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  1. So, does the MP part work? Yes!. Need to use Mac OS 8.5 or older for it to properly work. I'll have to try and dig up something other than Powerfrax (the default sample program) to see how much of a different the MP really makes though.
  2. It's not so much that it has 2-4 processors but the way Daystar implemented them. The old systems weren't native multi processor platforms so they did some trickery to get multiple CPUs working in the one slot. Apple used a different method of running multiple processors which was incompatible with nPower.
  3. Yeah, OS X would be a complete nightmare on the system since it won't see more than one processor. A 200 MHz 604e at that so not even all that fast. Even OS 9 broke support for nPower MP as Apple started throwing their own stuff in (think G4 dual processors) and Daystar never updated their software to work with that. It's strictly an OS 7/8 or BeOS box unless you just want to cripple the features that made it special.
  4. This particular machine was used for video editing and some 3D stuff related to that. It's got Premiere and After Effects which I know could use the SMP as well as some others like Cinema 4D which maybe were SMP capable. That's on the to do list. It'd be nice to track down one of the black Plextor drives IBM used in the RS/6000s and AS/400s but painting an existing SCSI drive just might be easier.
  5. One of those mythical machines you read about is the Daystar Genesis MP. Multiple 604s? How cool is that. rarely do they actually appear for sale though, and when they do often the boring single processor or maybe a dual. Never the Quad. Well, a quad was the machine only in my dreams until recently. One morning I hit up Craigslist before work and seen a Daystar for sale. With the Quad CPU card. Oh shoot, I should email on that. A little back and forth later and for $100 I have myself a Daystar Millenium (Genesis MP after MacWorks bought Genesis) with a Quad 200 MHz 604 CPU card. A short 40 mile drive later and I've got it! So what makes this thing cool (other than the black case) is the CPU card. The CPU card has 4x 200 MHz 604e processors on it. It plugs into a standard (afaik) processor slot but needs some auxiliary power to work. Once you get past that, it's more or less a Powermac 9500 in a super fancy case with a giant CPU card. So what's it got hardware wise? 256 MB RAM (+ 2x 8 or something that was causing issues) IX Micro Twin Turbo 3D 128 (Pro Rez version) Adaptec 2940 Mac SCSI Card 500 MB Quantum HDD 4.5 GB Seagate HDD 4.3 GB Quantum HDD 9.1 GB Micropolis HDD 9.1 GB Micropolis HDD Random beige CD-ROM Mac OS 9. This'll be a fun system to play around with, especially the SMP aware programs. Just need to get another mac video adapter so I'm not stuck trying to work 640x480 on a Color Plus 14".
  6. +1 for this. Smokey odor makes me think of maybe like burning leaves which tends to be something like a RIFA cap on the input filtering of a power supply letting its guts out. Especially if the system remained working throughout this whole endeavour.
  7. Compgeke

    PowerTower Pro - Startup monitor lag

    Most likely it's doing the ram test on cold boot. It can take a while particularly if it has a fair amount of ram (think 128MB+)
  8. Compgeke

    Radius full page display for Classic, vga cable?

    So quick note, even with a pinout I have my doubts about an FPD card working with VGA. The native resolution is 640x870 at (usually) 64 or 68 kHz. Even if you can see something on the screen, it's going to look terrible unless someone made a VGA portrait CRT. While not super useful, if I get a chance I'll probe out what goes where from the connector. I do have a real FPD here and the pins are video, h-sync and and v-sync.
  9. Compgeke

    Quadra 840AV battery desaster...

    I'd personally recommend replacing with ceramic or tantulum if possible. The electeolyrics are very prone to leaking again hence so few people use them in recaps. If you look through the forums you'll find many threads on doing so. As far as tolerance though, as long as it's an equal or higher tolerance you'll be good. The tolerance percentage just means it's acceptable for the cap to be +/- n% of the rated capacitance. A 10% would therefore be better than a 20%.
  10. Compgeke

    Quadra 840AV battery desaster...

    Absolutely repairable. New CPU for sure but the logic board looks pretty good. I don't see any eaten traces or corrosion around other ic pins. It will need a recap though but that's typical of any 68k Mac with the SMD electrolytic caps.
  11. Compgeke

    Just got an SE/30, have a display issue

    Oh I see. Couldn't tell there were two links on my phone. Ignore me.
  12. Compgeke

    Just got an SE/30, have a display issue

    When you say replaced with SMD, are they still the silver cans or a small brick? The silver cans are original and would need replaced.
  13. Compgeke

    LaCie MO 230 drive for PB 190 or 5300

    LS120 did get a little love by Dell at least. Various laptops and towers had an LS120 option, such as the Latitude C series or Precision 210 or some Dimension XPSs. Other than that, it was all aftermarket support. The LS120 drives do make pretty nice plain floppy drives though. They write faster than a normal floppy drive does although not quite as fast as the later USB floppy drives that'll knock a floppy out in 40 seconds.
  14. Compgeke

    Turbo 601 66 MHz in Mac IIcx?

    A IIcx is an '030 so a socketed '040 adapter wouldn't do much good.
  15. Compgeke

    iMac G3 DV SE recapping

    Yes you can, just make sure polarity is correct. Capacitors have progressed a lot over the years leading to smaller needed sizes for the same value.