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  1. Compgeke

    eBay find: upgraded SE

    I bet there's an SE/30 board in there. The video corruption + 8 megs ram + SE/30 identification + 500 meg hard drive would have me placing my money on it. The only other way to get an SE to 8 megs is with an '030 accelerator and Compact Virtual but that's not a very common thing to find.
  2. Compgeke

    SE FDHD Estate Sale

    at $40 for the pair, even maxell bomb'd, I'd say you did alright. Best case, you can fix it. Worst case, you can swap the ROMs and SWIM into an 800k board and upgrade it to a Superdrive (providing those chips aren't too damaged). The keyboard alone for $40 wouldn't have been a terrible find, you got an entire Mac SE with it.
  3. That’s not for video but for AUi. That’d allow you to use thick net or thin net or fibre or whatever other medium you might be using in your network.
  4. Compgeke

    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    That's because the phosphor really is more of a blue than a true white. If you play with white balance in editing, setting for the Mac casing will make the screen blue, setting for the screen will make everything else very yellow. Easiest fix is to just do an edit of both and overlay the screen on top. Here's a Mac SE next to a Radius FPD which has an actual black and white tube in it, you can tell a real difference with the Mac tube. Outside of a camera, your eye just makes it seem black\white rather than blueish.
  5. Compgeke

    Macintosh IIci board repair, Missing pad?

    Yup, the solder mask is part of the PCB manufacturing process that keeps the copper under the mask safe. It looks like a very easy fix, (carefully) scrape a bit of solder mask off and You can probably use something like an component lead to bridge that tiny gap.
  6. Compgeke

    Macintosh IIci board repair, Missing pad?

    Either run a bridge wire from wherever the other end of the trace is to the capacitor leg, or scrape off a bit of the solder mask beside the pad and solder to that instead of the pad. You can get sticky replacement "pads" but you will need to scrape off a bit of solder mask and solder to the trace in either case.
  7. Soon(tm) I can get you a pin out for the Radius FPD. I’ve got an older one that has the pinout marked on the PCB insides. At least I assume it’s older one, the entire front chassis is cast metal!
  8. Compgeke

    Are these computers worth getting?

    SCSI2SD + Sticky Tape
  9. Yeah, a straight through serial cable will work. Note you'll get ghosting without a shielded cable though. I picked up a 9 pin straight through cable meant for video on a KVM of sorts I've been meaning to try but haven't got around to it yet.
  10. Compgeke

    E-Machines Big Picture Card w/Mac SE Interconnect

    Hey, I'll take that Big Picture card. It'd be fun to try and make work on the GCC Hypercharger passthrough. Not a lot of information on the card so I bet it won't work on LCDs ,a good multisync CRT maybe.
  11. Compgeke

    Starting on the SE

    No, that'll just gunk up everything in short order. You'll want to clean it up and use something like white lithium grease that doesn't dry out rapidly and won't attract dust.
  12. Compgeke

    SE/30 logic board foreign object?

    That's a small surface mount capacitor shoved in. For what? I don't know, but if it works, I'd leave it.
  13. Compgeke

    Board repair recommendations

    Did you lift a pad or lift a trace? Lifting a pad is generally pretty easy to get around. You can scrape a little of the solder mask off the trace (carefully) and bend the lead over to solder onto that, run a small piece of wire from trace to component lead (if it can't bend) or just run a wire to bypass the trace\pad entirely. If you lifted an entire trace, that's a little more difficult and kind of an achievement on its own. In either case, try adding some liquid flux to the joints, adding new solder, adding a little more flux then using a vacuum desoldering gun to clean everything up. Once I got that done, I lift a lot less pads. There're plenty of people in they bay area give or take (myself included) but man, I only trust myself to repair my own stuff, don't think my skills are up for other people's stuff. [
  14. Compgeke

    Marathon Computer iRack DV

    That's an RS/6000 40p. 66 MHz 601, some amount of ram, 350 meg hard drive, Diamond S3 based video card. Running AIX 4 now, although if I can dig up the PReP floppy for it, NT4 would be fun to try out. It's not particularly fast, but the NT4 support is the only reason I really got it. I've got two other 80 MHz boxes (MCA based), a 375 MHz 604e and a Dual Dual-Core 4.2 GHz Power 6 box sitting here if I want to play with AIX.
  15. Compgeke

    Marathon Computer iRack DV

    Right about a year later, luck strikes again. I'll do some testing and pics later, but I've gotten three more iRacks. Now I have three iRack DVs and two original iRacks. I'm going to have a whole datacenter of these things in a few years at this rate.