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  1. I got a reply from Charles today and he claims he's going to try to get my boards sent back this weekend. I'll refrain from sharing his explanation for delays and lack of communication, but will say that my pitchfork remains in its storage case.
  2. I think a registered letter is a good idea. I'll send one out soon. The address I have looks to be an industrial building shared by other tenants. So it's possible it'll be signed by someone else or not at all, but worth a try. I'm also going to keep calling and emailing regularly to try to get him talking. I know people are upset, but coming at him with pitchforks and torches will probably make him more evasive. Until I learn otherwise I'm going to assume he's not trying to screw anyone over but chose to drop his work for other priorities. It's not okay for him to stop communicating or holding our stuff for so long, but sometimes there are things in life more important than work and sometimes good people make bad decisions in a moment of crisis. That being said, I'm going to do whatever I can to get him to do the right thing and finish up or send my stuff back in whatever state its in.
  3. I sent him 6 boards in April and he slowly stopped communicating. The last I heard from him was on July 23rd saying he would ship back that week but never did. I've emailed and called multiple times since then. In a reply in May he shared some trouble about his personal life which was not expected or solicited by me. So maybe he's having some personal crisis. He did work for me in the past without issue. I hope he's okay. If he is, then I'm just pissed about having my stuff kept so long. It's totally blocked my project. For what it's worth, I checked obituaries in Oak Park, MI but didn't get results when searching his name. There's a reddit thread about this issue here and a post at the Vintage Computer Federation forums here. If anyone hears from him, please post an update!