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  1. Mac TV Diver

    Macintosh TV questions

    Its been a few months since I set mine up but one of the things I found not clear in the set up tutorials was that you need to use a patched version of the HD SC Setup tool to mount the volume, the version I used was 7.3.5(patched). The patch allows the non Apple disk to be recognized. I see it's available on the Macintosh Garden.
  2. Mac TV Diver

    Macintosh TV questions

    Oh, also as far as the tuner card, I don't know what you would use it for(since there are no more analog antenna signals) except maybe as a channel 3 or 4 coaxial cable input for a device that doesn't have an RCA video output.
  3. Mac TV Diver

    Macintosh TV questions

    I made another pass at cleaning the logic board, reflowed solder on the recaps and removed the CUDA reset switch(seem flaky so maybe stuck in reset). It now starts up reliably. I am interested in the scsi2sd to replace my hard drive. https://store.inertialcomputing.com/SCSI2SD-V5-1-p/scsi2sd-v5.1.htm I am wondering if this will plug right up to the hard drive connector or will I need adapter cables? It looks like the 50 pin connector is the same but the molex is different. Does it even need molex power?
  4. Mac TV Diver

    Macintosh TV questions

    Thanks , is there an easy way to move this post? I recapped and cleaned the logic board but it still wont power on. Is there a way to test the power outputs on the analog board to check its functionality?
  5. Mac TV Diver

    Macintosh TV questions

    I hope someone on this thread can help me with my Macintosh TV. I just joined to make this post after stumbling across this thread. I have a Macintosh TV that would not power up for years. No activity at all with the power button. Before it stopped working completely I booted off a floppy to use it as a TV as the internal hard drive was intermittent. For full capability I could boot off an external hard drive. Yesterday after seeing an ad on ebay for a recapped logic board I did a little research and there was a suggestion to replace the PRAM battery. I tried this and to my surprise the Mac booted up off the external drive and seemed to be fully functional. I shut down the Mac and pulled the internal drive to inspect and clean it. After inserting it back in , the machine powered up but gave me the disk with ? mark on the screen. It would spit out the floppy as well. I tried depowering and repowering the external drive but no joy. I shut down the Mac and tried to power back up but to my dismay it went completely dead again. When I flip the power switch I hear the hum/buzz (CRT high power?). But no further action with the power key. I also tried the remote but nothing. I cleaned the logic board, there is not much evidence of capacitor leakage. I am wondering if this is more likely a power supply issue. So I’m not sure what to try next. Any suggestions? Thanks for any ideas.