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    Best macOS version for IIci?

    You should have about 8MB RAM (or more) for a comfortable experience. As with any question of «best», you need first to define what «good» is. What are your criteria? It's a bit like asking what the best fruit is (the answer, of course, is the orange). I have a fondness for System 7.1 but you need to determine this for yourself. You can work it out like this: 1. Is there any software (e.g. extensions) that limits you? For example, if you want to run software that requires System 7, then your lowest requirement is System 7. 2. Look at what each version of the SSW (system software) offers new: • do you want colour icons? If yes, then your lowest requirement is System 7. • do you want AppleScript, WorldScript etc.? If yes, then your lowest requirement is System 7.1. • do you want access to AppleShare volumes that are larger than 2GB? If yes, then your lowest requirement is System 7.1. • do you want access to 4GB drives? If yes, then your lowest requirement is System 7.5. • I don't know what Mac OS 7.6.1 brings to the party. I had gone directly from System 7.5.5 to mac OS 8.1. 3. Do you want it as fast as it can be without hardware upgrades and your software supports it? If yes, then choose System 6.0. 4. There are instructions for modifying a install of Mac OS 8.1 to install it onto the IIfx and I have this running on mine. It runs well (I have 32MB RAM) and it gives me access to HFS+. Whether it will run well on a 25MHz 68030 is another matter. And you have to find the instructions. The modified install of Mac OS 8.1 for the IIfx is up on the Mac Garden. If you have a large enough drive, put all of the versions of the SSW on and see for yourself.
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    Building your own case

    Hi everyone, Thanks very much for the input. I'm mulling over the various possibilities in my head as well as what has been posted here. I'll post more should I ever get started. aa
  3. ArmorAlley

    Building your own case

    The brittle plastics in my PM 8100 have irritated me enough to contemplate building my own case. The machine will have a 400Mhz G3 Sonnet Crescendo, 2 NuBus cards, the HPD card and 2x U320 300GB drives. It's replacing the MDD whose PSU recently died on me. As a second hobby I have been learning woodwork these past few years and I am leaning towards a nice hardwood case. Or Lego (I have a lot of it). Two considerations come to mind: 1. RF-Shielding (at least I think that it is RF-shielding) — the sheets of metal inside the plastic case. Would aluminium do? I was thinking about using the thick sheets of oven liner. The sheets of metal inside the case are thicker and are surely made of iron. The compact macs have only a thin layer of metal sprayed on the cases but they also have an even lower power requirement than the PM 8100. 2. Heatflow — I want the insides to stay cool and fans are an easy solution. If I use fans, then there will have to be holes in the metal shielding. It doesn't seem to be a problem for newer computers and they have a much higher energy requirement than the 8100/80. Fans would also be a necessity if I use a case material than burns or warps. 3. Is there anything else that I should be thinking about? Does anybody have any advice or good links they can point me towards? Thanks
  4. For many, like my brother, the Performa 475 was just about affordable to him as a student. And given that there were rooms filled with macs in the university, it was something that was nice to have. We lived at home rather than in dorms. The university was only 3 miles away. There was also a lot of 68K software, ahem, floating around. Even though the PPC era had started, there was still enough 68K software available to make a P475 very much worth your while.
  5. ArmorAlley

    Building your own case

    If I go the wood route, it won’t be so ambitious. Right angles are hard and you see it when somewhere is even a millimeter off. I'm practicing comb joints at the moment. Dovetails will come in time. I can do groove-joints. I try to avoid glue at the moment but with the weight of PSU and SCSI drives, I'd have to ask the advice of the carpenters in the workshop. Most of what I do is plan, practice and see where I went wrong. Then rinse, repeat, wash. That is a good idea. I have to free myself of the notion of the 8100 case. I spent much of my day reading about Faraday cages, EM shielding and the like. I want to ascertain if it is needed for health reasons or merely because it interferes with radios and the like. If the FCC has standards on it, then I suspect that there may be health reasons for it. At the moment, it seems that it is there on account of radios.
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    Building your own case

    LaPorta's thread is useful. He made the box big so that heat would be less of a problem. The two SCSI drives will get hot, I expect. And the perspex-metal mesh aesthetic is kind of funky too. I have to read up on the purpose of the shielding. If mesh will do, then that would be a great help. I want it shaped so that it will fit in my shelves. The designs in slipperyskip.com brought me back to my grandparents' house 40 years' ago. It was filled with these curves.
  7. ArmorAlley

