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  1. IIci Motherboard Shorting

    Recap the power supply. It behaves like my IIcx did when its PSU caps went out.
  2. Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    Mac Plus is a straight through cable and a telephone has crossed wires. With a 4P4C connector and crimp it's easy to make a new cable.
  3. One of the cooler things I own here is a Radius FPD setup for a Mac SE. While it does work, I can't use any of the more advanced features the software contains due to my old ROMs, v2.91. The only version on the internet requires v4.4. Would anyone happen to have either images of the v4.4 ROM or a card with the 4.4 ROM? Alternatively, an older version of the software may work but finding that is harder than ROMs, ROMs at least come with every card.
  4. PM 9600: 10/100 Ethernet card?

    Never had issues with RTL8139s myself, there's one in my S900, 9600 and random PowerComputing. The card I never could get working was a Netgear card based on an 8169 but with a sample size of one I can't go claiming 8169s are rubbish.
  5. $20 Mid 2010 Macbook

    I also picked up one of these a couple days ago dirt cheap. I guess they're finally losing all their value. Unlike Jon183's, mine came with 8 gigs ram and a 750 gig hard drive. No battery or charger with it but for $20 I'm not complaining. Interestingly enough, these are even supported natively by High Sierra. Cosmetically it's reasonable, it has the display assembly cracking and the bottom is a bit warped around the battery. I assume the original swelled up at some point, hence it's gone and the bottom bowed.
  6. New guy with a "Mac Plus" music player

    The marble texture tends to be a result of uneven application or mixing of the retrobrite mixture. Sometimes a retreatement might fix it or you can consider it a feature and call it unique. Nice choice in amp by the way. One note about the amp, watch out for bad capacitors as mine did need a couple caps and a zenner replaced.
  7. IIVX Logic Board Problems

    It's going to sound odd, but, try a wash in the sink with dish soap then rinse with distilled water after a slight scrub. Cap goo gets everywhere and you'd need a lot of alcohol to clean 100% properly, without desoldering every component. Let sit for a day or two in the warmest, driest environment you can find. Here in California cars work great for it. Also check the power supplies and recap them. The power supplies in everything from the IIcx through Quadra 650 are known for bad caps. Another alternative is see if you can't track down some Quadra 650s or maybe even just 650 boards. They share the same chassis as the IIvx but use solid caps that don't leak at all. If these are mission critical systems, it might be faster right this moment than trying to get the IIvx boards fixed. Do still fix them though, can never have too many backups when it comes to legacy equipment in use.
  8. Mount SCSI2SD card in Windows

  9. Odd Quadra Motherboard

    8100's closest to an 840, relative to the 68k era macs. Connectors along the top of the board and a PSU that plugs in rather than slots in. Here's a pair of boards, one 110 Prototype and an 80 MHz oddball someone threw a crystal socket on.
  10. old Macs and 68pin hdd with adapter

    Yes, it usually does work with 68 pin drives (although 80 are a crap shoot). I do have a few IBM 4.5 gig 68 pin drives that will not work but those drives won't work in most systems. I also use a terminated cable when throwing a 68 in an old Mac. Here're some pics of that in an SE: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/28013-my-macintosh-se-that-was-damaged-in-shipping/?p=299807
  11. PowerBook 3400

    You can remove both PRAM and main battery no problem. Mine has neither installed and works fine. Just note it won't keep startup disk (if multiple partitions), time, date, sound volume, etc without either battery installed. When you first get it though, open it up and remove the PRAM battery right away. They're known to leak and cause damage. As for the main battery, very likely that it has a safety controller inside the battery cell itself that'll need an EPROM reprogrammed. The earlier 500 series did, can't imagine Apple did away with that on the 3400.
  12. I actually ended up swapping the card out, the pink fringe was related to monitors not supporting 1152x882. The adapter I have is an old Viewsonic one that's just labeled 640x480-1280x1024 or something like that. No switches or anything. A Supermac Spectrum/8 SIII was dirt cheap and easier than the headache of the fixed res Radius. If you really want to use this card you need to find yourself an old CRT that does sync on green, otherwise it's going to have odd artifacts and fringe. 21" or so range is your best bet for that.
  13. IIci restarts after shutdown

    My IIcx also suffers this issue and I traced it down to being a problem with the 74 series chips under the floppy drive. I ended up giving up, not wanting to deal with SMT IC replacement. Another thing worth checking is whether your PSU has 5VSB or not. Without 5VSB, /pfw will never go high and as such never tell the PSU to turn off, providing it'd turn on in the first place.
  14. LC III found curbside

    Congrats on Kidpix! That's like half the reason I have some old Macs. Just a heads up though, you're going to want to recap the motherboard and power supply on this. Power supply usually goes first due to caps but the motherboard isn't safe either.