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  1. Just overclocked my Pismo

    Indeed the Wallstreets/PDQs have a big metal "heat shield", but not the same. https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/PowerBook+G3+Wallstreet+Heat+Shield+Replacement/2 It’s really just a metallic plate, not like the thick metal or special plastic real heatsinks of the Pismo. these serve their purpose very well, very rarely I hear Pismo fans running. Whereas the Wallstreet gets hot very easily. Edit: The Wallstreets have a very small heatsink, that is the black rounded metal plate plugged atop the proc on the daughter card. That gets itself in contact with the big heat shield plate placed atop. It's a bit the same system on the Lombard. I suspect they changed that on the Pismo to a bigger and more effective heatsink due to increase in MHz and poor heat dissipation with these small rounded thing...
  2. Just overclocked my Pismo

    I have these all metallic heatsink on some 400MHz as well. In fact these are the early Pismo heatsink model, the other part black plastic (well, special kind of) was the later model introduced on the Pismo models revision in sept 2000 when the HD passed from 6GB to 10GB for the 400MHz and 12GB to 20GB for the 500. I know it’s a 2011 question but yes it seems possible to overclock a Wally. Found this page (in French) explaining how . http://www.macbook-fr.com/powerbook/bricolage/overclock_pb_g3_article62.html Never tried myself. Don’t think I would , Wallstreets are much more fragile than Pismos. For the Pismos, I remember a trick for overclocking using a 8B graphite pencil to make the connections. Never tied either… But I understand it worked pretty well, and would stay in time as after 2 or 3 month of use the heat will melt the graphite made connections. here is the original page on the WaybackMachine, in French again sorry and with gone images : https://web.archive.org/web/20020922213059/http://www.mac-lover.com:80/overclock/overclock.html but this one as the images, with shorter text : https://www.mac4ever.com/dossiers/74027_overcloker-un-power-book
  3. iPhone 4

    i feel like an old shmonk... I do have a 4 with iOS6 as my only mobile, is serves only as a phone (and music player sometime)... Oh and jaibreaked, so i can shh sometime too. Don't feel like changing, I hate phones.
  4. G3 Mainstreet

    Yes , the fan spin when plugin the power brick, then boot without running the fan is normal on all Wallstreet/Mainstreet . I have one of these : https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/25205-galgots-new-stuff/?p=324753 Got it with 8.6 installed, but then restored it to 8.1 later.
  5. Is it a live Lubuntu cd ? Never tried Lubuntu, but i have Debian 8 running on some pismo, so it should run on a ibook 500 me think. And Ubuntu/Lubuntu are derived from Debian... And can have LXDE on Debian. Best linux ppc install tutorial i know is this one : http://ppcluddite.blogspot.fr/2012/03/installing-debian-linux-on-ppc-part-i.html
  6. The cursed Clamshells

    Sorry Sirs, I got finally them to work some time ago , can see it here : https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/25205-galgots-new-stuff/?p=322961
  7. Scratches and scuffs aluminium PB

    Ah yes, my bad. there are adonized. But anyway,I have example were the adonization goes away.
  8. Scratches and scuffs aluminium PB

    I think the problem is that the aluminium is painted with a mat silver paint. What you see on the surface is not the aluminium it's made of. I have a 17" all book with paint chipping off near the Atl and Ctrl keys. Under there it's shiny aluminium. So if you sand it, you'll sand the paint too and would have to repaint the all piece. In fact these metallic case PowerBook/MacBookPros are much more difficult to fix than the old plastic ones when they get bumps. Plastic don't deform but absorb chocks or it cracks , and in that case can be glued. Alum deform and it's very difficult to get it straight back. Worst are the unibodies, very easy to get dents on these alum edge cases... can't fix that.
  9. SSD drive in Powerbook 3400

    Hi, Have you tried formatting but without updating the driver ? Seems to remember I had that issue too. There also the option for non updating the HD driver in the installer.
  10. PowerBook G3 - Lombard/Pismo screen

    never tried, but I don’t think it would work. Wallstreet 14" screens are Samsung LT141x2-124 (though there may have been other brands too). Pismo uses Samsung LT141X7-124. Maybe fit and connections would work but you have to be very careful cause voltage to the screen may be different, inverters are not the same. Better stick with the correct part ref. Read one funny experience of mine here : https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/22752-pdq-300mhz/?p=236565 Can try , but be ready to shut/unplug your Powerbook very fast in any case... Would be curious to know the results if you try.
  11. Powerbook 150 repair

    Bravo to find that Mate ! Have to check mines.
  12. PowerBook G3 - Lombard/Pismo screen

    Yes they are. The differences are that the Pismo screen lid assembly includes a Wifi antenna , with the wire running out under the hinge cover (the part with power button) to connect to the eventual Airport card on the left side. Also the front lid reads "Macintosh PowerBook G3" on the Lombard, and only "PowerBook" on the Pismo, highly important cosmetic issue. So they swap very easily . In fact putting a whole Lombard screen assembly on a Pismo is even the easier than doing the opposite cause you don't have to find a place for that antenna wire.
  13. @mraroid - is it this kind of floppy drive ? : https://www.ebay.fr/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2065393.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.XLecteur+de+Disquette+USB+1.1%2F2.0+Externe+3.5%22+1.44Mo+Portable+pour+PC+Laptop.TRS0&_nkw=Lecteur+de+Disquette+USB+1.1%2F2.0+Externe+3.5%22+1.44Mo+Portable+pour+PC+Laptop&_sacat=0 Bought one very cheap (11€) from a seller in Hong Kong. Turns out the thing doesn't work on any of my Macs. it does shows at "TEACV-something" in the system infos when plugged to a Mac running 10.5 though. I've disassemble it and the control card inside is old and dirty. tried cleaning but doesn't change a thing... So I believe they use old floppy drives (even no working), stuff them in new very basic cases and sell them off the bay. Some work, some don't. No wonder they are so cheap. I'm trying to get a refund just for the fun of it Reminds me the story of the 500Gb USB external drive sold cheaper than any other in China, turned out to have a 4Gb USB storage inside and a chip "faking" a 500Gb drive. Each time you'd write something it would fill the 4Gb , then erase it , then write the rest and so on... Plus there was a steel bolt glued inside the case to make the weight
  14. Clamshell or G3 Snow Owners - Uses?

    I use my Clamshells for decoration mainly : Seriously, I don't fire them up very often. But they can play old games, test old systems...ect... I have a Snow too, and I do like the small size 1024x768 screen, when the backlights works...
  15. Ideas for Use of Mac mini G4?

    Have an 1.25 Ghz. Use mine as home file/backup/Music server, with two 1Tb external hd. Works very fine, 10.5 installed. It also runs a private gopher server for my old machines to connect to. G4 Minis have low power consumption, which makes them good small servers.