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  1. Macdrone

    Macintosh TV questions

    I have some screws, I also have a keyboard and mouse, but your going to want to recap the motherboard and tuner board thats connected before you go buying too much stuff for it. I have repaired a few, but it is the same vintage as color classics and LC's so the capacitors are going to be bad on the motherboard.
  2. Macdrone

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    it all washes down the drain. extra rinse. its what the rinse aid helps, both on the board and for the dishwasher. And literally everything we breathe is more toxic than some residue cleaning off a board. I am not worried.
  3. Macdrone

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    i put mine in the dishwasher without soap, but with rinse aid. never had an issue. But that is just me. Im a cheap fixer. I also bake imac video cards in the actual oven. So far i have a pretty good repair record.
  4. Macdrone

    68LC040 in Centris 660av

    they actually came out with fpu software to stop errors like shown in the photo. software fpu pretty sure it was called. also cache040 may have been its replacement or counterpart.
  5. Macdrone

    Macintosh color classic won't power on

    color classic work fine without pram batteries, if yours have issues like that redo the capacitors and hurry as traces could be rotting away as you wait.
  6. Macdrone

    IIvx not powering on.

    That will work, and again short term. If you use a blow dryer on bad caps you can get them to boot also, again its short term band aid.
  7. Macdrone

    IIvx not powering on.

    My IIvx stopped powering up, the power supply in it works when put in my 7100 so that makes it a motherboard issue, now I need to try caps and go from there. Knowing it worked before i set it to the side leads me to believe mine is a caps issue.
  8. Macdrone

    Yet Another 630 Thread (Power-Up Issues)

    also stray remote signals can turn it on, its just a sony power on signal. I can turn on all my macs and old school tvs at once if i am just right all at once.
  9. I would love to see if this works out and any gains once done.
  10. Macdrone

    How to use Performa 630 TV tuner card?

    I do have it but I would have to burn you a copy i guess if you want it.
  11. Macdrone

    How to use Performa 630 TV tuner card?

    I may have a performa 630 cd disk with the original software package.
  12. Macdrone

    Color Classic VGA Mod. the CORRECT way

    jet dry will cause no issue as its made to run off clean also. I dont use but a drop of detergent and wash it alone when I do it on bottom rack. Need as much heat and pressure and vertical to get that goo freed up and run off.
  13. Macdrone

    Color Classic VGA Mod. the CORRECT way

    the motherboards need no change. the 550 and cc motherboards are interchangeable as the 550 motherboard is also the color classic II motherboard. Macintosh TV motherboards are weird, did you wash the whole board ? When I had my macintosh TV the motherboard needed alot of cleaning.
  14. Macdrone

    Color Classic VGA Mod. the CORRECT way

    i meant the motherboard. The analog board must be cut short to fit in place.
  15. Macdrone

    Color Classic VGA Mod. the CORRECT way

    the 550 and cc boards are directly interchangeable as the 550 was also the color classic II's board. no mods needed.