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  1. JustG

    LC and Classic II

    I'm in no rush for the SE so please don't make any special effort. Right now I'm focused on figuring out which capacitors to order for these two computers.
  2. JustG

    LC and Classic II

    The place is called Surplus Stuff on Folsom Blvd. in Sacramento. Not the nicest neighborhood, right next door to a flea market. It's a small store but packed. I snagged the only Mac items I found and left my name and number with the owner. There were a couple Apple Monitor IIIs on the floor. Definitely interested in your SE.
  3. JustG

    LC and Classic II

    I plan to dig into the power supply too on the LC. I've starting looking at capacitors the number of choices on Digi-Key are daunting.
  4. JustG

    LC and Classic II

    I had been watching a dual 800k SE on Craigslist for the past couple of weeks and had planned to go and pick it up this weekend. It was about a 100 mile drive so today was the first time I'd have the time to make the trip. Someone snagged it yesterday, fortunately before I made the journey. I was a little bummed since I've been wanting one for a while. I figured since I had the time set aside, I'd go and check out a local surplus electronics store I'd never visited. After walking the isles, tucked in the corner was a LC and a Classic II. I struck a deal with the owner and returned home with my new acquisitions. Neither power on. I pulled the battery from both boards and upon close inspection both have leaking capacitors. The Classic now will power on but has a garbled image on the screen, the LC is still totally dead. I figured that this would be the case and the two inexpensive computers will make for my first attempts at recapping logic boards. I'll need to figure out what capacitors I will need for both, order and then get to soldering.