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  1. elemenoh

    Macintosh Classic II with missing ROMs

    I have 2x Classic II’s but with the 2x40 pin ROM setups. One of the ROMs is bad so I’m looking to program a new set. What type of blank ROM would work in those and what sort of programmer would be needed?
  2. elemenoh

    Vertical lines on Classic II

    This Classic II originally had 16 vertical bars on boot. After a couple of thorough scrubbings with IPA it stills displayed vertical bars but across the whole width. The caps were replaced today and the same symptom persists. The bodges were to deal with a couple of pads that lifted. Any suggestions for where to look for trouble?
  3. The battery in this Quadra 650 wreaked a decent amount of havoc, including rotting off one of the nearby transistors at D4. Can someone identify what type it is? Any other tips for restoring the affected area?
  4. elemenoh

    Powerbook 100 Battery Rebuild

    @electricmonk Did you end up doing a rebuild with Eneloops? How did it go?
  5. I have a NeXT MegaPixel Color Display (N4005) that I can't get to sync with either a Quadra 950 or PowerMac 7600. It's paired with this 10-DIP VGA/Mac adapter at the Mac end and this 13W3/VGA adapter at the Monitor end. I've tried all of the Sync on Green codes in the 10-DIP adapter but none of them have synced properly. AFAIK, this 21" monitor is Sync on Green, 68HZ, 1280x1024@92 DPI and is basically a repackaged Hitachi/Supermac CM2086A3UX display. Should it be possible to get this monitor syncing with a Mac? Any ideas of what else I should try?
  6. elemenoh

    Studio Display 15-inch spring catch broken

    Epoxy worked! I ended up using Gorilla clear grip and let it cure for a couple of days. Seems to be holding okay.
  7. The plastic that held back the spring on this Studio Display broke. Does anyone here have experience repairing this sort of thing? Would a blob of epoxy around the area where the plastic and metal meet do the trick? A photo of this part unbroken would also be helpful to use as a reference.
  8. Try cleaning underneath the egret chip and replacing the crystal next to it.
  9. elemenoh

    ImageWriter II pink vertical line

    I'm a dummy. It was on the paper itself.
  10. What does this vertical pink line indicate? End of the ribbon?
  11. Found the adapter on eBay. It’s called a Macintosh LC HD adapter bridge.
  12. Finally got around to checking the pins. This is the best I could do. Some didn't map.
  13. Removing the CUDA and cleaning underneath did the trick! Now to find a hard drive adaptor for this thing. Anyone have a spare?
  14. I have a Portable with both a vertical and horizontal line on its screen. I have another with many lines in both directions. I've tried cleaning the zebra strips with IPA and a cotton swab, but it didn't help. Below is a photo of the issue and a video of some suspect areas under the zebra strip on the left side of the display. I can't tell if these rough spots on the glass are expected or what sort of trouble I should be looking for. Any advice? M20190919_002.mov
  15. Earlier today my Mac Plus failed to start up. No chime and it had even horizontal bands across the display. I removed the installed RAM and then it had a different video pattern that would change slightly every half or quarter second -- still no chime. I put the RAM back in and it booted up okay. Dead Mac scrolls didn't have a symptom that seemed to exactly match this. Any ideas what might be going on?