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  1. elemenoh

    AppleDesign Speakers power receptacle swap

    Thanks for the tip @olePigeon. I've been meaning to check it out since Weird Stuff closed.
  2. Recently someone gave me a set of AppleDesign Powered Speakers. Unfortunately they didn’t include a power supply. These speakers use a weird 7mm 15v 1a center-positive power supply. Generic/multi-tip power adapters likely won’t fit. I leaned this the hard way. I found a generic 15v 1a power supply on eBay for $2 shipping included from China. Unfortunately it had a 5.5mm barrel. I searched through some of my old electronics and found a crappy WiFi router that had a 5.5mm center positive receptacle. I tore it apart, desoldered the receptacle and swapped it with the one on the AppleDesign Speakers board. I plugged in the $2 power supply and heard buzzing but got no LED and no sound. Bummer. I measured the voltage of the adapter and it was only outputting 7.5v. You get what you pay for! I found another spare adapter with a center-positive 5.5mm barrel. It was 12v but figured it might be close enough. I plugged it in and the speakers worked great. This was a very easy hack, still looks OEM, works with more typical power supplies and is way cheaper than buying a power supply compatible with the original receptacle.
  3. I have a PowerBook 100 booting to Sad Mac 0000000E 0000FF00. I've tried removing the extra ram card and re-seating the daughter card, but the issue persists. I recently recapped the whole MLB and daughter card and cleaned up ares where caps had leaked a bit. Does this Sad Mac code mean bad RAM? What are some of the things I should try to fix it?
  4. I have a Radius Color Pivot monitor connected to a Quadra 950 with a Radius 8-24X card. The Quadra is running System 7.5 with RadiusWare 3.4 which contains Dynamic Desktop 1.42. The monitor is recognized and displays okay. Dynamic Desktop recognizes both the built-in video at Slot 0 and the Radius PrecisionColor 8-24X card in Slot A. The Monitors control panel recognizes the monitor as "Portrait / Pivot". When I rotate the monitor, it makes the degaussing ping, but the orientation on screen is not changed. From what I read about this *Color* Pivot is that it doesn't require a special card to do its pivot magic. It's all supposed to be in software. So, for anyone who knows about these, what else should I try to get it working? Different version of RadiusWare?
  5. elemenoh

    Color Classic no power issue debunked!

    Any advice on how I can fix my blunder mentioned above?
  6. elemenoh

    Tantalum capacitor package size for Color Classic

    In case this is helpful to others, I figured out the correct sizes using this size guide. 47µF - Size C https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/avx-corporation/TAJC476K016RNJ/478-1718-1-ND/564750 100µF - Size C https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/avx-corporation/TAJC107K006RNJ/478-1703-1-ND/564735 10µF - Size B https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/avx-corporation/TPSB106K016R0800/478-2398-1-ND/678566
  7. elemenoh

    Color Classic no power issue debunked!

    While attempting dougg3's fix with the wire between the crystal and C56 I managed some spectacular feat of clumsiness and lost C56. I looked everywhere but it's in the land of left socks or some other mysterious locale. Does anyone know the value for that cap or what I can sub with? I tried 10uf but that didn't seem to work. I'm still getting the static noise when the power switch is flipped but no chime on soft boot. Here are a couple of photos of the board as it is.
  8. elemenoh

    TAM CD drive not spinning up

    Also, the iFixIt guide is missing a step. There’s is a perforated bezel at the top of the TAM. That needs to be removed along with two t8 screws underneath before you can separate the front and rear case.
  9. elemenoh

    TAM CD drive not spinning up

    In case this is helpful to to others: Symptom: laser would move to home position but discs wouldn’t spin. Part needed: Apple CD 600i CR-504-C, specifically the laser/motor assembly. Process: 1. Follow this iFixIt guide up to step 9 2. Remove the two t8 screws holding the TAM CD drive and remove it. 2. Disassemble the 600i and remove the laser assembly. You’ll also need to remove the tray load style head off the motor. It just pulls up. 3. Swap the laser assembly on the TAM’s drive and transpose its top loader style head onto the donor motor. Voila! The drive spins up and reads discs again!
  10. I need to recap a few Color Classics and am going to try switching to tantalum caps. What package size would fit best on the existing pads? These seem to all be the same size: 6 - 47µf - 16V 2 - 100µf - 6.3V This one is a lot smaller: 1 - 10µf - 16V
  11. My TAM's CD drive makes a short soft noise as if it's trying to spin up, then goes quiet and nothing else happens. I read that the Apple CD 600i CR-504-C shares mostly the same parts, so I’ve ordered one from eBay. In the mean time, is there anything I can try to get it working? Any particular part of the drive that would be suspect? Also, is there a service manual for the TAM available anywhere?
  12. elemenoh

    Board repair recommendations

    I managed to lift three traces while removing a single ram chip on a 128K logic board. I know, I'm a terrible person. Do any of you have recommendations for someone who can repair logic boards, ideally in the San Francisco Bay Area? Thanks!
  13. I got a reply from Charles today and he claims he's going to try to get my boards sent back this weekend. I'll refrain from sharing his explanation for delays and lack of communication, but will say that my pitchfork remains in its storage case.
  14. I think a registered letter is a good idea. I'll send one out soon. The address I have looks to be an industrial building shared by other tenants. So it's possible it'll be signed by someone else or not at all, but worth a try. I'm also going to keep calling and emailing regularly to try to get him talking. I know people are upset, but coming at him with pitchforks and torches will probably make him more evasive. Until I learn otherwise I'm going to assume he's not trying to screw anyone over but chose to drop his work for other priorities. It's not okay for him to stop communicating or holding our stuff for so long, but sometimes there are things in life more important than work and sometimes good people make bad decisions in a moment of crisis. That being said, I'm going to do whatever I can to get him to do the right thing and finish up or send my stuff back in whatever state its in.
  15. I sent him 6 boards in April and he slowly stopped communicating. The last I heard from him was on July 23rd saying he would ship back that week but never did. I've emailed and called multiple times since then. In a reply in May he shared some trouble about his personal life which was not expected or solicited by me. So maybe he's having some personal crisis. He did work for me in the past without issue. I hope he's okay. If he is, then I'm just pissed about having my stuff kept so long. It's totally blocked my project. For what it's worth, I checked obituaries in Oak Park, MI but didn't get results when searching his name. There's a reddit thread about this issue here and a post at the Vintage Computer Federation forums here. If anyone hears from him, please post an update!