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  1. Update: was able to get it to work by dismounting the floppy in DiskUtility (not in the terminal window using diskutil unmount, for some reason this never worked) and by typing in: MacBook-Pro:~ name$ sudo dd if=filenamehere of=devicename bs=84 skip=1 to Terminal. Not sure why it works for some people and not for others but... if anyone comes across this thread and needs help with this, it's a place to start. Thanks guys
  2. Hi everyone, I recently got my hands on an old SE/30 and I'm trying to write some System 7.0.1 compatible programs on floppy disks. I'm fairly new to this stuff, so bear with me. I have an external floppy drive, which I know works, because I can read floppies that are formatted by my SE/30. Only thing is, I can't write to them. I can only write to them if I first unmount the floppy (which nulls the formatting that is done on my SE/30). I'm getting successful results using the terminal command " sudo dd bs=84 skip=1 if=MacWrite.dmg of=/dev/disk2 ", but only after I've used " diskutil unmount /dev/disk2 ". I know that the programs I'm writing are compatible, because I'm using the disk images on mini vMac, and they all run successfully. However, my main focus here is that I'm trying to avoid having to unmount the floppy, because using intuition, I think that it de-formats the disk, making the floppy unusable with the SE/30. I've loaded the floppies into the SE/30, only to be prompted with the typical "eject/initialize" message. Can anyone offer some guidance as to what I should be doing, or where I should go from here? Thanks. Ryan