridge that line with a tin wire. A trace that changes color usually means that the connection broke where the color change happens. 2) The LC (as I remember) needs both RAM and VRAM in order for it to turn on. The broken chip should not be a problem. If it is a sound amplifier, then you will have a mute (silenced) LC. It may be fixable but who knows. My Classic II (Based on the LC/LC II board) has a broken sound chip, and is mute. But for what I do with it, sound is not a priority.
  9. Elfen

    Apple IIc blinking power light

    How is the Toshiba PSU connected to it? Check your connection and your PSU, I do not think it is strong enough to run a IIc. The IIc needs 12 - 15 volts, you can run off a Lead Gel Battery if in a pinch. It is a Power Hog. Check.this video out: Includes a pin out for the power port for you to verify.
  10. Not to be a sicko perv about it, but a Lasagna aluminum pan with a sex toy vibrator glued to the side of it can so this. Pour in the liquid put in the board and turn on the vibrator. It's not at Ultrasonic frequencies but it will get the job done. I done it before for electronics, bike parts and car parts, and it worked great though the pan only lasts for a uses. What you expect for a flimsy single use metal bake pan? A plastic bucket would be better if you can find one to fit your board. Necessity is the Mother of Invention!
  11. Elfen

    Does the SE/30 live up to the hype?

    I had a SE with that accelerator, Unknown_K, it make it wickedly fast! It's lost to the Sands of Time now... My Current Compacts Macs are the Plus, Mac Classic II, and SE/30. The SE30 does live up to the hype. To get another Mac version of it you would need a Mac IIx, IIcx or LC III with a Math Coprocessor in it. If you want a faster '030, your options would be the IIci, IIvx (I think), LC III (32MHz version) with a Math Coprocessor, or IIfx. Just have to watch out for that battery every year and recap the board if it needs it.
  12. Elfen

    Trying to fire up my Apple II Plus

    I have not done Apple II/II+ repairs in years but try the following Diags: 1) Like Jack stated, remove the Disk II card out the Apple and turn it on. It should Boot to BASIC with ']' and a flashing cursor. 2) Type. does the keyboard work? With the cover open feel the bottom rear of the keyboard, some of them have a switch on them, I believe this is for a Uppercase/lower case option, but not all Apples have them, just some. if the switch is there, slide it and try it. 2a) Check the keyboard ribbon cable. It should be a 16 flat wire cable with an IC Header on both sides. Make sure it is firmly seated in the sockets; one sock will be at the keyboard and hard to get too without unscrewing the case off the bottom panel... Check if the headers have all their pins. A loose or broken pin can create problems. 3) Assuming that the keyboard is fine or fixed, Look at the cable on the drive header on the drive card. Make sure all the pins are in the cable's socket. Off by a pin left or right or off by a row will cause problems and can even kill a drive! Look at the chips on the cards, are they OK looking (no cracks or bulges). 4) Assuming that the card is OK, open the drive. Take the cover off, and flip it over. See the motor spindle, drive belt and Disk Spindle (Large wheel with B/W pattern)? Does the motor spin with the Apple is turned on? Does the belt has some flex to it? Does the Spindle spin? There's a whole lot of other things to look at, and even adjust the speed of the hard drive from here but lets assume all this is fine and working... 5) Move the head to the spindle. and turn on the Apple. Does it move back? Inspect the arm above the head, does it have a cotton pad on it? Does it sit firmly on the head? 6) Check the chips on the controller board. They look OK? With the exception of 2, they are all 74LS series chips and easy to replace. This is a simple diagnostics, everything else from here is just too detailed to list here. I could add more later. At best, you may have to remove the boards and wiggle the chips on the sockets to clear the corrosion that has built up on them. At worst, you may need a new Disk ][ Card and Disk Drive. I forget which chip on the Disk ][ card that short out that kills disk drives, but that is fixable with replacing that chip on the Disk ][ card and all the 74LS chips on the Drive.
  13. I never had luck with such test programs, because they test on a Hard Drive's Large Block Data Transfers and CFs used as SSDs tend to do short block transfers, which during the tests comes up with really weird results of the SSD being a lot slower than a hard drive, but when you see the system boot up and run, and apps/data load and save, it is a lot faster than any hard drive can be.
  14. I have used a 1GB PCMCIA Flash Memory card from SanDisk (similar to this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sandisk-110MB-PCMCIA-ATA-Industrial-Flash-Memory-Card-68pins/300832545667) and I have used CF in a PCMCIA Adapter (like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-PCMCIA-Compact-Flash-Disk-Memory-Card-Reader-Converter-Adapter-to-PC-Laptop/172336312700 ) and they work just fine as boot devices on my 5300ce/190s and 1400c's. Insert them into the PCMCIA Slot and the OS will ask of you want to format them if they are unformatted or format is a weird format that Mac OS does not recognize. Format it and it will come up with a PCMCIA Disk Icon when it is done. Make it bootable - copy a system folder to it, Bless it, and then go into Control Panel - Start Up Disk and select it. And it will be Bootable from there every time it is in the system. If you want to replace your hard drive it with it, you will need a CF to IDE adapter like I did here (read the following posts from here: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23406-booting-from-a-compact-flash-drive/page-2&do=findComment&comment=244695). Only get the Single CF Adapters, Dual CF (those with 2 CF Slots) do not work on Macs for some reason. Something like this will work great: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Compact-Flash-CF-Card-to-IDE-44Pin-2mm-Pitch-Male-2-5-HDD-Adapter-Card-SA/391837245867
  15. Elfen

    Best way to transfer data to 5300?

    Correct on all counts. My only concern if losing the file headers (File type & Creator attributes) on these files if you are using a PC. There are ways to get them back if you know the file's attributes. The program Utility Dog can do this as a batch job - set up a folder, set up the files with the same missing file attributes in that folder, set up the file attributes select the folder and files in it and click on go. If you set "click to verify" you would have to click yes or no for each file. You can do the same thing with the 190s you have as well.