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  1. NE555

    Apple III issues

    tried that... no go... I was thinking that maybe one is sticking on? not sure ... would that not affect the reset, control OA combo?
  2. NE555

    Apple III issues

    The Keyboard connector seems to be seated correctly
  3. Last time I turned on the apple III it worked perfectly. Today I noticed that upon start up , the keyboard doesn't function. Or better Most keys don't. Reset , control and open apple seem to work. But I can't enter any keys to start memory check for instance. any advise on that?
  4. I removed the SIMM sockets and will be replacing them with new ones. BTW The memory SIMMS are always to be populated by entire banks of 4. So that was of no issue.
  5. thanks, that's probably good advise.
  6. I am leaning towards the RAM SIMMS as well. I have Single row SIMMS with the metal clips. I don't like them too much. I'll shop for double rows. So far I have scrubbed the pins with alcohol and baking soda. Then I have touched up the solder pins . It didn't make any changes.
  7. Here is a curious issue I am having. I turn on the IIci and the board gives a chime, then a gray boot screen but the corners are still there and then the death chime comes in. I can replace the RAM with different models and get different results. The NEC for instance give a different error than the Samsung for instance. If I put in a ROM and leave the jumper in place , I'll get just a gray screen. With the jumper removed (which is the correct way with a ROM installed), then I will get the death march almost instantly with a black screen. Due ti the fact that there is POST and the chime first, I like to think that I got a Memory SIMMS issue. But the placement of the ROM snd resulting error makes me think that there is maybe an issue with the ROM or ROM SIMM? What is you guy's thought on this?
  8. Does anyone have the logic board schematics for a Iici? I have the IIci start up circuit but I need them all.
  9. NE555


  10. NE555


    This board shows the capacitor leakage really nicely thanks to being so dusty
  11. As per my first post, I replaced the speaker jack
  12. between C2 and R10, and between R10 and J23 is continuity.
  13. Yes the speaker is good I use it for many tests.