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  1. Compgeke

    Radius full page display for Classic, vga cable?

    So quick note, even with a pinout I have my doubts about an FPD card working with VGA. The native resolution is 640x870 at (usually) 64 or 68 kHz. Even if you can see something on the screen, it's going to look terrible unless someone made a VGA portrait CRT. While not super useful, if I get a chance I'll probe out what goes where from the connector. I do have a real FPD here and the pins are video, h-sync and and v-sync.
  2. Compgeke

    Quadra 840AV battery desaster...

    I'd personally recommend replacing with ceramic or tantulum if possible. The electeolyrics are very prone to leaking again hence so few people use them in recaps. If you look through the forums you'll find many threads on doing so. As far as tolerance though, as long as it's an equal or higher tolerance you'll be good. The tolerance percentage just means it's acceptable for the cap to be +/- n% of the rated capacitance. A 10% would therefore be better than a 20%.
  3. Compgeke

    Quadra 840AV battery desaster...

    Absolutely repairable. New CPU for sure but the logic board looks pretty good. I don't see any eaten traces or corrosion around other ic pins. It will need a recap though but that's typical of any 68k Mac with the SMD electrolytic caps.
  4. Compgeke

    Just got an SE/30, have a display issue

    Oh I see. Couldn't tell there were two links on my phone. Ignore me.
  5. Compgeke

    Just got an SE/30, have a display issue

    When you say replaced with SMD, are they still the silver cans or a small brick? The silver cans are original and would need replaced.
  6. Compgeke

    LaCie MO 230 drive for PB 190 or 5300

    LS120 did get a little love by Dell at least. Various laptops and towers had an LS120 option, such as the Latitude C series or Precision 210 or some Dimension XPSs. Other than that, it was all aftermarket support. The LS120 drives do make pretty nice plain floppy drives though. They write faster than a normal floppy drive does although not quite as fast as the later USB floppy drives that'll knock a floppy out in 40 seconds.
  7. Compgeke

    Turbo 601 66 MHz in Mac IIcx?

    A IIcx is an '030 so a socketed '040 adapter wouldn't do much good.
  8. Compgeke

    iMac G3 DV SE recapping

    Yes you can, just make sure polarity is correct. Capacitors have progressed a lot over the years leading to smaller needed sizes for the same value.
  9. Compgeke

    Marathon Computer iRack DV

    I seen this on Craigslist for $10 and just had to have it. For those of you who don't know, Marathon Computer was a company who made rack mount things for Apple computers. Whether rack ears for your Powermac G4 or an entire case for your 9600. In this case, a 1U rack chassis for an iMac G3 DV logic board. This one's 500 MHz, out of a Snow White based on the order number. The front is pretty unassuming. No fancy "PowerPC" or anything, just the ports, a slot and a Marathon badge. From the back you get all the ports an iMac G3 DV had. The ports on the far left are to be linked over to the ones on the right if you want the front panel ports to work. Otherwise, leave them disconnected and you won't have front panel ports but you'll keep all the ones on the rear. A view from the top shows just how sketchy these things are. There is no attempt at cable management by design. The board is just thrown in at a weird angle (to make ports line up), VGA port ribbon kind of wedged between boards, etc. The ram is installed on a pair of right angle adapters. Without these the ram sticks up too high and fouls the top. The biggest weird thing is this board. It's marked fan control, but I'll be damned if I know what that's about. It has the connections for the speaker and the power button/LED and then four 555s. What they do? Beats me. Finally, know what's cooler than an iRack? How about two
  10. RE Clock: This is going to sound dumb, but have you checked the battery? If the battery is getting low it's going to drift.
  11. It may just be that the power lines or something aren't making contact so it's not even recognizing there's something in the slots. It's hard to tell without removing them to see what's going on. Unfortunately finding replacements can be a bit more difficult, I'm not sure if anyone still makes 30 pin simm connectors but asking around on marketplace here you should be able to find someone willing to suck a few out for you. It seems you're a bit worried about removing the slots though. If you want my advice, it's equipment upgrade time. Pick up a ZD915 or similar ~$100 desoldering gun and it'll make easy work of those. As long as you don't shove hard and scrape the tip on the board, or set it to something insane like 400*C, it's more difficult to do damage.
  12. Compgeke

    SCSI2SD + Hard-Reset = No booting

    I've actually got a similar issue with my v5 board. If power is improperly removed, it corrupts the OS. When attempting to boot from it you'll get happy mac -> back to grey screen -> happy mac -> repeat. Doesn't matter if it's system 6 or system 7. Only real fix I had was to recopy the system folder over. Just booting from another device and coming back didn't fix it.
  13. If you've got a long enough cable you can. With a double connector cable and a molex splitter you could even do hard drive and cd off the internal connector, just can't mount the CD.
  14. Compgeke

    iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    The real issue with the IBMs is they have their own non-removable motherboard cache and as such don't like having it on the CPU. If I had a G3 ZIF without any cache it just might work. No idea on how they handle multiplier. They were offered in two different versions, a 233 MHz 604 and the 375 MHz one so they do support adjustable multiplier and bus. Probably resistors on the CPU card itself. Of course, there's almost no documentation on the IBMs.
  15. Compgeke

    iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    Worthy of note on the IBM computers with a ZIF: They're just a CPU card without any cache or anything. Good chance it's just the 60x bus directly on the pins from the CPU, possibly even in the same pinout as the BGA chip. If someone wants to grab one and desolder the chip, it'd be possible to cross reference the chip datasheet and the BGA pads to pins. A lot of work, but doable. I've attached the datasheet that has the pinout to this post. Another IBM note: they won't work with cards that have an onboard L2 cache like the Macs have. Trying a 450 MHz G3 CPU (PPC750L-EB0A450) in an RS/6000 43P-150 will throw an E24C "L2 cache array test fails." error. Knowing the pinout would be interesting as it may be possible to make a G3/G4 upgrade for the 43P-150 (and B50). Not that it'd be a worthwhile time investment, I doubt all 3 of us with such a system would be super interested. 604eBGA_Datasheet.pdf