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  1. Rubber feet for PowerBook G4 Alu

    Bought on amazon for 8€ , 3 small packs of grey one. There are different colors, but that grey one is perfect as it's almost the same grey used by Apple for different rubber parts.
  2. Rubber feet for PowerBook G4 Alu

    Ah ! So i'm not the only one having this problem check here :
  3. PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    What would nice to determine is why it happens to some before some others… Mines have none of these problems so far . I live in a not so dry area , humidity is quite high along the curves of the Seine around here. + I have some spare parts stored in a closed place in the yard, no heat there. And still none of them have these...
  4. PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    There is a Duo 280 on sale on the bay , seller from Italy. It has the same film screen problem... Seems these films are reaching their ends nowadays...
  5. Kanga not booting

    You could try to leave it plugged to the power block for a night . It "saved" one with the same trouble for me once. I also had one making horrible noise at boot and failing, even changing the fews caps wouldn't fix it. Until I did a good wash of the main board (warm water and soap, leave to dry two days), then it came back to life… 3400c/Kangas are nice when they work, but sometime the way they fail are complete mystery (to me at least).
  6. PB Kanga speaker diagnostics?

    I've started a 3400c with the screen lid disassembled once, can't remember if I had a chime though, some time ago and was testing a very troublesome machine. But anyway , it's easy to disconnect the screen ribbon cable under that speaker panel, then reconnect the speaker panel, and test.
  7. It's normal for PBG3 WallStreet/MainStreet to do so when PRAM battery is old or just dead. Try reset PRAM, leave it plugged on power block for a while , or change the PRAM battery (not so easy on the WallStreet...).
  8. restoring plastics on a Tangerine ibook?

    I suppose these crack in the transparent plastic are around the Apple logo at the bottom of the screen. Don't think there anything to do to make it less visible apart from replacing the plastic part. But iBook g3 first gen without these cracks are rare anyway.
  9. another guess what is my new toy

    Apple Djinn You lucky... ;p
  10. restoring plastics on a Tangerine ibook?

    WD-40 works great on plastics to give a nice clean "new" look. Spray a bit on a soft cloth , and wipe the all surface. It can lessen rub marks on the iBook rubber plastic.
  11. PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    Mmmh that's the furnitures manufacturer I was talking about in that story. Was 2/3 years ago maybe. Then they had to make tighter controls on how their stuff were made and with what... Worth checking maybe ?
  12. PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    Ough !! that hurts ! Sorry for that. Pulled mines from the closet from fear and for inspection. None have this kind of thing... Indeed if yours all came from the same source, they could all had something sprayed on the screens at some point. Or maybe it's the place there are stored. I remember a story about a certain well-known furnitures manufactured that had to recall some wooden closets and beds. Clients had skin and eyes irritations, vomiting. Turns out the glue used was a "bad mix" and was diffusing toxic fumes Dunno if these kind of thing could have effect on some plastics though...
  13. Just overclocked my Pismo

    Indeed the Wallstreets/PDQs have a big metal "heat shield", but not the same. https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/PowerBook+G3+Wallstreet+Heat+Shield+Replacement/2 It’s really just a metallic plate, not like the thick metal or special plastic real heatsinks of the Pismo. these serve their purpose very well, very rarely I hear Pismo fans running. Whereas the Wallstreet gets hot very easily. Edit: The Wallstreets have a very small heatsink, that is the black rounded metal plate plugged atop the proc on the daughter card. That gets itself in contact with the big heat shield plate placed atop. It's a bit the same system on the Lombard. I suspect they changed that on the Pismo to a bigger and more effective heatsink due to increase in MHz and poor heat dissipation with these small rounded thing...
  14. Just overclocked my Pismo

    I have these all metallic heatsink on some 400MHz as well. In fact these are the early Pismo heatsink model, the other part black plastic (well, special kind of) was the later model introduced on the Pismo models revision in sept 2000 when the HD passed from 6GB to 10GB for the 400MHz and 12GB to 20GB for the 500. I know it’s a 2011 question but yes it seems possible to overclock a Wally. Found this page (in French) explaining how . http://www.macbook-fr.com/powerbook/bricolage/overclock_pb_g3_article62.html Never tried myself. Don’t think I would , Wallstreets are much more fragile than Pismos. For the Pismos, I remember a trick for overclocking using a 8B graphite pencil to make the connections. Never tied either… But I understand it worked pretty well, and would stay in time as after 2 or 3 month of use the heat will melt the graphite made connections. here is the original page on the WaybackMachine, in French again sorry and with gone images : https://web.archive.org/web/20020922213059/http://www.mac-lover.com:80/overclock/overclock.html but this one as the images, with shorter text : https://www.mac4ever.com/dossiers/74027_overcloker-un-power-book
  15. iPhone 4

    i feel like an old shmonk... I do have a 4 with iOS6 as my only mobile, is serves only as a phone (and music player sometime)... Oh and jaibreaked, so i can shh sometime too. Don't feel like changing, I hate phones.