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  1. galgot

    Powerbook 3400c Logic Board Help

    Hi Techknight, I tried changing the ram on that Kanga, still same problem, very dim screen. Like a failing backlit, but its not that as I swapped screen with known good one already… Also this Kanga doesn’t want to zap pram, or boot in OF… (yes the PRAM batteries are removed).
  2. galgot

    Powerbook 3400c Logic Board Help

    I have the same backlite problem with a kanga (witch really annoys me cause... its a Kanga). Also swapped screen, same result. must be a component on the board, but which one ?... Like Bibilit said very few capacitors on these machines, 2 or 3 on the PMU board.
  3. galgot

    Wooden 1400c lid cover ?

    I meant congrat :)
  4. galgot

    Wooden 1400c lid cover ?

    Thks for the info. And btw, contrat for the custom case project .
  5. There is a ebey listing at the moment ( easy to find), for a nice 1400c with accelerator card, and.... a wooden lid cover ! Note I didn't ask the seller if that is real wood... Never saw this before, anyone know if this thing was sold or is it a user hack ? Is its a manufactured thing, must be as rare as the solar panel lid cover stuff.
  6. galgot

    The cursed Clamshells

    Hi . I'm still here thanks for these infos. Sure you can start a thread documenting your researchs. very interesting. I did manage to make that Lime Clamshell work, but the hard way ie, changing the main board, so it wasn't a screen problem... I suspect its some broken connections on the screen data connector , as last time i tried the original mainboard , the screen would light grey and i could hear the clamshell booting and hd doing hos things... but dunno how to fix that data connector, so i exchanged the board with a working 336 mhz one.
  7. galgot

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    Congrat !! Very cool resin screen. I tried the exact same thing some time ago, but i couldn't get the resin to stay clear . I think it was the resin i used (too old). I still have the silicon mold though.
  8. Not the all hinges assembly . Only the hinge part that fixes on the main body ( the one that most often breaks ) , this one : These are 12.1" hinges. The upper part that fixes in the display assembly is again different for the 13.3" and 14.1". For example, here is a 14.1" hinge I think: (Pict from TheBookYard obviously , i'll remove if any problem). If it's only the lower part that is broken, it can be exchanged from another display size one , but have to disassemble it from the all hinge. Here some infos: http://www.linkedresources.com/teach/powerbook/hinge.shtml https://web.archive.org/web/20060318023816/http://macopinion.com/columns/roadwarrior/04/08/31/index.html
  9. Hi, best way to fix it is replacement, you can find some on powerbookmedic.com (complete display with hinges, not cheap...) or thebookyard.com (hinges only, but not cheap either...). Sometime buying a wreck with good hinges is much cheaper . Also you have to find the good type of hinge , cause there are 3 model of Wallstreet display, 14.1", 13.3" or 12.1" and hinges assembly are differents . Also a right can't replace broken left one and viceversa... you can try 3d printing one too : Not perfect tho, cause my solution is not tight enough... Yes the problem is a design fault, the part that fail the most often is made of soft metal, so how it gets old depends how the rough the user was with the lid , closing and opening it i suppose. a very good read on the matter here : https://web.archive.org/web/20060318023816/http://macopinion.com/columns/roadwarrior/04/08/31/index.html and some links : https://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~kenao/unhinged/ hinges problems were apparently solved on Lombard/Pismos. But i do too prefer my Wallstreet/PDQ even tho they are bulkier, slower, more fragile...
  10. galgot

    How can I tell A1025 Tibooks models apart?

    My 1ghz Ti as the sticker in the battery bay showing "1Ghz G4 15.2/512/60GB/SD/56K/" , plus serial nmr , ethernet ID and Wifi ID. Sadly my 867Mhz Ti is assembled from mix of pieces so the sticker is long gone... But given that the Ethernet ID and SN number are tied to the main board as is the cpu , then the sticker gives the cpu speed (if it's the original sticker that goes with the main board of course :). Other than that, externally there are no way of telling a 867Mhz from a 1Ghz Ti, unless your fire it up and go to "about this Mac".
  11. galgot

    Rubber feet for PowerBook G4 Alu

    Bought on amazon for 8€ , 3 small packs of grey one. There are different colors, but that grey one is perfect as it's almost the same grey used by Apple for different rubber parts.
  12. galgot

    Rubber feet for PowerBook G4 Alu

    Ah ! So i'm not the only one having this problem check here :
  13. galgot

    PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    What would nice to determine is why it happens to some before some others… Mines have none of these problems so far . I live in a not so dry area , humidity is quite high along the curves of the Seine around here. + I have some spare parts stored in a closed place in the yard, no heat there. And still none of them have these...
  14. galgot

    PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    There is a Duo 280 on sale on the bay , seller from Italy. It has the same film screen problem... Seems these films are reaching their ends nowadays...
  15. galgot

    Kanga not booting

    You could try to leave it plugged to the power block for a night . It "saved" one with the same trouble for me once. I also had one making horrible noise at boot and failing, even changing the fews caps wouldn't fix it. Until I did a good wash of the main board (warm water and soap, leave to dry two days), then it came back to life… 3400c/Kangas are nice when they work, but sometime the way they fail are complete mystery (to me at least).