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    Minimum Compact Mac Value?

    My definition of value is what it is worth to me, how much I will pay for it. If you want something more than I do, then the value goes up for you. Personally, I wouldn't pay more than the equivalent of $50 for a working compact mac, although the standard offering price is higher than this. But then again, I have 4 compact macs. SE/30s have developed (sadly) as the compact Mac to have and this is reflected in both prices being offered and prices being paid. Pluses are older, and consequently rarer. I am still of the opinion that the Mac SE is the "best" compact Mac and the compact Macs don't differ that much from one another. The Mac SE is the "most boring" or "least sexy" of the compact Macs and the prices being offered for them show this. What is indicative of the market is the number of non-functioning (i.e. sold as "untested") Macs being offered. Macs are slowly dying due to age. Despite the (from my opinion) high offering price for broken equipment, my guess is that if you offered a significantly lower price, you might just very well get it. Mac collectors suffer from the perception of wealth.
  2. ArmorAlley

    Possible Micro Xceed card?

    I have one of those (well, the back panel anyway) and mine is an XCEED SE/306-48. It's not of the magic 3 cards required to support internal greyscale. I haven't tried mine out yet but since there is no internal port for video, I assume that you can either view the external monitor or view the internal B&W screen in the SE/30.
  3. ArmorAlley

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    Congratulations. It really is great to get your hands on a haul like this.
  4. ArmorAlley

    Quadra 610 PDS slot

    Out of curiosity, what cards can be safely used in the Quadra 610 PDS slot? There is an elusive NuBus adaptor (Part 661-1718), a PPC upgrade and some class of an AV-card that converts the machine into a 660AV. What else can be used there? Also, what other machines share this slot? I'm assuming the Quadra 660AV. Are there others? Lastly, on a note of confirmation, the NewerTech QuadDoubler (50MHz 68040) for the Quadra 605 works in the Quadra 610. My beloved Performa 475 needs some love and attention. There is no more bong and the fan has stopped working. The PSU boots another LC III so I don't think that this is to blame. And it was recapped by Maccaps only a few ago. Sniff. The QuadDoubler essentially blocks the use of the PDS slot, but it would be nice to what possibilities are. Thanks! quadra.centris_610.ws_60.pdf
  5. ArmorAlley

    Quadra 610 PDS slot

    I'll give the P475 a go tonight with the stock 68LC040 and see if it works. Charles did the motherboard only and upped the bus-speed to 33MHz (if I remember correctly). It worked until earlier on this week.
  6. ArmorAlley

    Quadra 610 PDS slot

    Thanks for this everybody!
  7. ArmorAlley

    7.1 vs 7.5.3 on a Color Classic

    Have you taken out everything you don't need out of the System Folder?
  8. ArmorAlley

    Visioneer PaperPort Vx SCSI Drivers?

    Hi GuidoB, Would you be so good as to make DiskCopy 4.2 images of the disks and put them up on to Macintosh Garden, Cory's VTools or somewhere where they can be easily accessed please? I can imagine myself stumbling upon this thread in 8 years' time looking for these drivers hoping to find for a link to them.
  9. ArmorAlley

    SSD for Powermac G3 beige minitower

    If I remember correctly, U320 cards don't work on Mac OS 9.2.2 or lower (although I'll be very happy to be corrected). They require Mac OS X. I don't think Adaptec made an APD-29320 card and ATTOs UL4x cards have no Mac OS 9 driver or firmware.
  10. ArmorAlley

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    I reckoned that had it been even halfway feasible, it would have been done by now. And since I've read nothing about it, it mustn't be feasible. But the two monitors don't look all that different side by side. Of course, I hadn't considered depth at all. Thanks for this.
  11. ArmorAlley

    Are these computers worth getting?

    I'd spend $50 on all three if you can get them, and if not, the Beige G3 is a great all-round mac, easily expanded and very useful as a bridge mac (as has already been mentioned).
  12. ArmorAlley

    G4 processor swaps

    That's a good reason. Thanks for this.
  13. ArmorAlley

    G4 processor swaps

    It would be really great if it were possible to stick an MDD processor into a QS. I've read that it doesn't work, but I'm not sure why: bus-speed incompatibility (133MHz vs 166MHz), physical incompatibility (processor & heatsink is simply the wrong shape), pin/processor incompatibility (this shouldn't be, they both PPC 7455s).
  14. ArmorAlley

    SE/30 with an as-yet unidentified expansion

    Theses aren't the drivers from Nakamichi but they may help: http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/driver-d2-440 I seem to remember FWB's CDROM-Toolkit having a jukebox option and some support for Nakamichi drives. Gambare ne!
  15. ArmorAlley

    Getting a Jaz drive to work

    I thionk the way to go is to modify Drive Setip with ResEdit but I don't know what the volume would be resgistered as. Have you tried Lido, SilverLining, HDT Toolkit or even a later version of the Iomega Toolkit? The Jaz 2GB came out reasonably late (1997?) so it my only be supported by the corresponding Iomega driver.
  16. ArmorAlley

    Best ROM disk for ROMinator / GGLabs?

