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  1. elemenoh

    ImageWriter II pink vertical line

    I'm a dummy. It was on the paper itself.
  2. What does this vertical pink line indicate? End of the ribbon?
  3. Found the adapter on eBay. It’s called a Macintosh LC HD adapter bridge.
  4. Finally got around to checking the pins. This is the best I could do. Some didn't map.
  5. Removing the CUDA and cleaning underneath did the trick! Now to find a hard drive adaptor for this thing. Anyone have a spare?
  6. I have a Portable with both a vertical and horizontal line on its screen. I have another with many lines in both directions. I've tried cleaning the zebra strips with IPA and a cotton swab, but it didn't help. Below is a photo of the issue and a video of some suspect areas under the zebra strip on the left side of the display. I can't tell if these rough spots on the glass are expected or what sort of trouble I should be looking for. Any advice? M20190919_002.mov
  7. Earlier today my Mac Plus failed to start up. No chime and it had even horizontal bands across the display. I removed the installed RAM and then it had a different video pattern that would change slightly every half or quarter second -- still no chime. I put the RAM back in and it booted up okay. Dead Mac scrolls didn't have a symptom that seemed to exactly match this. Any ideas what might be going on?
  8. I have a Macintosh TV that has power, but will not chime or boot with its MLB. With a known-good Color Classic MLB installed, it will chime and boot okay, though there is an intermittent fluttering sound coming from the speakers. That might just be an issue with the CC board though. I cleaned it up but it needs caps replaced too. There wasn't obvious cap leakage, but I cleaned the board and replaced the MLB caps anyway. The symptom remained the same. On flick of the power switch you can hear the display power on, but when the power key is pressed, no LED on the keyboard and no chime or boot on the computer. I installed a new PRAM battery on the original board, but that didn't change the symptom. And the machine boots with the CC board without a PRAM battery installed. The analog board also looks okay at first inspection. No obvious cap leaks. So, what should be checked next?
  9. The 590-0029 cable did the trick!! Color Pivot glory! I'll follow up with the pinout and share here in the next few days. Thanks for the help!
  10. I found an original unopened 590-0029 on eBay for a not-terrible price so I went ahead and bought that. So one less skill to learn for now.
  11. Update I installed System 7.1 on another partition along with SoftPivot 3.2.1. I connected the monitor to built-in video and got the same result. SoftPivot loads and changes the orientation to landscape regardless of the monitor's physical orientation. Pivoting after boot does nothing. Dynamic Desktop does not show other resolution options. I installed the Color Pivot Nubus card, flipped the switch on the back of the monitor to "Pivot Interface" and rebooted. Same issue as above, except that the whole screen renders too high and the menu bar is cut off at the top. So it has to be something up with the cable, right? I'm attaching a photo of the back of my monitor. You can see it's Model 0277 and has the HD15 female connection as well as the interface toggle switch. Might it be possible to get this working with the DIP switch adaptor? If not, will I need to make a custom cable? Would I need to follow this pinout? http://archive.retro.co.za/mirrors/68000/www.vintagemacworld.com/radius/0029.html Thanks! IMG_8319.mov
  12. I do have a Color Pivot Nubus card I can try. I did previously and had similar results, but that was before getting the new DIP switch adapter and SoftPivot software. Though, it seems the SoftPivot software is only needed if using built-in video. I'm still unclear about the cable. Do I need some special cable or can I make the VGA+10DIP adapter work?
  13. @omidimo Thanks! I installed it on both System 7.5 and 8 partitions. Now, it'll start booting in portrait and switch to landscape during boot, regardless of the physical orientation of the monitor. If I physically pivot the monitor the resolution doesn't change from landscape. I tried this on both the Radius card and built-in video and set the switch on the back of the monitor accordingly. Any other ideas? Other notes: The control panel is set to Color Pivot and 256 colors on built-in video. There are no other resolution options in the Dynamic Desktop context menu or in the Monitors control panel. I still have the DIP switch adaptor set to 15" TILT.
  14. I ended up getting a different DIP-switch VGA to Mac adaptor in case the 6-DIP version I had was no good. I've tried nearly every conceivable combo, but am not getting great results. If I set the adaptor to 2467 (15" TILT) I do get portrait video, but no options to change resolution and no change to the display when pivoting, even after reboot. I tried flipping the switch on the back of the monitor from "Built-in Video" to "Pivot Interface" since I do have it plugged into a Radius card, but that didn't change anything. Any other ideas? I've attached the manual for the adaptor in case someone has a recommended setting. I think I've tried all of the Mode 5 settings and all of the multi-sync settings already. Most lead to garbled or truncated video. 10-dip-adaptor-manual1.pdf 10-dip-adaptor-manual2.pdf
  15. elemenoh

    Rolling dim area on Classic

    I recapped a Classic analog board today. After doing so, I got no chime and a bright horizontal line. After a little bit of knocking, the horizontal line went away. I'd then get no chime, a relatively dim screen and low voltage on both rails (~4v/~10v). I turned up the potentiometer on the analog board a quarter turn and got a chime and normal voltage (5v/12v). The screen was also brighter, but there's still a rolling dark area on the screen and an occasional bright flicker. Is there a common suspect for this symptom? IMG_8284.MOV