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    Power Macintosh 8100/110

    Be careful with the plastic in general, heh. As for other stuff, RAM has to be installed in pairs, that model has a Peltier cooler on the CPU, and IIRC there are G3 upgrades for it.
  2. TheWhiteFalcon

    Apple Lisa OS and application source code

    MacRumors Link Not a 68k Mac, but a close enough cousin.
  3. TheWhiteFalcon

    CPU Upgrade / Overclocking Centris 650

    Javascript wasn't even finalized until the tail end of 1995. 68k owners weren't exactly tearing up the internet when it started to really take off in the late 90s anyway.
  4. TheWhiteFalcon

    Rear power button

    So do modern PCs, you can still set auto reboot.
  5. TheWhiteFalcon

    Evie's Conquests

    Eh, that depends greatly on the TV, the player, and the LaserDisc. A TV with a good comb filter, a good player, and later quality releases (the DTS LaserDiscs in particular) look great.
  6. TheWhiteFalcon

    68KMLA AppleTalk Network

    That doesn't appear to have anything to do with the MLA.
  7. TheWhiteFalcon

    PowerBook G4 Aluminium disassembly?

    They're not bad, they just take patience. If you have ice cube trays or an egg carton you can use them to hold the screws. Marking where they went isn't a bad idea either. iBooks are way worse.
  8. TheWhiteFalcon

    $50 Mid 2010 Macbook

    It'll actually handle up to 16GB of RAM, but the chipset is picky - at least one of the pair has to be DDR3-1066, and it has to be installed in Slot 0. The older white MacBooks were similarly picky with their DDR2 speeds.
  9. TheWhiteFalcon

    $50 Mid 2010 Macbook

    I'm guessing it's got the usual cracks on the top lid near the hinges? They're nice machines - I ran one as my daily for several months, and it's still around as my media management Mac.
  10. TheWhiteFalcon

    iPhone 4

    That's not an iPhone 4, that's a 4S.
  11. TheWhiteFalcon

    Old Mac, Modern Internet

    Firefox has been doing this for months. It’s a good move on their part; there’s no reason to leave things vulnerable for a fraction of a percent of users.
  12. TheWhiteFalcon

    G4 Cube turning on and off randomly

    Early capacitive tech, it’s a little wonky.
  13. TheWhiteFalcon

    G4 Cube turning on and off randomly

    Did you try cleaning the power button gasket? They get finicky.
  14. TheWhiteFalcon

    Mac IIci exploded battery...

    Purple usually is a Tadiran. They still make the same batteries today so it may not have been original.
  15. TheWhiteFalcon

    PATA SSD vs PATA adapter with mSATA SSD

    Because Samsung, Micron, etc don't want to add production capacity, and unless you're Apple or Samsung, you're not getting your full order filled.
  16. TheWhiteFalcon

    TiBook - Metallic/Chemical Smell

    Paste should be fine, honestly. It's possible the pad was just old and smelly.
  17. TheWhiteFalcon

    PATA SSD vs PATA adapter with mSATA SSD

    I ran option 2 on both a first model 12" PowerBook G4 and a late model iBook G4 without issue, highly recommended.
  18. TheWhiteFalcon

    TiBook - Metallic/Chemical Smell

    The green is just a thermal pad. They're used in place of paste for some applications.
  19. The odds of being able to do it without fracturing the outer shell are slim, if I'm honest. You could try squirting some Goo Gone on the 'top' of it and letting it soak, then try to slide something thin inside to start breaking off the sticky gunk.
  20. TheWhiteFalcon

    AllMacs re-cap service on eBay - experiences?

    There have been plenty of instances where he's wrecked boards. Plus, do you really want to deal with someone who sells a machine like this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macintosh-IIsi-/182727721026?hash=item2a8b6bc042:g:6O4AAOSwohdZnBko
  21. TheWhiteFalcon

    AllMacs re-cap service on eBay - experiences?

    Well, it's not Uniserver, so that's a point in their favor already. Their feedback is fine, the negatives look like just idiot buyers that didn't understand the seller's terms.
  22. TheWhiteFalcon

    2 iMac G3's and 2 eMac's

    I don't think running Leopard on iMac G3's is a good idea. Nor is it even officially possible.
  23. TheWhiteFalcon

    IIci model differences?

    That's not what that bar on EveryMac is for...it's for model numbers, like MD101LL/A.
  24. TheWhiteFalcon

    Scratches and scuffs aluminium PB

    They should be anodized. Apple wouldn't have used paint after the TiBook.
  25. TheWhiteFalcon

    Unknown_K's latest conquests.

    I have a mutt model, a 17" panel with the 15" USB 2.0 base. Works well enough for what I use it for.