    While you already have MountImage, I would recommend the Virtual CD/DVD Utility [http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/virtual-dvd-romcd-utility]. Locked floppies with HDT Toolkit, Norton Utilities 3.2.1 & Virex are good to have handy too.
  17. ArmorAlley

    ROMinator II Pickle of an issue

    Super. Good to hear that.
  18. ArmorAlley

    ROMinator II Pickle of an issue

    If you don't mind the postage from Switzerland, I've a terminator for a 50-pin Centronics port I can give you (for the cost of postage). You'd need to show me the back of the drive though to check that it's for the right port. PM me if you are interested. Otherwise, you ae sure to find one on eBay, in a local Goodwill etc.
  19. ArmorAlley

    Macintosh Keyboard on a Plus

    Can I use the keyboard of an original Macintosh (it has the model no. M0110 ) on a Mac Plus? It looks as if it can, but I'm not sure.
  20. ArmorAlley

    Macintosh Keyboard on a Plus

    That's what I thought. Thanks fot the confirmation.
  21. I can't speak for the NewerTech G3 card but with the Sonnet Crescendo card, I couldn't get either my FWB Jackhammer or my ATTO SiliconExpress IV SCSI card to work with it. They both work without it though. With the accelerator card, you have probably the fastest system 7.1.2 machine you are ever going to get. I'm running mine on either System 7.1.2 or Mac OS 8.6 depending upon the need. The latter will be my new AppleShare server. The former is just a System 7 machine. Use the PDS card with 4MB RAM. Lots of RAM helps with Mac OS 8.6 too (browsing Macintosh Garden and other such sites, for example). The 8100 is good for games of the era but anything that requires 3D acceleration is jumpy. @Cory5412 is correct, Mac OS 9.1 will run well on this machine and you can get 9.2.2 on to it too with OS9Helper. Do be warned about the plastics! They are very brittle. Mine is in such a bad state, I 'm planning to make a new case for it.
  22. ArmorAlley

    Configure MacTCP?

    Are you sure that all of the hardware works as it should? Have you checked that the SCSI port on the Plus works? And that the 10 base-T router works? And that the cables work? I mention it because the SCSI on my IIfx has gone and I only have a 10 base-T router that has given up the ghost. It is a hazard of old machinery.
  23. ArmorAlley

    Best Archive For System 6/7 Macs?

    I haven't tried it yet myself, but it should be possible to access a volume from Mac OS X 10.4 on an SE, or maybe it's 10.3. It's been a while since I have gone through this: The Definitive Guide to Connecting your SE/30 However, in case you have absolutely no luck, whatsoever, here are some thoughts: 1. Bridge Mac: Invest in a bridge mac, in essence, the cheapest pre-B&W G3 PCI mac you can find. It needs a network card and preferably Mac OS 8.1 so that you have the possibility of accessing HFS+ volumes. 2. Invest in a SCSI enclosure and a 4GB drive. It will need the relevant SCSI cable and a terminator. Partition the drive into 4 1GB partitions. Save *and expand* all of the relevant software from the mac mini via the bridge mac to the drive. Plug the SCSI drive then directly into your SE. 3. Zip-drive: Invest in two zip-100 drives and some zip-100 disks: a SCSI one and a USB one. Expand the files in the Classic environment on your mac mini, copy them onto a zip disk and then load them up on the zip-drive on your SE. Zip-drives & disks are not beloved by all, so your mileage may vary. It doesn't have to be a zip-drive, just some transportable medium where you have drives at either end. It could also be MO, Jaz, burnt CDs and so on.
  24. ArmorAlley

    Bolles finds

    This is just the bizarrest thing I have seen in quite a while. The external zip-drive gives it a most surreal quality.
  25. ArmorAlley

    Best macOS version for IIci?

    You should have about 8MB RAM (or more) for a comfortable experience. As with any question of «best», you need first to define what «good» is. What are your criteria? It's a bit like asking what the best fruit is (the answer, of course, is the orange). I have a fondness for System 7.1 but you need to determine this for yourself. You can work it out like this: 1. Is there any software (e.g. extensions) that limits you? For example, if you want to run software that requires System 7, then your lowest requirement is System 7. 2. Look at what each version of the SSW (system software) offers new: • do you want colour icons? If yes, then your lowest requirement is System 7. • do you want AppleScript, WorldScript etc.? If yes, then your lowest requirement is System 7.1. • do you want access to AppleShare volumes that are larger than 2GB? If yes, then your lowest requirement is System 7.1. • do you want access to 4GB drives? If yes, then your lowest requirement is System 7.5. • I don't know what Mac OS 7.6.1 brings to the party. I had gone directly from System 7.5.5 to mac OS 8.1. 3. Do you want it as fast as it can be without hardware upgrades and your software supports it? If yes, then choose System 6.0. 4. There are instructions for modifying a install of Mac OS 8.1 to install it onto the IIfx and I have this running on mine. It runs well (I have 32MB RAM) and it gives me access to HFS+. Whether it will run well on a 25MHz 68030 is another matter. And you have to find the instructions. The modified install of Mac OS 8.1 for the IIfx is up on the Mac Garden. If you have a large enough drive, put all of the versions of the SSW on and see for yourself.