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  1. cheesestraws

    Upgraded my on 11'' lcd screen

    That is *really* nice.
  2. cheesestraws

    Apple Internet Router 3.01

    Ahh, I would really like a copy of that. I mean, I have a questionable downloaded one but a proper copy would be nice.
  3. cheesestraws

    Developing a portable user-land AppleTalk stack

    Another quick update on this: I've submitted the LToUDP patches to Paul C Pratt for inclusion in "stock" Mini vMac. How much he'll want me to change, we shall see. I haven't had much time or serenity to work on non-work code, because my house has been full of visitors and is now full of people replacing my bathroom and this is wearing my nerves rather. The next bit I think needs me to finish my rackmount LC II, which is going to be my AppleTalk router, but will also allow me to do interop testing with EtherTalk with things other than BasiliskII. That's my first post-bathroom-chaos project...
  4. cheesestraws

    cheesestraws' conquests (cheesequests?)

    The trackball needs cleaning and I wanted to check that the passthrough mouse port worked. The mouse will be going back in the rodents drawer.
  5. cheesestraws

    cheesestraws' conquests (cheesequests?)

    I managed to get hold of a trackball to go with my Pluses (which is great, because I much prefer trackballs to mice). It was also cheaper than getting a new mouse, which was nice. I could live without the built-in keypad, but it's certainly very period. What's really interesting is how much trouble the manufacturer, Assimilation, took to make it look Apple-y, right down to having their own logo in the same places the Apple logo would be (even on the mouse cable!) Looking at it from across the room, it fits in perfectly with the keyboard next to it, and except for it wedging two functions into one object, the attempt to look Apple-y pays off really quite well.
  6. I use a cheap managed switch for my network, which lets me have a block of ports where autonegotiation is turned off and the port is forced to be 10mbit. It seems to work for me but I don't have any *really* abstruse network cards.
  7. cheesestraws

    Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    This is insanely cool.
  8. Seconded. This was pretty much what I was thinking, too. I still feel like it took a *long* time for the rest of the world to catch up to THINK Pascal's debugger. But this may be simply an artefact of old fondness.
  9. I really don't mind the absence of syntax highlighting too much, to be honest. It is nice, but not obligatory. But honestly I'm still perfectly happy writing code in BBEdit Lite. I suppose in my head I'm kind of comparing it with the THINK Pascal that I used to use, which had things like actual integration between the debugger and editor (though it also did really, really odd things with syntax hilighting). That said, I think that version of TP was a few years later than THINK C 5.0, so I may just be being unfair.
  10. Even little things like NOT SHOWING ME LINE NUMBERS. Urgh. lol
  11. Yes, it is a resource ID. And yeah, I was pretty much just looking at how this code differed from the code in the blocks around it and seeing if making things line up made the bugs go away. A time-honoured but unsubtle procedure . Honestly, I find it really weird that this code is loading the minutes from the menu rather than just doing something like val * 5 and then using sprintf to generate the menu text... so yes, this code doesn't seem very nice.
  12. If you change that to menu = GetMenu(mMinutes); It looks like the 'missing minutes' thing goes away...
  13. I'd forgotten how nasty THINK C was to use. The line: menu = GetMHandle( mMinutes ) seems to be returning nil; you might want to start there?
  14. Any chance you could upload your whole working Think C project? It'd make poking it easier.
  15. cheesestraws

    Apple Imagewriter II Restoration

    That is a really cool trick for a daisy-wheel.