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  1. cheesestraws

    2x BeBoxes!

    I may be being wildly envious slightly to the south of you...
  2. cheesestraws

    Classic II bad sound.

    As far as I know those are completely different chips; the TL071 is just a dual op amp whereas the MC34119 has a bunch more going on (if I'm reading the datasheets properly). A bit of cursory googling suggests Maxim have a replacement for the MC34119 but in a more restricted range of packages; there are likely other replacements out there.
  3. cheesestraws

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    This is all really good information for those of us who are slightly neurotic about killing our own PSU—thankyou!
  4. cheesestraws

    Hotdog's Stand

    Ahhhh, such a nice ANS.
  5. cheesestraws

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    Definitely following this one. Especially if you can work out how to mount it without having to gut an existing PSU for its case—I have a working PSU but I'd like to swap it out prophylactically, as it were, but I don't want to destroy it in the process.
  6. cheesestraws

    8 Pin MiniDIN to USB?

    It relies heavily on the support for SDLC framing. A surprising amount of LocalTalk is actually done in hardware. AppleTalk on the protocol level certainly works in 10.4. I have a screenless iBook running 10.4 that I use as a kind of AppleTalk "beacon" to debug my AppleTalk code. What it does not do is AFP over AppleTalk; it broadcasts the service over AppleTalk but when you try to connect to it it immediately redirects you to AFP over IP. There's no need for NOS, as far as I can see: the Z8530 series are still readily available in DIP packages (at least according to RS) and are probably easier to interface to from a microcontroller than the Z8030, which is really designed for Z80 use. That said, @saybur has had a cunning plan for software to talk LocalTalk just from a microcontroller, which I intend to implement and play with as soon as I have my electronics/work space back together again (my house is full of builders and the office currently lacks a floor). You don't actually need an SCC to speak LocalTalk if you have a reasonably fast microcontroller, it's just that's what the Apple implementation of it does.
  7. cheesestraws

    8 Pin MiniDIN to USB?

    Hmmm. According to this page: https://www.g4hfq.co.uk/350help/hs60.htm the Yaesu pinout has serial RX/TX on pins 7 and 8, whereas the Apple pinout has it on pins 3 and 5 when doing RS232. The pin that ought to be the ground in Apple-land is apparently a packet data pin on the Yaesu pinout. So actually the pinouts look quite radically different. Who knows what will happen
  8. cheesestraws

    8 Pin MiniDIN to USB?

    Well, I mean, it may well work to transfer files via some terminal emulator. I've used that to get files on and off Classic macs before, and it works fine, it's just slow and not quite as nice as 'connect to a file share and just run with it.' So it may well end up being a useful tool even if it's very unlikely you'll be able to get LocalTalk working over it.
  9. cheesestraws

    cheesestraws' conquests (cheesequests?)

    I had both the TAM and the Lisa out for different reasons and I thought it'd be rude not to post a photo, really. Good grief.
  10. cheesestraws

    8 Pin MiniDIN to USB?

    LocalTalk relies on hardware features of the Zilog SCC serial controller in the mac. If the USB converter is just doing RS232 over an 8-pin mini DIN (which the Amazon page says), LocalTalk won't work. It'll work for normal serial, though, I'd have thought. Worth a try in hope, but manage your expectations .
  11. cheesestraws


    This is a really nice idea.
  12. cheesestraws

    68kMLA Forums API?

    Yeah. I was wondering about OAuth, but that doc says that requires server-side setup too. Sigh.
  13. cheesestraws

    68kMLA Forums API?

    Invision does have a REST API but I don't know whether it's available here: I assume it would need to be enabled on the server side? (And I don't know what version 68kmla runs) https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api/index/
  14. cheesestraws

    Sfiera’s Conquests

    For one mad moment I thought you meant the actual connector pins and was simultaneously in awe and terrified of that level of obsessiveness, and was disappointed when I saw what you meant...
  15. cheesestraws

    Sfiera’s Conquests

    I have that Assimilation trackball! I love how like the design is to the Apple keyboards it would sit next to.