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  1. Luckybob's scores

    it basically clamps over the top of the logic board. The video section seems relegated to the top board, and the 68030 part to the underside. my guess is the 2nd port is for the 2nd monitor. As for ttl or analog, I have no clue but I'm not finding a DAC onboard so I'm leaning TTL. Anyway, I have new logic board caps on order from mouser. Once they get here, I will see if she works properly.
  2. Luckybob's scores

    sure, once I get back into town, i will do that.
  3. Luckybob's scores

    1.1A @5v & .2a @12v
  4. Luckybob's scores

    Picked these up for $20 total: The SE boots but has some sort of disk doubler installed that has a bit of corruption. Hell, a working hard disk is 9/10'ths of the battle! The classic needs a recap. (vertical lines) However the little 9-pin port in the back revealed an impressive upgrade: A 25mhz cpu upgrade and what I found out to be support for an additional monitor! SWEET! The damn messenger bag was worth the $20 I paid for everything. The upgrade was made by mobius, the monitor was naturally, not included. Is it a standard connection? Can I use a monochrome monitor from IBM?
  5. Vince's Conquests

    Credit where credit is due; Apple has always done a good job of putting lipstick on pigs.
  6. Luckybob's scores

    Because it seems like people make a single thread for all their stuff they get... When in Rome... While not a macintosh, still relevant to the community; Got it off craigslist, had to drive 125 miles each way to get it from an old man on a farm. He had it setup and it had these blue bands on his tv. When I got it home they had all but disappeared (still very slightly there). So I'm thinking there is a cap or two in the video section that might need to be replaced. Also, every 10 seconds or so, the screen will turn off for 1/2 a second and resume. Is it my monitor? Possibly, but I doubt it. I feel $75 was a good price. Is there anything I can do on this machine that my IIe's can't? I'm somewhat limited on space, so if I can't find a specific use, I might just clean it up and resell.
  7. Vince's Conquests

    I have a couple 16's if you are willing to settle.
  8. Vince's Conquests

    Man, the IBM 365 is on the shortlist of machines I want.
  9. Vince's Conquests

    Oh please. I spent $350 for my last pentium pro motherboard. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=48043 Granted it's a one-in-a-million board, but still.
  10. Vince's Conquests

    yes, I would REALLY want one of those for my model 95. I have little hope in finding one, but stranger things have happened. I mean I did just find the dual Tualatin board I've spent 10+ years looking for.
  11. Vince's Conquests

    I'm not a fan of that card to be honest. Double so at that price. Onboard is fine. I've never had any real issues. That said, the XGA2 card is what I would use if onboard was insufficient.
  12. Vince's Conquests

    Yea, its 16bit. I have a 32-bit one in my model 80. takes 8x 4mb simms. runs great.
  13. Vince's Conquests

    I think that card is the bocaram/2 plus. I believe it uses standard 1mb simms. the ADF file is here: http://www.mcamafia.de/mcapage0/adflist4.htm
  14. Vince's Conquests

    they are common: https://www.ebay.com/itm/IBM-88F0075-ENHANCED-80386-0-14MB-MEMORY-ADAPTER-MCA-MICRO-CHANNEL-49F5507/141745795876?epid=1866219819&hash=item2100b53324:g:whcAAOSwHnFVzhmd Others exist, if you wait on ebay cheaper ones will come up. ctesales and nyce-distribution are avenues of last resort. Their prices are an order of magnitude too high. C'est la vie.
  15. Vince's Conquests

    Well, you CAN install a memory expansion board. This memory isn't as quick as mainboard memory, but its a far sight better than hard drive cacheing or having programs NOT run at all.