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  1. Compgeke

    Soph's mac finds

    PCP24xk is the PrecisionColor Pro 24xk with QuickColor. I didn't get a full run of it on the IIfx though, for some reason it'd get part way through and Type 1 error on me. Doesn't do it with any of the other video cards. It's the one card that showed the greatest improvement in PowerPC vs 68k. The one surprising outlier was a dear old Mac Toby that benchmarks almost identical to the Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24xk. I need to make a thread for this some day.
  2. Compgeke

    Soph's mac finds

  3. Compgeke

    Soph's mac finds

    So I spent today benchmarking a bunch of video cards in my IIfx and a PowerComputing Power 100. Unfortunately that Radius card would be much better suited to a PowerPC mac than a 68k mac, but it's a fair bit worse than HPV in the 8100. Under Macbench 4, my PrecisionColor Pro 24xk gets a score of 157 in Publishing Graphics in the PowerComputing but only 48 in the IIfx. An 8100 with HPV will net you a score of 169. I need to get a Quadra to test some stuff in some day to see how much that improves over the 40 MHz '030. If it were me, I'd save it in case I run across a 7100 as an upgrade over the onboard graphics, or something like the Radius 81/110 or PowerComputing Power 100 I've got.
  4. Compgeke

    Mac IIci capacitor damage

    Did you clean the board, and I mean really clean the board after recapping? Cap goo gets under chips and causes weird issues until really cleaned.
  5. For the SCSI 2 SD config did you set the vendor and model to the one in the SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac thread, including the spaces before/after? That’s required for the stock drive setup to recognize the scsi2sd. A really easy way to get the drive setup off the iMac is to use sheep shaver with local disk access enabled so you can copy to/from the computer. Make a 1.44 MB disk image, uncompressed, in disk utility, copy the drive setup, unmourned image, copy image to the local computer, write with favorite utility. If I remember I’ll try and upload one to the thread tonight to make it easier. Another thing to check on your Iicis is the caps and batteries. Both are known to leak on these systems whether they’re in use or not.
  6. Compgeke

    Mac IIci capacitor damage

    Generally as long as it's just green fuzz, you'll be able to clean it off and it'll just work(tm). There are some exceptions, like in a Mac IIcx the cap leakage likes to ruin the power-on circuitry and you'll never be able to turn the computer off again but that's a minor issue. More or less all the IC part numbers are directly on top of the chip. A few are Apple proprietary but those wouldn't be available 2nd hand anyway unless you pulled from another board.
  7. Have you tried a different mouse in case the one you’re testing with decided to die?
  8. As long as there's no batteries that've gone bang, should be plenty doable. Caps will need replace on the logic board for sure and probably the power supply. Thankfully it's not too hard, we're talking ~3 hours work for a first time repairer, providing you're familiar with a soldering iron.
  9. Navy? Close enough! This one's a Novy card and that passthrough is almost certainly to allow you to hook a video card and/or other expansion into the back. To the best of my knowledge, the only card ever released that made use of it was the E-Machines Big Picture card but it's possible there's more. Here's the same connector on the back of the GCC Hypercharger I used to own
  10. Good chance it’s a Euro DIN adapter rather than PDS. They use the same connector.
  11. Compgeke

    (Failed) Conquest

    Newertech Clockometer would do it too.
  12. Compgeke

    Modern printer on old Mac?

    The easiest way is with a bigger office printer that does PostScript. Most mid range Laserjets do (does it have 2 paper tray support? Probably does PS). Ive printed to my P4015x and my P3005 from OS8 with no bridge before, need to try older OSes some day.
  13. Compgeke

    eBay find: upgraded SE

    I bet there's an SE/30 board in there. The video corruption + 8 megs ram + SE/30 identification + 500 meg hard drive would have me placing my money on it. The only other way to get an SE to 8 megs is with an '030 accelerator and Compact Virtual but that's not a very common thing to find.
  14. Compgeke

    SE FDHD Estate Sale

    at $40 for the pair, even maxell bomb'd, I'd say you did alright. Best case, you can fix it. Worst case, you can swap the ROMs and SWIM into an 800k board and upgrade it to a Superdrive (providing those chips aren't too damaged). The keyboard alone for $40 wouldn't have been a terrible find, you got an entire Mac SE with it.
  15. That’s not for video but for AUi. That’d allow you to use thick net or thin net or fibre or whatever other medium you might be using in your network.