    Switching processors between 520 & 540c

    I'm hoping to do this some day. I bought a 33MHz 68040FE chip once when Techknight recommended them and I hope to to be able to transplant it onto my 540c daughterboard. If I remember correctly, Bolle commented once that it could be done with a hot-air station.
  8. Are you sure that the RAM is not to blame? Try it in OS 9 with one stick of RAM. The SSD may also be a source of the problems. I have an SSD connected by means of LVD SCSI-SATA adapter on a FWB jackhammer in my IIfx and it works most of the time (much to my surprise), but it is given to suddenly stop working. Hence my suspicions.
  9. ArmorAlley

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    Moral of the story: if you want to improve your SE/30, collect IIsis. Congratulations on your find. It really is a good feeling to get a machine that was loved and used. The IIsi is a great little machine. We had one with 5MB that drove a large dual-page B&W monitor that we used for the Students' Union newspaper when I was in university.
  10. ArmorAlley

    Diagnosing the 9600 From Hell(tm)

    FireWire card?
  11. ArmorAlley

    Diagnosing the 9600 From Hell(tm)

    Radeon 7000 Mac Edition and run a 1920x1200 monitor, like one of the big Apple Cinema Displays with an ADC-DVI adaptor (like this one here: https://www.ricardo.ch/de/a/apple-cinema-display-22“-1054491414/) PCI SATA card to power a SATA card? Sonnet Tempo Trio and power some CF cards? Maybe an M-Audio Revolution 5,1 card and hook up a surround sound system to your 9600?
  12. ArmorAlley

    MDD G4: $70 a good price?

    Predicting what will be valuable and desirable in 20 years' time is as much an art as it is a science. And I'm not an artist and I haven't rigorously studied the economics of collecting. Would you have guessed back in 1992 that in 2019 an SE/30 would be worth 3 or 4 times more than a IIcx despite the two have similar prices and specs? Or that one particular card (Micron Xceed Grayscale card and adaptor) would be worth many times the value of the SE/30? The Xceed card cost a couple of hundred dollars in comparison to the many thousands required for an SE/30. My guess is that, in 2039, it will be the case that will be the attractive part of turn-of-the-millenium Mac OS X computing rather than the exact innards, assuming that we aren't too precoocupied with Basilisk III on our Apple Glasses.
  13. ArmorAlley

    Finally got a DiiMOCache!

    Congrats Knez and ants! They are great finds that ye have made.
  14. ArmorAlley

    MDD G4: $70 a good price?

    Having had the PSUs in 2 MDDs die on me in the space of 18 months; I am not well disposed towards MDDs. If you don't mind recapping PSUs, then it mightn't be at all a bad idea. I am still averse to it but am slowly coming around to the unhappy fact that I will have to learn how to solder, recap and use a multimeter safely. You are, however, welcome to both of my MDDs (dual 867 and dual 1.2GHz) for the cost of shipping (albeit from Europe), but for the same money, you are at least getting one that will work, if even only for a while.
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    SE/30 versus Classic II speed

  16. ArmorAlley

    M235i Thread of Finds!

    If ever there is a piece of Apple & computing history, it is the original iMac. That is a great find.
  17. ArmorAlley

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    Thanks for that. I'm sure that it would've been done if it were even half-way feasible.
  18. ArmorAlley

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    I don't want to re-rail the thread and I'm sure that this question has been thought about before. Would the monitor from a Colour Classic fit and work in an SE/30?
  19. ArmorAlley

    UltraDrive 80 external SCSI HD replacment

    And you don't see that as a red flag?
  20. ArmorAlley

    SE/30 new ROM and other things

    I have Mac OS 8.1 on my IIfx and it runs well with 32MB RAM. I use it for access to a large HFS+ drive. Normally I run my IIfx on System 6. I suppose that an SE/30 would run Mac OS 8.1 on the slow side (assuming you had at least 20MB RAM) but would be usable. If you have no luck, I can sell you a spare IIfx ROM SIMM that I have. PM me if you are interested. I'm also not that far away from you (about 3 hours by train).
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    Sonnet Quaddoubler project

    Here they are.
  22. ArmorAlley

    PCI SATA card for Blue & White?

    I have 2 SSDs running off a Sonnet card in my B&W G3.
  23. ArmorAlley

    Sonnet Quaddoubler project

    The Quadra Overdrive may electrically fit any 68040 socket but my LC Quadra Overdrive won't physically fit into my Quadra 950.
  24. ArmorAlley

    Levco / SuperMac Prodigy SE accelerator and utility

    Hi CH, It's much more efficient to upload it to the Macintosh Garden. The person running the Mac Repository scrapes the Mac Garden and so it will appear there anyway, complete with word-for-word text. I shouldn't complain about the Mac Repository. I'm happy that it's there and it has helped me a few times. It's just that the manner of the operation grates. aa.
  25. ArmorAlley

    Powerbook XXXX

    All you need now is an alien spacecraft to test it out on. Aliexpress maybe?