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  1. I just received a nice Quadra 650 with what seems to be a NuBus graphics card: anyone know which card this is? (c) Memory Plus USA 1991 is written on the back
  2. Storm

    Mac IIci capacitor damage

    I found out that some of the 74HC132 and 74HC74 were damaged (Power Circuit) by the cap goo. I've desoldered them and ordered new ones. Maybe that's an issue too. Some pins of these chips were broken
  3. Storm

    Mac IIci capacitor damage

    Ok one of the traces you fixed was also cut and one another on the upper side. I fixed both but still the same issue. Grey screen and no chime. Next I will try to clean the board
  4. Storm

    Mac IIci capacitor damage

    Merci! I will check that out when I'm at home again
  5. Storm

    Mac IIci capacitor damage

    Yes. Jinnai recommended using isopropyl alcohol but that didn't help that much with the green stuff on the IC-legs. Maybe there is some goo left under the chips. I have a hot-air-station but I'm a little bit afraid to do that on the logic board. Is a pre-heater needed for desoldering the two sound-chips for example? I suspect there is some goo left under them
  6. Storm

    Mac IIci capacitor damage

    I just replaced all the capacitors on the logic board and the power supply. Now when I turn it on (via button on the rear), it powers up but shows only a grey screen with no chime. I also tried different memory sticks in both banks but that didn't help. Any idea whats wrong with it now?
  7. Storm

    Mac IIci capacitor damage

    Ok lets hope it works out I cannot read anything on some IC's, they seem to have no part numbers on it. For example the UB2-Chip for left sound or the one for the right
  8. Storm

    Mac IIci capacitor damage

    Ok thanks I will try that. What are my chances that the components still work when they got the green stuff on it? Is there a schematic where I can find the types of the IC's so I can replace them if needed?
  9. Hi, I'm new to this wonderful forum and I just got a really cheap IIci with a little bit of work to do. It seems the SMD-capacitors leaked a little bit and left some components with nasty green legs I already got replacement caps and removed the old ones very carefully. As I can see the pads are still in "working" order. Any recommendations for cleaning the green stuff?